Don’t call them “midterms,” they are Every Two Years

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And well, this needs saying: >>

I wish people stop calling them “midterms” — they are not – the life-cycle of our government does not revolve around the presidency. It is an every other year retention election … do we wish to keep the incumbents if office. 95% of the time, it seems so — though there are some outlying years.

But the House, and 1/3 the Senate are up for reconsideration every other year … it is not in the “middle” of anything. It is an inexorable process that exists. By calling it the “midterms” it gives to the presidency an aura it does not deserve … one part of our current problem is thinking, left or right, “what can the president do to solve …” well – it’s not his job to solve things .. it’s his (or her, eventually) job to carry out the laws which Congress is supposed to conceive.

Now we have the Congress as a rubber stamp for presidential action — or a doormat … a wet rag certainly.

Though, always remember, there’s a court somewhere that might well say “the law is unconstitutional” … and that’s a damn good thing to have. Indeed, it is no accident that the English Speaking, Common Law countries of this earth are the freest and richest (suffering, though) while the Civil Law structured languages languish in poverty and control the more they adhere to it.

And by calling them the “midterms” we are pushing the royalist meme of the Civil Law — rather than the liberty of the Common Law.

In the short term the news will be exciting, I’m sure — but in the immediate future, not much will change.


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