Ted Cruz’s campaign for Democrat Pastors

This is the strange case of Republicans and Democrats coming together against their fellow gay taxpaying citizens .. I saw this link through a friend on facebook:


With the tag line “Pastors should NOT be forced to hand over their sermons. Sign our petition if you agree!”

Yes, I agree – they should not be forced to turn them over – however … well, here’s what I posted:

Pastors shouldn’t be telling the state to refuse gay marriage —

And pastors for centuries published their sermons for all to read –”

Yes, indeed – pastors for centuries proudly published their sermons so that no one would require a subpoena whatsoever – so why are they so shy about publishing these? I had thought letting the people know their views was a pastor’s job .. no, apparently not – instead it is to be hidden now – for they know well they are politicking against the IRS code – a code I despise to be sure.
It was inquired by:

Mark Cline: Why not, Jim?
So vague I asked:

Jim Hlavac: why not what, sir?

Mark Cline: Why shouldn’t pastors be telling the state to refuse gay marriage?

I answered thus:

Jim Hlavac: because while it is OK for the pastors to preach to their congregations to not marry a gay person — should there even be any gays in their congregations trying to marry one of their parishioners — the state refusing to recognize the reality of gay marriage in family law while ably recognizing it in commercial law is unfair to the gay taxpayers of the state … if the state wishes to take the taxes — then they should provide all the laws equally — since the states have for decades allowed gay couples to form Limited LIability Corporations and Sub-Chapter S corporations to deal with life’s many issues it seems hardly effective to deny the marriage in family law what they already recognize in commercial law .. .

Meanwhile gay folks getting married can have no effect or affect upon heterosexual marriages whatsoever except by leaps of logic so fantastical that it requires one to believe that gay folks are the very lynchpin to society — if gay couples are recognized chaos and collapse ensues — if denied society survives — and we can’t be that important … nor powerful …

Meanwhile, there have always been pastors who are for the blessing of gay relationships — and for one group of pastors to say “no” and another “yes” means that one religious denomination gets precedence in the law over the other — and since we are not a theocracy but a republic it strikes me that we shouldn’t be using a religious test for what laws are available to different citizens.

Gay folks have been arguing for gay marriage nigh on 60 years now — the earliest gay magazine I can find dealing with the subject so far is 1953 — a magazine called “ONE” which itself was prevented from being published, distributed and sold or mailed — in direct contravention to the right of free speech …

then too, never in 45 years have I seen a preacher come to a gay bar -and I have lived in Houston and Beaumont Texas — to exhort us to marry their daughters .. and why should we? Nothing says “War on women” than requiring some poor gal to have to heterosexualize a gay man for the good of society.

Meanwhile, my God did create me with certain inalienable rights among them the pursuit of happiness (not the guarantee) and if the state stands in the way — of what point the republic?

Does that answer you sufficiently?

If not … see … http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ENWA3PI

(my book! The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle)

Which goes through the astounding plethora of the myriad of nonsensical mush about gay men as uttered by any group of heterosexuals about gay guys (we’re the biggest problem, face that at least) and it’s not what you, sir, believe — it’s what any 10 or 20 heterosexuals in one room together utter — which is so contradictory that I wonder how you can all stand it …

:have a pleasant day, God bless (and I added a 🙂 as I am wont to do …
Not enough, Mr. Cline comes back for more:

Mark Cline: If it goes against their beliefs, they have an obligation to let the State know.

So, I answered him:

Jim Hlavac: yes they do I suppose they have “right” — but an “obligation”? hmm .. — surely they can argue that marriage for gays in family law is somehow going to destroy the place – but that marriage for gays in commercial law is not — it’s a contradiction for sure … but then — if gay men (it’s really the men, yes?) aren’t to be given the full obligations and responsibilities of the law – why should we pay the full taxes? What then would our discount be?

but, it also supposes then, again, that gay folks are just the most darned important and powerful thing that ever existed …

and that makes no sense —

One has the right to be delusional of course …

however, these preachers are not preaching against adultery and divorce or unwed mothers and urging state action or non-action against them – and that, sir, is the sin of hypocrisy, for these three are amply condemned in the BIble — more so than gay men (if we even are) … and hypocrisy is, as Jesus said. the worst sin ..

Then too — as Jesus said “treat others as you wish to be treated” — so if you want to complain about those people there, with the beam in your eye, surely those with the speck have a right to so complain right back at them ..

Having a pastor’s license doesn’t give a free pass against questioning

And, no< I don’t think the city was right in subpoenas for the sermons — for i would think the pastors so proud of their fine words that they would publish them in books on blogs and elsewhere as pastors have been doing for nearly 2000 years …

But no, now they hide their politicking — which itself by the confounded IRS rules, which I despise too — (Im’ a real anti-gov’t right winger by the way) — by claiming they are exempt from law prohibiting churches from politicking.

Finally — it would behoove the pastors to bring the virgin unmarried daughters of their congregations down to the gay bars and exhort those whom they wish to change their ways — and not seek state power to stand in the way of their fellow taxpayers trying to survive the maw of the state …

With a follow up:

Jim Hlavac: And sir, if the pastors are so sure of their take on Leviticus as they claim to be — that gays are such a horror that our love is never to have a nice word — then go whole hog and call for our deaths — genocide I suppose, for the good of the church …

And thus my work done for the day – I retired from the ceaseless endless “debate” over what other taxpayers do – that offends whiny christians. Yeesh.


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