In Relatio de Nada Mucho

So, Pope Francis and the sacred cardinals are working on reworking their attitude towards “homosexuals” … Basically – the age old question: “What do we do with the homosexuals.” What a nice Latin word, with a bunch of Greek adjoined – like gay lovers of old. Indeed – the entire document will be in either Latin, Italian or English, and perhaps all three … with this one Latin-Greco hybrid thrown in the mix. Instead of old English “gay” and old Italian “bardassi”.

First of all – this “relatio” – this “thinking” this “mulling over” – is a draft – a trial balloon as it were … it went up a little ways and was pulled down quickly – why, they never let it get up off the ground very much. I’ve already seen a dozen takes on it – parsing the words of parsers of words of parsons. I have no intention of going line by line through the thing as each new balloon is sent aloft … it’ll go through more revisions yet … after all, aren’t there nearly 200 cardinals to give their two cents yet? Sure there are.

I’ve already seen people go “ooh ooh they changed the word ‘fraternal space’ to ‘fellowship’ wondrous changes …” my my – what nits to pick. Indeed – the Holy Church was already telling “homosexuals” that we were “part of the human experience” and the “fellowship of man” and the “eternal goodness of God” – except – we weren’t! – We were the “intrinsically disordered” and “evil” ones out to destroy family, society and civilization itself part of humanity – for smooching! We’re evil because of love … and its physical expression. Cuddling alone is “evil” – you demented people. And we were, and are yet to be, to cease being gay immediately or else – Hell! – hell? Hell, we’re probably excommunicated for all I know – and I’m not even a Catholic! I wouldn’t belong to that church if you paid me.

Meanwhile, as the parsons parse the words, and every pundit opines about this “momentous change” in whatevers … the reality is – gayness is bad – it’s not “normal” for the exact same percentage of men to be gay from birth for all time in all human groups however so formed … we are simply not part of it – we few stand against it all, apparently. And this attitude will not change. We are to be pitied and told, once again, ad infinitum – “stop being gay and then it’s OK you can be gay!” – Yes, Homosexuals are fine – you love us – just so long as we’re not you know, homosexuals – and then you don’t love us! As Cardinal George of Chicago put it about his own gay nephew: “He’s a fine man” and then, seconds later “Homosexuals are intrinsically disordered and evil” – in the same damn news conference! Astonishing. The blatant contradiction so ignored by everyone I’m still flummoxed over it. A man is both fine and evil at the same time – Schrodinger would marvel – and understand.

Then there’s the Archbishop of the Armed Forces of the United States – I forgot his name, sorry, dude … not even sure if it’s the same guy anymore – but during the dust up over the “Lie for the truth” known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – or “Please gay men, Bear False Witness, lest we heteros have a sissy attack!” … egads – his eminent-self said about “homosexuality” – “It’s largely unexplained” – well I dare say – ain’t that some understatement!

Why, I read somewhere that now, according to the new protocols that all of us are to follow or else Hell! – gay men can be friends – so long as it leads to heterosexual marriage! And what did the church say yesterday? We could be friends so long as we didn’t get too friendly. We are no longer, apparently, so far, “Relatio” is not finished yet … not going to be called “evil” any more. We still will be! – but we won’t be called that. So nice of them. They’ll find a nice new word to call us “evil.” … yah. Perhaps “demonic” will be a bit nicer.

We are perhaps no longer “intrinsically disordered” – now we’re perhaps “in discordance with normality” or something. It’s admitting we’re natural by declaring us not natural – it is illogical mush.

Well, let me tell you – it’s mush – all of it. It’s not a small step – it’s a stumble. It’s a bee in a barn and isn’t going to change one thing … for the Church is saying we are not natural – we are wrong – evil – sick – not welcome as gay men – as we are to stop being gay – immediately – and find a woman … now. Who are they kidding? (Seems everyone … sad.)

It’s word-mush – and yet, now, in Latin, Italian and English – and lord knows how many other languages … we shall hear a different variant of what Westboro Baptist Church distilled to three words … “God Hates Fags” – that fact that you write it “Dio odium homosexualium” or something is sort of irrelevant. Putting it as “God did not want homosexuals” – or “NO GAYS!” is sort of irrelevant. It’s all the same mush.

For the core of the matter is this – Regardless of any words any of these people might utter they are 100% wrong. And that’s it. That’s my strongly held religious God-given First-10th Amendment Constitutional Bible Thumping opinion and right and duty – based on a far more rational analysis than any of these people could imagine.

For the simple fact remains – that through history – at the same percentage – in all human groups – there are the same 6 gay guys out of every 106 boys born to every 100 girls – and if you are so blind as to not comprehend the extra six boys as we special few – you are blind. By every demographic trip, trick, trot or tort … there’s always just 6 extra boys in the mix – and we’re the gay ones … and God wanted it. He loves us – that’s why we survive the mush so well. We have more than a “contribution to offer” as they will reword it – we are the very offering itself:

We are a test of the greatest commandment: “Treat others as you wish to be treated”

– and you all have failed miserly until only the last few years …


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