Keep the marriage – 100% tax rebate to gay folks.

Ah, nothing like a little radical militant homosexualizing — you know — keep the goddamn marriage – keep the nonsense — keep the silence — keep the “ooh, they have strongly held beliefs” — keep it all — and keep up the trashing of gay men — keep up the arrogant crap this is — and which NOT ONE HETERO WILL SAY! — it’s is astonishing to me all this mealy mouthed nonsense about how YOU Support “gay rights” – and yet won’t ever question or confront any asshole — no, you’ll “stand by your man” – me — as I bitch – but I don’t see any heteros raising a fuss — no, it’s roaring silence —

But one of the nice things about having a blog – and the amazing ability to write coherently in the midst of rage is this —

Other than that — pfft — I urged 40 years ago a Tax Revolt by gay men –ooh I was radical indeed — wussy queers chased me away from their “ooh, let’s me equal-sheeple” — fuck that – 100% taxes back —

I figure this country owes me about $350,000 — and that’s income taxes! Wait wait — sales, excise, blahblahblah — I’m willing to accede the damn tolls, maybe — don’t miff me! Or I’ll ask back for every toll tax I paid too. That’s another $350,000 easily — so – $700,000 I’m owed to be treated like crap by my own government. I want it back. Thieves.

Egads — people — listen to this shit from these people — fuck the damn dogs and cats — there’s American citizens at stake here! Yeesh.


45 years of arrant arrogant crap from heterosexuals!

You know, I don’t even know where to start this post – but Ted Cruz seems as good as any. This arrogant moronic piece of shit wants to push for a Constitutional Amendment against the Pursuit of Happiness of Gay Men. He’s not the only one. Virtually every single major Republican does. And they are not against anything but gay men. Me. Mine. Us. Not the goddamn vaunted ever growing “LGBTITSQAGNC etc etc add CH for Christian Heterosexuals for God’s sake Community!” The issue IS – and has always been – gay men. Who the hell is anyone kidding? The idea is preposterous that anyone gives a damn about Lesbians. Sorry ladies, charming as you are – you are beloved by heterosexuals. Between Ellen DeGeneris and Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt – and High Society Magazine which I used to color proof for in the mid-1980s for heaven’s sake – Lesbianism by the boat load. Not “bisexuals” who heteros and gay men think are gay. Not “transgendered transsexuals” – heterosexuals all – men who wish to be women to chase after men. They’ve seized control of the “LG … blah blah blah community” – astounding. Not the rest of it either – recent to the mergers and acquisitions that I barely know what the hell they are talking about. The issue is not these people – oh, maybe to them it is – but they’re deluded – for the issue is clearly expressed by the heterosexuals – and it’s “radical militant homosexual men” – who the hell is anyone kidding? I mean, really – stop it – you’re all adults – and instead we get this mumbo jumbo from both sides.

The Verbal Assault Against Gay Men Must Cease! For 45 years now I have been listening to people verbally assault me and mine – often to my face, surely in writing – and on sites galore – makes no difference where. And it’s not just “right wingers” – any heterosexual – their politics makes no goddamn difference. I know liberals against gay marriage and Christian Tea Partiers who have no problem with it. Last night once again I was called an abomination – by a fucking cunt who asked to be my friend for she thought I was so witty and brilliant on everything. But I never did mention the gay thing – why the hell would I? Hot men weren’t involved in the economic and political morass of our nation! But the minute the gay thing came up – when she supported Phil Robertson against gay men – well, fuck you cunt. Offended? Are you offended! Oh my – I’m disgusted and appalled.

This nation is obsessed with sissies. Millions of words on this ridiculous subject! Amazing. We say we’re rock solid and you heterosexuals – one and all – run around whining about how you’ll all become gay if a nice word is said about us.

You are at the point of recognizing gay couples by shoving your ass up your elbow and denying what is in front of you. And don’t tell me liberals were all for it forever – please – it insults my intelligence – this country’s heterosexuals were against us – and some on both sides of the aisle changed. And yet, those who did won’t chastise those didn’t. No, they have Rights! And gay men? Ah, not worth a bucket of warm spit.

And yet the worst among you demand we change to fuck your daughters – there is no polite way to put it. Anyone who says a gay man should consider “curing” ourselves is requesting us to fuck YOUR daughter. Not the man down the street’s daughter – Yours – You’re the one who should put up or shut up. There is no decency in offering some other man’s daughter to the reheterosexualized man you envision. It’s your daughter – a virgin she had better be! – your daughter.

Meanwhile – 100% of this obnoxious group styled “ex-gay” – all admit 100% failure.

And 100% of gay men refuse to entertain the idea.

And then yet what do you demand?

You demand we gays kowtow to your demands – and buy your services! We are “customers” who won’t buy and you are “sellers” who have a piece of shit product NO ONE buys! – and you claim to understand free markets, “capitalism” and are against “mind control” and “group thinking”? Are you out of your minds? There is no more any nice way to say this. There is no debate – it’s settled – you: 100% fail – us –100% refusal! – How much more goddamn clear can it be? Nooooo – you will insist yet in more arrogant obnoxious childlike behavior of a most despicable kind. Astounding.

Then there’s the political reality of a Constitutional Amendment – 19 states already have gay marriage solidly – up to 30 or 35 in one fell swoop just on Monday past. And some 60% or more of the nation not for this continued nonsense. And the Republican party wants to concentrate on Sissy Smooching? You’re kidding, yes?

And the Democrats will go along with it – sure – to keep everyone’s mind off of their own nonsense.

And that’s the most astonishing thing – the nation is going to hell in hand basket and the Republicans are obsessed with Sissy Smooching … amazing!

Well, frankly, keep your fucking marriage – trash us all you want, have fun, you heathen hordes – but give me back the tax dollars – you stole our money – keep the damn paper – give us the cash. I am so damn tired of paying money to fund the people against me. It is nonsensical.


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