Clipboard Man and the Ebola Farce

There is now splashed around the world a picture of a man in ordinary clothes following a crew of HazMat attired people escorting a HazMat clad Ebola infected patient. It’s easily found on the internet with the phrase “Ebola Clipboard Man” – amazing – utterly amazing.

Here’s one of the pictures – there seem to be dozens:


Oh sure, Ebola is a horrible thing – do not get me wrong on this. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy … but it’s also bizarre how this is being handled. First, it’s sadly obvious that our “authorities” are akin to Keystone cops already. Second, so many others are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Third, we seem to be woefully unprepared or thoughtful – and it’s like not a lesson was learned from any prior outbreak of it or any other disease that has come along. Why, it’s reminiscent of the way people handled the Black Plague in the Middle Ages … lock the city gates and pray and blame anything but the thing itself. And where does one even begin to make sense of it all?

And is the pilot and crew of the plane that the lady was taken away in in HazMat suits too?

But if the government is to be so insouciant about it – with a bureaucrat! – with a clipboard and naught more … I’m like – youze gots to be kiddin’ yes?

Meanwhile, here’s a chart of how many people have been afflicted with it …


and it’s not a lot in the great scheme of things … more people have died of nearly anything in a month than who has died in decades with this. Of course, it’s also very possible that the earlier outbreaks were far worse – we’ll never know … what records were kept in isolated portions of these huge expanses of Africa? The Congo has been a basket case as a nation for decades – how could we possibly know if random isolated villages didn’t all die? Even the people there but 20 or 30 miles away might not know. These places are impenetrable. They always have been for outsiders … in many ways the people living there have been living in this sort of isolation for millennia – this is not new.

On the other hand, if it was so infectious as claimed surely it would have blossomed before this. And it still hasn’t – there are many diseases which kill more people in Africa than Ebola has – all of them infectious … malaria, TB, garden variety lung infections, tsetse fly sickness, dysentery, yellow fever, jungle rot … who knows? These are place without long life spans – they are not even “third world” but “Fourth.”

Then there’s the bizarre idea of sending 3,000 or 4,000 US Military troops to handle the situation – what the hell is some kid from Des Moine who enlisted to see the world going to know about such a disease? Or the social milieu he’s put in. What could they possibly do? Maintain order among the afflicted? And if we’re going to send military – why isn’t an ship taken and parked offshore and the afflicted moved there? The metal of the ship is easier cleaned than any hospital on land. The quarantine factor is easier … this isn’t a time to worry about visitation of family, yes? Or are the many other people in these “hospitals” – if the word could even be used in the modern sense – just out of luck – you know – the guy in the next room over where your nurse just came from has Ebola and you’re in for a appendectomy … then what?

Liberia and other countries in Western Africa are failed states – they have no health care to speak of – we need to send health workers – people perhaps trained in health care – not military men.

Which leads me to why on earth was there not something already in place to step in. If the United Nations’ “World Health Organization” has any point it would have been to have a corp of trained infectious disease personal – from every country, sure – ready to go in anywhere in the world to handle and infections disease … after all, they can pop up anywhere – Brazil is ripe – so is Venezuela. Teeming slums with no running water – people eating lord knows what. The Amazon must have has many pathogens as the Jungles of Africa – yes? Different – but as many. There’s definitely monkeys and rodents and birds – which seem to be the three sources of new human diseases. And now, decades after the first outbreak we’re completely unaware of what could be done and we make it up on the fly? Egad.

Then there’s the political nonsense – we have to worry about “racism” and we don’t want to upset their economies and quarantine the place. Well, there’s certainly no point in letting just anyone fly in and out of the place, that’s for sure. I would think tourism to be off the table for a while. No time for bucket list treks, that’s for sure. Though I’m sure some will do it – for the Xcitement of it all – it’s all X nowadays, right?

The CDC claims not to have enough money – of course not – the lists of what they wasted it on is long now – also easily found by searching “CDC wasteful spending” – lord knows what could show up. Perhaps one or two things questionable – the rest completely bonkers. Research grants to find the average penis size of Hong Kong prostitute purchasers and the like – there’s 100s of these “Only $500,000!” studies … absurdities galore. The other day I found some “study” that purported to say than men with big feet don’t cheat on their wives as much … who would even think to look? That’s not scientific inquiry – that’s utter mush.

Meanwhile, apparently the CDC was given more money by the Republican House – and approved by the Democrat Senate, above and beyond what Obama wanted – and then he approved it too, one supposes, for “eh, why not, I’m going golfing.” But the problem isn’t the amount of money – it’s what’s spent on it.

Then there’s the “oops, we let people go home” monstrosity of it all – really folks? You had people who said, “Ooh ooh, I was in Liberia looking at Ebola victims and I have a fever” and you send them home with some aspirin? Do these Emergency Room staff not read the papers? Haven’t they received a text-message “hold the feverish from Africa!” in 132 characters or less?

Of course, the lack of geographic knowledge of Americans – and probably Europeans where they also now have “oops” cases of the thing … does not help the “quarantine Africa!” pleas. The continent is huge – about twice the size of North America – Cape Town South Africa is at least 4,000 miles away from Liberia – oh, my measurements aren’t exact – no need – the thing is – All of Africa is not afflicted – but only the Western Bulge and perhaps the Congo.

Then there’s the morons who wish to claim deforestation or “corporate greed for diamonds” – well, that’s not what happened in the 1970s – when Ebola was first discovered it wasn’t due to these two “factors” – aka farcical ideas … “illegal diamond mining” – aka, the governments there couldn’t figure out a way to stop people from working – to dig up stones they had never thought to look at before – and now they wish a new Toyata truck and perhaps to hire a doctor for their village – so, they find diamonds – and there needed – not just for jewelry but for so much more – and so the people seek to get rich and no longer live on $2 a day as so many decry – and yet – they’re not allowed to dig up the natural resources and sell them to people who want and/or need them … perhaps they should open a health food store … plenty of fresh produce all around, I’m sure.
Hell, it’s probable now that the Clipboard Man will fly all over the nation speaking to news shows and public appearances about how he was brave and stupid enough at the same time to not be in a HazMat suit – maybe he can explain why to a worried public – and if he’s infected – have plenty of opportunity to spread it around on commercial flights. Which is just bizarre too that the TSA can’t come up with a manifest of all the people who flew on the Flight 113 from Cleveland … I mean, every time I fly I have to give address and email and phone number … and there’s no record of this just a few days after the flight? Perhaps they’re deleted moments after touchdown.

Well, I just throw my hands up in disgust at this … incompetence, and perhaps, strongly perhaps, purposeful malfeasance …


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