Houston, we have a gay-church problem

As near as I can figure out the City of Houston recently passed a vague ordinance prohibiting “discrimination” against the “LGBT community.” This is for “equality” and “inclusion” or something. I have never like these laws, and I have long contended we are already covered by any laws that do exist – which I’m not thrilled with either. But these laws were passed long before anyone thought of a gay angle to anything – the laws prohibiting discrimination on marital status, religion, creed, national origin, race, language, and more – all predate the “gay rights movement.” Indeed, gayness was pretty much condemned and illegal during the heyday of passing these laws across the country.

However, it is true that gay folks are included in these statutes as written. Sure, not a public person I know of seems to agree with me – and certainly no gay group ever argued the case – but many of my friends start to think, ‘Hmm, Jim has a point.’ … when I point out:
Gay folks are covered by “marital status.” That is – everyone has a marital status – you are or are not … and the laws were passed to protect divorced and single woman, in reality … but if being single is a protected status based on “marital” parameters – then gay men, being prevented by state marriage laws from getting legally married then gay men are single by law – and thus our marital status is “prohibited” or “prevented” or “permanently single” – so, use the marital status …

Religion and Creed – pretty much the same thing – it’s to prevent discrimination against anyone for their beliefs in or not in “God” or any particular religion or even political beliefs. Gay folks are covered … we are said by some to be incapable of being part of the Christian community – so be it. Then our religious beliefs are “non-Christian” – which is covered by the law as much as being Jewish or Bahai or Hindu is … but I’m sure everyone would freak if gay folks used that reasoning. They do when I bring it up … why, I’ve been called “unhinged” when I do! Anyway, we have a ‘creed’ too – for we are said to choose – so, we choose an “alternative lifestyle” or a “nontraditional sexuality” – and if we choose this – then surely we are covered by “Creed” for it is our strongly held beliefs that we can be gay if we wish to be so.

Still, more, even if we’re deemed crazy – as many of these preachers aver I’m sure – then we are covered by the American With Disabilities Act, yes? And Section 504 of the Education Code, which says that you can’t discriminate against someone because of their “reproductive status” – gay folks have a such a status. And frankly, I don’t care if gayness is back on the “they’re crazy” medical lists – for then I shall argue we are covered by the ADA and Sec. 504. But since gayness is so very special I’m sure these same people who wish to declare us crazy will say we are not disabled – why, I’m almost certain advocates for the disabled physically or mentally would be up in arms if gay men particularly said we were disabled just like them, but in our own way – we’re special, of course.

Then a slew of preachers preached against the ordinance … which is entering into the political debate and urging votes and doing political lobbying and supposedly churches aren’t allowed to do this or their “Non-Profit” status is jeopardized – for if I understand it correctly, churches can’t urge votes one way or the other according to the IRS code. They are arguing for the right to discriminate against gay folks – there’s even a good chance that many of these preachers are part of the NO GAYS! Movement – or that group of Christians who argue that no gay anything should exist. The Republican Party of Texas doesn’t have a “cure the gays” plank for the hell of it.

That some of these preachers and churches might actually be Democrats in every way imaginable will be little noted by anyone. And the Republicans will almost certainly side with one group of Democrats against another. I really don’t have the time to look into each church’s and preacher’s views on what laws should be passed against gay men and their other political persuasions – but I’m sure the sentiment is there to one degree or another. After all, it is perfectly legal to yell “God hates fags” on the public streets – and many a Christian, Democrat and Republican both, have called for the government to remove gay men from society in one way or the other … let us not be shy about what some of them wish.

Then there’s some attorney – who apparently is not a city employee – who wishes to subpoena the sermons and other records in a lawsuit – and the matter of the lawsuit is murky – and more over the language and enforcement provisions than it is over any actual case of discrimination.

The mayor’s office said they didn’t hear about the subpoenas until they made the papers or perhaps a day or two earlier. The mayor is a lesbian, Anise Parker, which of course, throws a monkey wrench into the situation. And now everyone will try to find out what the mayor and city knew and when did they know it. Subpoenas will fly over their records and communications, too, now.

And the biggest contention of all is apparently over where transgendered people go pee pee – which is NOT a “gay guy” issue .. nor a “Lesbian” issue – nor even really a “bisexual” issue .. but strictly a transgendered issue … which becomes a “gay issue” because somehow these people are lumped as part of the “LGBTITSQA and now newly coming along GNC community” … who are all these people? I do not know, I just don’t. The “GNC” is ‘gender non conforming’ what ever the hell that means. Beats me – but these Letters in the Mishmash are not gay men nor are they gay anything. The only two gay anything in this long list of types of people are Lesbians and Gay Guys … the rest are something else entirely. However, of course, the “radical militant homosexuals” are up to something.

And so, obviously, there’s a lot of players in a complex game … none of which needed to happen if,

first, people should get over their “LGBTITSQAGNC” anxieties …

and two, this “community” should simply use the laws as exist instead of adding the new “sexual identity discrimination” category.

It’s like with “bulling” – because gay people were against “bullying” all of a sudden it’s a debate over whether it should be prohibited or not. Or if people should have the right to do so for their strongly held beliefs. Meanwhile, 48 states have specific laws against “hazing” – Texas included … and well, what is “bullying” except “hazing”? The same purpose and practice is there … to pulverize someone who wishes to join the group. However, I’m almost certain that if gay folks used the “hazing” statutes all of a sudden people would be up in arms that we dare sully the right to be free from being pulverized by our fellow citizens in schools. Again, we are special.

Now everyone will take sides and be “for” or “against” something or other – and due to our celebrity-giddy idiot-strident politics of today – everything will be couched in big broad painted areas of agreement or disagreement – and little if any thought given to some stranger parts of the puzzle.

Of course, there’s also government overreach – which is taking place at every level on every matter – and needs to stop. And then there’s the IRS code and it’s plethora of provisions which need drastic overhaul. The IRS has gone insane in harassing people – not just Tea Party groups – but gay groups – and indeed for decades the IRS was used to go after gay groups – with the blessings of the preachers and churches. There can be no doubt that these two were all for the IRS, the police, the FBI and any federal or state agency to be used against gay men – until as recently as a few years ago – 2003 perhaps. Though, on June 27th 2009 the Texas Alcohol Control Board and the Ft. Worth police saw fit to raid a gay bar in Ft. Worth and pulverize 9 of the 12 patrons so badly that they required hospitalization and one, last I heard, still in rehab … and the preachers nor churches uttered a peep. Well, they’re only being subpoenaed for speaking out on political matters – while gay men were viciously attacked by the state for Freely Assembling and their First Amendment Right to Free Speech and political meetings – oh, in a bar? You bet – every gay bar is a political center for gays – we discuss political issues … usually those aimed at us. What do you think we talk about over cocktails? Hell, the people dead set against us are sure we are lobbying and radicals and militants – surely we’re not discussing Heloises’s hints, but only our take over of the nation or something.

And so we have four or five groups each reaching for more power in a complex society – and instead of anyone acting rationally – everyone is rushing for the lawyers and the pulpit and the press conference and the bureaucrat rule books and the political offices and issuing statements. Because it involves both “the homosexual” and the “Christian” communities … it’s become a national issue … for we few are so contentious yet. And now, with the lawsuit, the entangled mess has now become more entangled. And so, let’s see exactly what is going on here with everyone – and why this is just so pointless … if only people would mind their own business, not worry if people don’t like them, nor get all antsy over people they don’t like – but also not have so much troubles dealing with people who don’t meet or conform to their expectations. This is America, after all, and we can’t all be alike – or it wouldn’t be America at all.

In fact, this conformity idea is the biggest problem. And “both sides” want conformity. As I joke with sadness: for Diversity Liberals want everyone to think alike, and for Individualism Conservatives want everyone to on the same page. Now the two sides are arguing over who shall get to decide the rules. Well, which ever side “wins” that “debate” – conquers in the slugfest is more like it – America will be the worse for it.

Here’s just one article I read about the matter – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/15/houston-pastor-sermon_n_5992044.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592

It’s not any worse or better than any other article on the matter – and there will be hundreds, of that rest assured – though I will admit I won’t read much about it. I’m not going to form an opinion on this issue from the froth off this stirred pot – I’ve shaken out my standings on all this decades ago – and have remained consistent. Though, too, it’s now a national issue … as all “gay” things seem to become. As all things gay always were. I have a friend from Texas who wonders why the gay marriage issue is a federal issue … well it is because the federal government made gays a national issue as far back as the 1940s … with the draft boards, then the Red Scare … then Eisenhower’s move to ban gays from federal employment, with McCarthy’s there’s a gay commie under every bed, with everyone opining on what the homosexuals are doing to the county … there was even the very real believe that homosexuality was a Marxist plot – Dr. Ben Carson is still sure it is. Gayness has always been a national issue – and we didn’t make it so – the heterosexuals did. So, it’s national, so be it.

A big issue, I suppose, is the IRS code – for decades I have urged its repeal. And if it was gone there wouldn’t be a “Non-profit” issue to be dealt with. In fact, I don’t think churches should be exempt from any taxes levied. If they are part of society, and operate in their locality, and wish to join the political fray, and work with government to ensure that their opinions are represented in law then they should pay taxes. However, I am for such drastically reduced taxes that it wouldn’t be burdensome. But currently, if one wants to get real specific, gay men specifically are paying enough taxes to cover the costs of everyone involved.

That is, the city and the state are using tax dollars to do what they are doing. I don’t know, $1,000,000 – that’s a probable number when salaries and time and lost opportunities to do other things and the legal fees and even the copying costs are tallied up – that million is taxed out of the pockets of Gay Texans, and at least gay men in Houston – and there’s enough of us to pay several times more than $1,000,000 a year in taxes.

Which is why I’m also for gay men, in particular, not paying taxes … for the moment. I’ve always been a tax radical when it comes to gay men … we’re paying for the opposition after all. And the preachers, at least some of them – are for sure against gay existence, and being included in laws that exist, and are sure gay men are attacking society – well, so, why should we pay for this?

The churches, being tax free, of course, free up resources to pursue their lobbying and vote-getting and their copying costs and legal fees against gay men … all of it subsidized with gay men’s tax dollars. For every dime a church doesn’t pay yet gets back in city services – then gay men are subsidizing the churches. That’s just economics. Whomever doesn’t pay taxes, someone else must pay to cover their public costs – and everyone and every entity has a public cost. The fireman and the policeman still show up for the non-taxpayer, after all.

And now, 2,450 words into my parceling out of all this – do you see how complex and bizarre and counterintuitive it all is? Yes, this is what happens when Gays and Churches face each other.

Perhaps the churches and preachers would do well to follow Jesus and come among the sinners and sit with us and break bread – but never once in decades of being in gay bars – including in Houston where I lived briefly and did a lot of business between 1990 and 1995 … has a preacher ever come to a gay bar to exhort us to whatever he feels we should listen to. Not a politician came to convince us of the errors of our ways. No heterosexual ever came to offer his daughter so we might no longer be gay. No, it was condemnation from pulpit and podium – and nothing more.

Well … one could go on … the issue is so complex, I wrote a book about it – expanding on each of the issues I raise here … for it ain’t easy to figure it out. It took me 240 pages to try to sort it out – and a blog post is not sufficient space … http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ENWA3PI

And finally – where do the transgendered go pee pee? I have no earthly clue – I’m complete flummoxed by it as any heterosexual is – but these few are not “gay” – nope – they are heterosexuals – for the vast majority of them are men who wish to be women so they can get a man. And that’s heterosexual – and I wish they would go figure out their problems with people of like kind – and leave us gay guys out of it.


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