The “What do we do with homosexuals?” SCOTUS ‘indecision’

The Supreme Court today announced that it would not hear a bunch of cases from 3 appeals courts on the “issue of national importance” as it is sometimes styled, aka: “gay marriage” and “gay rights” – but never couched in terms “Rights for gays” and the “religious rights of gay men” and “why does anyone worry about it?” – no, it’s a topic of endless discussion. As I joked on one thread tonight at some website I found through Facebook: “to paraphrase Winston Churchill: Never before have so many said so much about so few.” 100,000s, millions even, of words will be spewed forth on the matter. There’s not really “two sides” to this – there’s a 100 … albeit, two main sides.

In that corner is 95% of the population which frets incessantly over the age old question: “What do we do with the homosexuals?” Why anyone feels they must do anything about us is something I’ve never grasped. I don’t know any gay man who really can – we are out of the discussion, frankly. I don’t think a one of us truly understands the heterosexual concern to the point of obsession over us. And it is an obsession – millions of people will utter and write millions of words about the matter in the next few days. And virtually all of it from the heterosexual viewpoint of “what will gay marriage mean to us …” and what will it mean? None of you can say. Not a one. The only thing you can do – and many do – is conjure up astonishing tales of disaster, woe and destruction – because the two hairdressers you’ve known all your lives might have a piece of paper in their hands from the state which extracts taxes out of the couple saying “Piece of Cake” or the couple you don’t know files a joint tax return which is none of your goddamn business.

You know the couple exists – and at this point “gay marriage” is recognized by often refusing to recognize it. You see the couple, you even know the couple – and yet you refuse to acknowledge the reality of the couple in a positive way, but are way to willing to acknowledge the couple in a negative way. You acknowledge them by refusing to acknowledge them – and we’re crazy? You jest.

Then too there’s “But what about the children!?” Well, indeed, what about us? We are the damaged children as many a religio-psyshe-something declaims. After all, the vast majority of theories of why there are gay men are based on some trauma that happened during childhood. All of the theories except “choice” are predicated on some nefarious yet inexplicable theory about why the slight, hairless, fey, flimsy, not athletic, sissy boy is gay … what did his father do or not? What about his mother’s influences? Basically, what made the 6 extra boys gay? 106 boys born for every 100 gals – the six are the gay ones, yes? No. Next is – Ooh, “environment” – what pray tell is that? You won’t find an explanation beyond the word. Of course there’s hormones – which ones? No one knows – nor tests. Never have thousands of gay men been brought into clinics to see if we have these or those hormones in the proper heterosexual balance which might be determined by comparing us to thousands of heterosexuals. Nope. It’s a theory, from a desk, by a professor, often liberal in every regard but “what do we do with the homosexuals?” Then there’s the germ theory, which is so bizarre I can’t be bothered to go on about, go look it up. Anyway, these are the “internal” causes – something happened in our bodies … what? You don’t know – clueless yet sure. “Largely unexplained” as the Archbishop of the United States Armed Forces opined during DADT debates – but “intrinsically evil” the man in the dress says about drag queens.

Oh, then there’s the external cause: ooh – “Molestation” – yes, Evil Sick Mean Older Homosexuals “molest” innocent pure natural heterosexual boys into gayness. Yet, NOT one time have I ever seen a number of how many times the ESMOH (may as well abbreviate it, yes?) – the Anita Bryant Theory, it might be called … how many times does it take to molest the boy into gayness? And why do all the gay boys then heatedly deny the molestation and are never caught molesting anyone – and how does this square with the “Internal” factors? Well I suppose a weak father strong mother boy who was molested turns gay – because he has the “unnatural predisposition” as both NARTH (the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals) and the Catholic Church aver exists within the boy – from the Devil apparently – we are the last to be held to the Medieval standards, for sure. Perhaps we are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

And on top of all this come “choice!” Which is why it’s a sin – and like alcoholism too, and sick, demented and so forth. Why would we choose? We’re sick! Why are we sick? We choose to be gay! You folks are on a rat-wheel, I tell you. But no – I’m the whiny, self-righteous, promoting, radical militant of course. Why, as I was told just this evening at POWIP – I’m “unhinged” because I brought up the vast plethora of facts on the issue in one feel swoop. Perhaps too many words at once for the poor fellow. Well, I wrote a book cataloging these things –

Anyway, so now the Supreme Court has simply refused to consider the matter at this moment – and the nation agog! What does this mean! Well, not much really. The slow inevitable progress towards full acceptance of the reality of gay men continues – and I want to be clear – this nonsense is NOT about the vaunted and ever growing “LGBTITSQAGNC etc etc community” – the “gnc” I discovered just the other day is “gender non-conforming” – well, beats me. I’m a man who knows men who all think and know we are men and do men things – with men. But, egads no – the “debate” is strictly about the male homosexual – and most often the very worst kind – the one who “plays the girl” – who the hell is anyone kidding? I mean, really, geez, get real.

So now for a week or so I shall have to wade through endless nonsense – on one Oklahoma site about the issue a man “Doc Scarmpa” or something opined that “now the police have a registry of all the homosexual child molesters” – well, I dare say, as I did to him – “Sir, you are on the line of Tort Actionable Slander and Libel and an obnoxious cad to boot. Say that to my face and I shall punch in the nose under the ‘fighting words’ doctrine amply established in law.” Stand my ground I shall. I mean, really – evidence? I thought we all chose to be gay? How could we be molesting the next generation to choose to be gay? It’s ludicrous – not to mention all the evidence of science of late – all of which the idiotic “neurosurgeon Ben Carson soon to be presidential candidate” opined was caused by Marxism come to destroy the nation just like a Canadian named Cleon Skousen opined in 1958. Well when a “neurosurgeon” hasn’t read a word of the neuro-science on gay men since the political heyday of McCarthyism I would say he’s idiotic. He’s not the only one – the list is long and inglorious.

Ah, enough of you folks – whacko. In this corner is the 5% or so of the nation’s men who are gay – irrevocably so – we are astoundingly stubborn on the issue, yes? All entreaties for us to change and marry your daughters are met with a collective “pfft, fageddaboutit” – and still many soldier on in the “ex-gays” bullshit – 95% of the leaders of this “reheterosexualization” cabal have admitted 100% failure – we’re not trying hard enough, we’re told. We laugh – idiots – we’re not even trying. I would guess 99.9% of gay men adamantly refuse to change – so there you go – you’re failures and we’re obstinate.

And we’re peaceful, productive, taxpaying, job holding, home-owning reasonable people who pull our own weight and don’t rely on – and couldn’t get – any government assistance to do much. Hell, even the gayborhoods don’t need urban renewal, they’re fine places. Go get an ice cream for heaven’s sake and talk to one of us. Say hello. But no – you opine in the papers, TV, radio and the internet incessantly like children whining for chocolate … “but you said …” yeah yeah – well, it’s comical in many ways – and sad. For like I said, I have never understood the heterosexual problem with us. You seem to be miffed you created us. And now you want us to join the violent, crazed, baby killing, child abandoning, absent father, welfare mothers of the heterosexual lifestyle – maybe we should beat our new wives like an NFL player down for the playoffs. Don’t you love the way I can turn this around? It’s easy – especially when one listens carefully to the endless prattle of you all. Not one of you – but a slew of you together. Get 10 heteros in a room and you will get 20 contradictory answers to a simple question: “Why do you feel you need to do anything with the homosexuals?”

Have a pleasant week reading all the crap. Yeesh, hopefully I can avoid the most of it.


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