The Pelosi-Palin / Hlavac-Savage Conundrum

Today on a Facebook thread I was told “well, Dan Savage says …” and I’m like “so?” So what this man I don’t know, never met, don’t read his stuff, nor his column, nor knows what he says about anything really says something? He doesn’t speak for me … oh, but he must, apparently – for it seemed to be that because he is gay and he spoke something it means he’s speaking for all gay men. Nothing could be father from the truth. Indeed – what any “spokesperson” for any gay – nay – for any “LGBTITSQAGNC community” group says is irrelevant to me … at least so much as it refers to any of my positions on any matter. No gay person speaks for me – for I did not appoint them my spokesperson.

The issue was of course a “gay issue” – or two of them – the Hitching Post Fracas and the Houston Pastors Fracas … well, so some gay person spoke – perhaps Dan Savage or someone else I don’t know and don’t care about enough even to follow what they say or write. So what?

And the comparison I make is this – Nancy Pelosi is a liberal heterosexual married with 5 children -and Sarah Palin is a conservative heterosexual married with 5 children – and when they speak – does anyone believe that they speak for “all women” or “all heterosexuals” – indeed – does any heterosexual speak for “All” of you folks? I doubt anyone would hold that position whatsoever …

So why then would anyone think that just because Dan Savage spoke on a gay issue that he speaks for me? He is of the Pelosi wing of politics I’m fairly certain – and I am of the Palin wing … and if he and I were in a conversation I doubt we’d agree on much. Perhaps the only thing is “stop the condemnation.”

But this idea that because one gay guy says something that is the position of all gay men is so absurd I can’t contemplate anyone holding it. Yet, over and over again – particularly among the Palin-side of politics – who so proudly proclaim themselves against “group think” – I’m told what “homosexuals say …” because of what Dan Savage says. To me, the little I ever read of his pontifications is utter balderdash. Why, I have actually emailed the man and said, “sir, please stop trying to speak for all gay men.”

You know – I know a awful lot of gay men – hundreds of ’em … and I have found that there is no lockstep thought on nearly anything. Perhaps we are – at most – all unanimous in saying “stop the condemnation” but that’s about it.

So when Savage speaks – don’t tell me what he says as if it’s the “gay position” – it is not – it’s the Savage position. Hlavac – yours truly – has quite a different take on nearly every matter under the sun. From what I’ve read of Savage he is an economic illiterate – and isn’t well versed on gay things either. He seems to be unaware of the Upstairs Lounge Fire where 32 men died in America’s largest unsolved mass murder … no one even bothered to find a culprit because it was, after all, just gay men who died – and yet, I know survivors.

Savage, given his age – was probably never subject to a gay bar raid – I’ve experienced 9.
Savage is – well, I have no idea his personal “coming out” story – myself was never “in” so I never “came out” at all.

But what smooching has to do with politics is beyond my grasp. For Pelosi and Palin surely have the same smooching preferences – down to long marriages and 5 kids and grandkids to boot – but absolutely no one would think they think alike on any subject under the sun.

And the reason I pen this little post now – is that I’m tired of retyping the same thing – so I need a preset link to just zip into the threads on FaBo so I don’t have to.

But the smooching preferences of Pelosi and Palin have absolutely no bearing on their political positions .. much as the smooching preferences of myself and Mr. Savage are simply unrelated to whether we should raise or lower taxes – or do arm rebels in far off lands, nor whether global warming is real or fake … so don’t tell me what Savage says as if this is my position – that’s like arguing with a Palin-supporter and saying “Well, Nancy Pelosi is married with 5 kids and a grandmother so she thinks like Palin.” You would sound like an utter idiot. As you do when someone says “Well, Hlavac is gay, Savage is gay – so you must think alike.

Yeesh, what a mess it is when people use “group think” to argue with me. What the hell do I care what the HRC, GLAAD or whomever says? You won’t find me donating a dime to these groups – nor sticking up for them – nor even mentioning them. I can hold my own in any discussion.

In any event – if someone wants to say “Well, Dan Savage says …” on a thread about gay men – I might well start quoting Pelosi or Palin (depending on whether it’s a liberal or conservative I’m in tusle with) and say “well, Pelosi says ..” or “well, Palin says” –

Really now – stop with the utter nonsense that all gay men have the same political positions and that Dan Savage is our leader. Indeed – the gay men of this nation are the most leaderless group ever to be found … everyone else has their hero – and we don’t have anyone who might be pointed to whatsoever.

And that, my dear people is the Pelosi-Palin/Hlavac-Savage conundrum.

And now I have a pre-written statement to zip into the threads without having to rewrite this over and over. Thanks. Jim Hlavac – my own self.


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