Dear Gay People: Leave the Crazy Christians Alone

I ran across this article tonight –

Which raises the eternal question: “what do we do about the homosexuals” – of course, if sanity, reason, decency and the words of Jesus prevailed this problem wouldn’t exist – but these things don’t prevail – instead we still have rather cranky crazed Christians who are quite intent on shunning gay people like we are untouchable lepers … so be it.

My advice to gay folks is – “Leave them alone” –

The article doesn’t stem from a real case, of course – it stems from a bureaucrat who has made a pronouncement of his own opinion – and now everyone will be up in arms over this. For all I know he made the pronouncement precisely to create the ruckus – no one in this nation is beyond that bit of thespian nonsense. How convenient it would be for a friend of the besieged couple to suggest to their buddy down at the bureaucracy – heterosexual as they all are – to raise the ruckus. However, the issue is valid.

And just like everyone was up in arms over the ONE baker, the ONE florist and the ONE photographer who were supposedly forced to do business with gay people – which hasn’t been happening all over the place – but in three individual incidents. All of which could have been avoided if the gay folks involved had a shred of sense. However, just like heterosexuals – some gays are just silly – idiotic even. I don’t mind saying so – I know some.

From where else exactly we shall be chased away from I don’t know yet – but there is NOT this huge numbers of cases of this sort – three so far – and then now one idiot bureaucrat.

Yes, my fellow gay folks – some Christians just don’t like us. So what? It’s their right to be nasty obnoxious creeps – think of them as the queen in the bar you don’t wish to speak to.

However, as I keep pointing out – if you can’t find a gay or gay friendly baker, florist, reception hall, preacher, justice of the peace, photographer – you are NOT looking. How hard could it be to go the Gay Yellow Pages – to the Arizona Pride Guide which is a veritable telephone book of wedding services. There are gay people and gay friendly people in these industries – seek them out.

There is the National Gay And Lesbian Chamber of Commerce with 1.4 million members – me not one of them – surely there’s a gay wedding something or other among the bunch – these are our people – give us the business. Surely there’s people now advertising in gay publications: We do gay weddings!

Still, why you would wish to get services from someone who hates you, I don’t know – what good can come of it?

Why you would not wish to give business to our own people I don’t know – only good can come of it.

But one thing for sure – it is just pointless to bug these people – they are insane. Let me give a parallel – if two people were fighting on a sidewalk would you demand the right to stride through the fight, or would you just cross the street?

Yes, I know these people are rude, stupid, obnoxious, idiotic – etc etc – that’s not my complaint – nor am I defending them – I’m pointing out that it is NOT worth it to bug these people.

So, do me a favor – avoid them like the plague they are … and find some gay purveyor – I’m sure there’s one in your town or the next one over … it’s America – we’re every where.

A word to the people who don’t wish to do business with gay folks – remember that one day some gay people might refuse you service – and we shall have this right too. Personally, I would throw any clergy out of my place of business if they came – teach them what it’s like. But no – gay folks are so nice, we’ll serve anyone, even crabs …

But really – just fine a gay provider for what you need – please. Thanks. Jim.


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