Texas, ISIS, Ebola & the Sissy Smooching Crisis

There are many threats to America – Texas is at the nexus of a few – yet, out of all of these myriad of problems – sissy smooching seems to be the very least of them – if it’s a problem at all. I don’t think it is. So, it utterly astounded me that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is proposing an Amendment to the United States Constitution requiring the government to not recognize gay couples. It won’t ban gay couples – that’s impossible. It won’t stop anyone from saying there are gay couples or calling them that – pro or con. It won’t overturn any of the laws in states that include gay folks in marriage – not “gay marriage” – but merely including us in the use of a law. No, it will only enjoin the Federal Government from recognizing in a positive way what they know exists. And this is rational? Mr. Cruz argues to ignore the Federal Government in nearly all cases – now wants gay men to just kowtow in recognition of the Federal Government’s majesty in not recognizing us! Astounding, as I say.

And for what purpose? Well, apparently Senator Cruz thinks this will solve virtually all problems, he’s not the only one — a “family values summit” was held filled with this audacious nonsense. And what problems do we face? Well, Texas, in many ways is the very harbinger of the threats we face … and yet, sissy smooching seems not to be a problem – not even in Texas – where the state’s largest city is run quite competently by a Lesbian in a 23 year long relationship – married in one state and “poof” in Texas – the marriage simply doesn’t exist – and in fact, Ms. Parker, the mayor of Houston, might, if she were inclined to do so – marry a man right now in her home town – and she could NOT be charged with bigamy! For there’s no marriage by the state’s reckoning. Texas went so far as to say in court “gays can’t get divorced here, because there’s no marriage” – and surely the hubris of Texas doesn’t extend to telling people to go divorce in another state before they marry in Texas, yes? So, she could legally be married in California to a woman, and to a man in Texas. Well, I had been oft informed that marriage for gays will lead to polygamy – but this is sheer bigamy – only – it isn’t. She is and she is not married at the same time – the marriage would perplex Schrodinger and his cat.

Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of illegals crossing the border from Mexico to Texas – and every single last one of them can get legally married in America. This Mr. Cruz no doubt thinks dandy, yes? Many are good Catholics like Mr. Cruz — many are as ‘contra el espousal gay” (Spanish, why not?) as he is. That illegal aliens can get married – and access immediately the full range of family benefits – yet native born American taxpayers cannot – is amazing. And we citizens are the threat and the illegals not! Is this just flimflam, or what?

Then there’s ISIS – with apparently branches right here in America – and for sure there’s plenty of American Muslims who are quite radical if their pronouncements are a clue … and they too all may get married. More immigrants – true radical immigrants – headchopping blowup buildings radical militants can get married – but peaceful, florist shop owning gay Americans cannot get married? Really? And this is remotely reasonable? Indeed, the ISIS position on gay marriage isn’t really that far from Cruz’s. Indeed. The ISIS position on “homosexuality” I would think almost identical to fundamentalist christians (I refuse to capitalize it when the two are together) – “death to gays” says Leviticus which the fundamentalists keep spouting. I’m told all the time “Well, fundamentalists aren’t chopping heads off” – well, no, no they’re not – they have no balls. They are wusses. But they talk about it. Westboro isn’t saying Death to Fags for the hell of it, are they? Is the vast horde of “NO GAYS! Movement people spouting Leviticus merely joshing when they say “Death to homosexuals”? Really? Then why say it? Why make such a joke? No, I think they are serious, but wusses. Pififul. But the reality is, raw reality, is that ISIS – the Muslim position on gays is identical to the fundamentalist christian view – however much practical realities intercede to prevent fundamentalist christians from carrying out their stated mission — to eradicate gay men from this earth in a 10s of millions of dead by genocide. That’s what “NO GAYS!” means – for we won’t go unless you kill us.

Then there’s Ebola – a major problem for sure – and Mr. Cruz, instead of commenting on this – or proposing a constitutional amendment against immigrants coming here – or for requiring their quarantining until proven disease free – or for rounding them up and sending back – instead of him being attuned to real problems – he’s going to get to work on a sissy smooching amendment that won’t do squat but prevent the filing of a joint tax return. Oh, so what already? And of the alleged 1,100, 1,200, or 1,300 or more “rights” that I hear (more like pleas to government for a crumb) denied to unmarried couples – gay men and women, crafty fellows that we are – get nearly all of them through commercial law – which the government completely recognizes. In fact, it is very possible for a gay couple to set up an LLC and then operate jointly – pay themselves nothing and have the sole proprietorship or partnership file tax returns on the behalf of both – and Mr. Cruz’s amendment won’t stop that. He’d have to get some law preventing gay folks from entering into contracts. Some Utah state politician proposed that very thing a few years back – even the Mormon Church wouldn’t go for that! There’s many ways that gay folks have gotten around “No gays in family law” nonsense – through commercial law. There are law firms specializing in this – one can find them in a moment in nearly every city and burg in the nation, certainly every state.

And with ISIS and Ebola – grave issues – the president is derelict – and clearly so. And instead of Mr. Cruz concentrating his no doubt limited time on these issues and what the president is doing – he’s going to work diligently to make sure that the state of Texas doesn’t recognize the marriage of the mayor of the largest city in his state – the fourth largest city in the nation. A freewheeling entrepreneurial city of Oil Field wealth and derring-do and no zoning code. I like mentioning that last bit – no zoning – how anti-government is that! And the mayor a lesbian did naught to bring in zoning – didn’t even try the near as I can tell. And so by banning the Federal Government from recognizing what Mr. Cruz surely is well aware exists – the Ms. And Ms. Parkers – this will do what? What will it effect? Affect? Accomplish? It’s a fundraising tool for the cad, and nothing less. And he thinks he’s going to run for president and win! Because he’ll be telling the nation which is 60 to 70% FOR gay folks’ happiness that gays are the danger facing the nation … this is a joke, yes? This is the Republican plan to save us from the liberals and Democrats? Surely you can’t be serious!

I took the liberty of gathering statistics on marriage, divorce, childhood poverty, single mothers, murder, rape, violent crimes and the like of the Heterosexual Lifestyle in Texas – all of which are in peril. Marriages down – divorces sort of down, (less marriages, less divorce, eh?) and poverty up, single mothers increasing, murder increasing, rape up, violent crimes abounding up and the like – and Mr. Cruz’s solution is to ban at the federal level – the recognition of sissy smooching? And people wonder why I think the country is collapsing? – for this is not rational thought from a politician.

I’m thinking of putting together a quick book on Kindle about this Crusade de Cruz – it’s so mindnumbingly stupid I can’t imagine it – but there he is – plain as day. And that’s not good. Frankly, I aim to help stop him. It is not good for the two party system – for the Republicans will continue to shrivel to nothing if they keep up this NO GAYS! Crusade – and that’s what it is – it’s a Crusade of Medieval proportions. Hell, there’s even “convert or suffer” in the program!

To imagine that supposed “capitalist” loving Texas Republicans are trying to hound customers (aka, gay men) by calling us every name in the Book and quite a few they just make up – into buying some crackpot service that no gay man ever sought – is astonishing. Perhaps they don’t understand “the customer is always right”? Perhaps they don’t comprehend that you can’t sell a product to people who don’t want it? There’s more people in love with ObamaCare than GayCure – that’s for sure. But this is what the State Party Platform requires – for gay men to just bend over and get fucked by these crazed Crusaders for Cruz – and that’s just bizarre.

And so, as we run up to any elections – I’m faced with crazed idiots on the left who require me to buy health care I don’t want or need – like birth control, contraception, abortion, mammograms — and a bunch of crazed idiots on the right who wish to require me to buy health care I don’t want or need — a “cure” for what ails THEM! – so I can join the crazed violent poverty stricken Heterosexual Lifestyle – and try to find a virgin — as if there’s any of those left!

Egad friggin’-gad – enjoy your Monday. I’m just going to take a nap and hide under the covers and hope it all goes away.


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