My new YouTube channel

Well, I guess I’m joining the modern world … with a YouTube channel .. where I shall post videos as regularly as I can .. so that I can make my points clearer … for the way I speak is often clearer than the way I write … and well, everyone is so video oriented nowadays, why not? Got nothing to lose with it – everything to gain.
Here’s the first 3 videos I put up. general political rant gay rant 1 gay rant II

the cool thing is that they are set to my music – that is – -the music I write and create — with my God Given talents …

and so, I’ll be posting these videos to here too — perhaps even synchronizing the videos to the posts — that is – if I talk economics then an economics video — if I talk on the confounded gay subject — then a video on that. if foreign policy — then a video on that.

The first video is a general political rant — ooh, no yelling or screaming — just me being me – and if you’re to read my words you may as well see the way I speak them — to get a better feel for what I write … and adding some music never hurt anyone. It also allows you to put a face to the guy writing this blog.

The second two are really one split in half – the music ran out — so I had to get more music. Not to worry – I’ve got hundreds of pieces of music that I created to pull from.

I’ve got something to say — so I shall say it. I’m no slouch in the opinion department. All these talking heads blathering on .. people publishing the most amazing stuff — while everyone bleats no one can get a word in edgewise. Why, there are people who scream they are denied their First Amendment Right to Free Speech on so many radio and TV shows they grow hoarse from speaking about how they are not allowed to speak.

And so, that’s what I shall do — which should keep everyone happy I would hope – for the music is very pleasant — piano works of a neo-classical sort ..

And while I’m not sure how the YouTube channel can be found on google or yahoo search engines – my name is unusual enough that I may well be the only Jim Hlavac who puts anything up there.

Enjoy! 🙂


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