Egging on the Punishment Society

America has become a punishment society. For every action one does, there might be some punishment meted out by someone. It could be the government, some bureaucrat even, or it could be police, tax man, inspector – and it could be your boss, your coworker, your company – society too, is into punishment … for instance, the drug laws. Their purpose is to punish those who do drugs. And it has led to endless crime, and endless police power, stronger and stronger. And it’s not just the government that does it – it’s that people egg them on. They goad the government at any level to go after the other guy.

And then there’s the lobbyists, activists, politicos, blowhards … the list is so long that I feel unfair if I don’t list them all. And these people feed off the government. And their job is to punish those that disagree with them. They are special interests. Well, of course, everyone and their mother is a special interest at this point. Is there anyone not a special interest? Even the silent majority is special – supposedly you don’t want to rile it up … which seems to be happening. But everyone is out to punish the special interest they don’t like. Trust me, if the special interest of anti-corporate lobbyists exists, so does the special interest of the corporations. It’s a two way street. For whatever special interest exists, there’s an equal and opposite special interest. It seems not an interest in the nation doesn’t have a special dichotomy – and we’re all fighting over who shall govern, to punish the other.

And then there’s church and social service agency even … sure, they pretend to be pleasant places, and sure they are … so long as you’re of the punishment society … for you’re going to hell. Some churches are obviously more adamant about the hell part. Indeed, for all the talk of salvation, they speak of hell far more. Everyone and their mother is going to hell for being human. We should be super-humans. Perfection. Sure, meanwhile, we’re people. And, we have special interests. And somehow, instead of everyone tending to their special interest and leaving the other guy alone, they want the government to decide which interest shall be more special than the other. So that say, parents want to educate their kids at certain school, or educate at home, or church school, or limited thought school … I really don’t care the sort of school … but you’re forcing all the parents to adhere to one rule – so, people are punished. And they’re not happy. No one is happy at this point.

Of course, everyone is always urging enforcing the laws we have, and maintaining law and order, and outlawing some practice which offends them. Of course, the conservatives speak often of what offends them – they are no slouches in the Department of the Offended. Though they speak loudly, too, of how the Liberals are so easily offended. Let me tell you – say that gay men are good and no cause for fuss and muss … and conservatives are offended by your mere existence. Don’t tell me it’s not true – on this issue conservatives are just as daffy as liberals say, on race. Everything is racism and sexism and homophobia – and you know – think it should be homoism – to be fair, to be equal with the other isms. It’s like we’re segregated … everyone gets and ism and and ist … and we get phobia and ic … like in homophobic … ic – ick, you know? Either way. They think we’re icky, and we think they’re icky .. so, icky, eh?

Anyway … there’s call for testing, and compliance with the laws. It is so strange to me to hear a conservative complain about the demands of the law in one breath and demand compliance and enforcement of all the laws. Meanwhile, the liberals demand ever more law and the freedom to ignore it all. That’s what’s so strange … that’s what make the Demopublican machine so dangerous – it’s all about the punishment.

There’s not just the highest incarceration rate in the world – it’s all the more people we want to incarcerate. Endless calls to punish people harder, stronger, more intensely – the hang ’em mentality is not weak in this nation. The put ’em up against the wall and shoot them wishes are not, I don’t believe, idly made. I find it strange that a conservative so positive that saying “well, the Bible says gays should be put to death so you’re an abomination and should die” is perfectly peachy, is so very offended when a liberal says that Christianity should evaporate and believers go to hell along with it. The let’s play opposites of it all is amazing, yes? But, the other side is guilty and we, we on this side, are innocent. Of course, one side says “because we have god” and the other side says “we have science” – yah, so one has faith and the other studies … and on this we shall punish the other one because well … there’s only one and one best way to do anything – supposedly.

And that’s what it is really – it is the age old belief that there is only one way to do things and if you do them else-how it is the end of the world and you are terrible … and that’s the you over there, and the you over here, everyone is terrible and needs to be punished – and the nation argues over who shall cast the punishment.

Even the endless fines anyone might be subject to is punishment – it’s not just jail. Hell, the police might bust into your house and it be deemed an “oops” and on about their business they go. And you? You are punished, perhaps to encourage the others. Would I think this an order given? No, it’s a mindset. The mindset is clear in endless facebook posts and tweets and twitches and everywhere one turns – there is blame levied and punishment to be given.

And all this for liberty. I have to laugh sadly, for to believe that all this punishment brings us liberty is bizarre. And, anyway, I wrote a novel about what is coming … and that’s a president who finally listens to everyone and really enforces the law and metes out punishment to the wrong doers … and we shall find everything outlawed and us well monitored for compliance and easily broken for the lack of it.

The book is “Stalin Giggled” …

On kindle, at Amazon.

And well, what’s going to happen is that we shall be more unhappy – and that’s what happens when everyone demands someone to be punished for something infraction of the “rules of society” as determined by a few. And Stalin will giggle of what we wrought for ourselves. Enjoy!


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