The racism of the Klain resurrected …

I see that the president has appointed an “Ebola Tsar” – no modern American spelling for me – I like the old Russian Tsar … for if Czech is “Check” then “Czar” is “Char” yes? Anyway, a man named Klain – could be bothered with this first name – has been appointed – and to what purpose? There’s already a CDC, NIH and Surgeon General – and I recall a “health care tsar” a few years ago, too – this is all off the top of my head this AM, I apologize for the vague-rambling of it all – but it stuns me to think that a political maven – with no known medical experience beyond putting on a BandAid is now the man in charge of our national response to Ebola. Well, I’m no scientist – but one would think knowing something of infectious diseases would be a requirement for such a position, yes? Well, apparently not. Apparently it’s some news-flow control position. For how could a man with no medical experience understand what is being said to him about a perilous virus?

Meanwhile, turns out the Klain-man was/is all in a tizzy, in times past, over “over-population” – what exactly that Malthusian nonsense is doing around yet I can’t imagine. It seems all the developed and semi-developed nations have a surfeit of food – and average ages and longevity are rising even in the poorest bedraggled places – with more people better fed and fatter than ever before – the idea that the planet is over-populated is bizarre. One example I always think of, well, two or three, are places like Venice in times of old, and now Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore, all woefully short of farmland and resources, yet rich beyond imagination. Have you seen the skylines of these new places? Venice, a historical relic, was, however, utterly bereft of any farmland – 100% of food is imported – yet, the Republic of Venice grew to be rich and mighty for centuries. And crowded – all these places have astonishing densities. The “chinese” places built up, with their skyscrapers the marvel of the world – Venice did too – 3, 4, 5 even 6 story buildings abound – the skyscrapers of their day – people marveled.

Here’s just one link I saw to the Klain-man’s comments on over-population –

is there some other link to the same video? Of course. Are there dozens more examples of this man saying the same thing? I’m sure there are. This is not the one and only one time he said this.

And when a man who thinks Africa, especially Africa, is over-populated – to now be in charge of the disease that might kill millions – I dare say – his vested interest and personal beliefs must perforce be to depopulate these places – and that is nothing short of genocidal. It’s also astonishing racist – too many black folks, eh Mr. Klain?

What an apropos name – and yet seemingly the tantalizing pun/reference is avoided … for he was appointed by the anointed one.

Well, I’m sure the president could have found an infectious disease specialist with much big-organization management experience to boot. Are there no major health care systems or hospitals or research universities with a man or women with both management and disease experience combined? Surely there’s even a few with the president’s political persuasions .. don’t tell me there’s no hospital/university infectious disease managers who are not Democrats – and ones who might have given their lucre to the maw. And I’m sure that person, should he/she haven’t gotten the call from the president: “Will you help our nation?” – they would say “nah.” It is oft joked for decades that when the president calls upon you for your expertise to help the nation there you go – to work for the nation.

And then I hear that during the first two or three meetings of the “Ebola Council” or some team of advisors and working group and whatever they call themselves – Mr. Klain didn’t even show up! Something about “paperwork” – well, he was already the Vice-President’s henchmen – surely he was vetted enough in the past, yes? To pass all the requirements for clearances and such? He was in the inner power circle – surely he’s OK, right? No – he had paperwork to do – no one else could have filled in a form for him to review and sign. More amazingly – how busy is the man with this life that taking a few hours to get up to speed on what must be a very important job to have a Tsar declared couldn’t manage to make time to attend – no – there’s so much paperwork apparently that hours and hours, days and days, are required with nose to the grindstone effort to complete the paperwork – what paperwork? His “employment application”? – he already was hired by the president’s team – he should have been ready at the moment. Did anyone stop to think perhaps there’s too much paperwork? Hmm.

And what is our plan? Well, if it’s to reduce population – they got the right Klain-man to do the job. If it’s to deal with complex medical issues and equipment and procedures and lord knows what that might be involved with stemming a sickening tide of death – then being a henchmen isn’t quite enough.

Of course, many more astute than I will bring up various nefarious purposes and political reasons to name the man – but to me – the average Jim in the streets – this is ludicrous



  1. Hi Jim,

    I’ve commented a time or two, but I’m sure you don’t know me. You probably don’t know Robert Oscar Lopez, but that is what I’m asking about. You mentioned Lopez long ago related to an American Thinker post of yours. Do you know any more about him? I don’t expect you to, but if you have noticed him, might I persuade you to share your thoughts about him?

    • Hey Lonnie I don’t know who you are, no … — I’m not sure who Lopez is either … but I know he’s conflicted on gay stuff – well,– he’s crazed when it comes to gay folks — but yet defended my right to speak my piece at AmThink where you can find my articles — he wrote a piece defending me the same day I got mine posted -a very very rare occurrence that he must have dashed off at a moment’s notice.

      he’s the son of two lesbians I think — but he seems to think gayness is some how related to slavery, that we are enslaving ourselves, any kids near us, straight people – it’s so confusing what he writes — it’s not linear — but somehow — gay men, particularly, are to blame for everything – the gay blogs (particularly track him) — I suppose google him …

      His writing is mostly incoherent, frankly — long on emotion, little on fact or reason, logic or rationality … he’s upset he had lesbian parents.. I think … I don’t really follow the man … I find what little I read by him, to be, as I said, incoherent.

      he’s a frequent commentator at AmThink – he seems to be their resident “gay guy’ — though I don’t think he’s gay — but his novels (dime store quality) are apparently filled with gay sex — I’ve never read them..

      And that’s pretty much what I know about him —

  2. Thanks, I knew it was a long shot, but I remembered your comment from AmTh. (I started following your blog after that.)

    I asked about Lopez because the Catholic (mostly) site First Things published him this week.

    It seems to me he is mostly interested in telling his story. It seems he mostly made choices, and he tries to explain. I’m okay with that. I mostly agree with your point about him being long on emotion, but I note your emotions show through often enough, even more than mine.

    Anyway, I’m just trying to figure things out for myself. I thank you for your candidness.

    • No problem —

      as for my emotions – yes, well, true – -but I also bring up facts, figures, logic — etc — and Lopez doesn’t —

      He is some darling of the “right” of a sort, on gay things .. though, like I said, I don’t think he’s gay and he somehow blames his upbringing on gay men because his parents were lesbians — which, as you can see, is somewhat disjointed …

      My pleasure to answer nearly any of your questions … 🙂

    • I just took a brief read — hysterical — he admits he’s confused – and blames gay men and Jeremy Hooper of Goodasyou as I noted follows him – because that’s what Jeremy does — he just endless quotes the people who are in the NO GAYS! movement — that is, those who wish gayness to disappear from humanity — and insist that gay men trash ourselves … and Lopez thinks gay men should trash ourselves, that’s for sure — not as bluntly as I put it — but he thinks we have a hell of a nerve saying a nice word about us …

      Anyway, enjoy your researches — I prefer to stay away from Lopez … Cheers, Jim

  3. Understood. I mostly try to stay focused on the fact we really are all equal. We are supposed to be equal before the law. We need to work that out better, and we need some accommodation all around.

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