The Flimflam of Our Times

So, the president hasn’t shown up for some 60% of the his daily intelligence briefings. What on earth does he think his job is? If there’s one job a president has it’s keeping track of the military and what’s it doing around the world, and where it might be needed. Surely having some idea of threats, real, imagined, perceived or actual that fill our world should be the man’s daily bread, yes? But, no – he had other things do to! – What pray tell?

Then, ISIS, IS, ISIL – why can’t we pick a name for these people? Supposedly there’s something else, too, called “Khorosan” – seems to not really be a group or entity, and perhaps a figment of the president’s imagination. Then there’s the various Al Qaeda’s floating about – but supposedly they’re all separate and different and have nothing to do with each other, while the folks we release on good behavior from Guantanamo are going right back to fight against us with who knows what – but it can’t be much. Meanwhile, the Europeans will sell anyone all the weapons they want while both decrying and demanding US action to quell the violent regimes. Well, that’s what I’m getting from the press reports. And we’re going to stomp them back into the hole they came out of! But how? By pinpricking bombing raids against what we think are worthwhile targets while ignoring the entirety of the matter, and making sure we don’t close any ports so the Europeans can ships arms to those we bomb on their behalf. We are doing this so we can preserve the fake construct of “iraq” and prevent the Kurds from having their own country even though the president is all for self-determination of peoples.

That we are reduced to preserving Lord Balfour’s lines in the sands of Arabia that served his purpose in 1917 seems to escape everyone – this is our “strategy” when we get around to stating what it might be – though, the president said quite clearly that he doesn’t have a strategy. And how could he when he seems to know nothing about the place? Then supposedly he armed ISIS previously be shipping the weapons through Libya which is decaying into constant warfare. So our government and our president have simply made such a mess out of the place that it’s impossible to tell who is on whose side and for what reasons – even ourselves. We give money to the Palestinians so they can buy rockets from the Russians to lob at Tel Aviv – astounding.

On Tuesday we want to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria, on Wednesday they are our pals in fighting ISIS. The rebels of various sorts in “syria” are fighting Assad, the “president-for-life” and against ISIS too! So we will help the rebels if they promise to not overthrow Assad while we take him back into our bosom because he’s the best guy around to suppress “his” people back into a “syria” which isn’t real either. Perhaps if the president went to a briefing or two more he would learn about the mess he’s creating, fomenting and hoping will go away at the same time he escalates it – and meanwhile there’s a deafening silence from the Democrat “No War” forces who are all for Democrat wars but against Republican ones even if they are in the same place. Not to mention the dereliction of duty by the Republicans in the House of Representatives in preventing the president from unconstitutionally going to war without their permission because they’re busy raising funds for a vote buying spree they hope will let them keep their seats and perhaps gain a few more. While the Democrats are against the rich they don’t like from donating to the political process while all for the rich they do like to donate millions so they might keep the Senate and perhaps regain the House so they can refuse to pass a budget, rein in spending, and pass new laws for new powers they exempt themselves from in thick laws they don’t read but are quite sure will right the problems of this nation.

Then in Russia itself the wannabe Tsar of all the Russias, one Vladimir Putin is cutting off his food imports from us to protest his invasion of Ukraine which itself is decaying into constant warfare. Meanwhile, Russia thinks it will boost trade with China, India and Africa and South America to somehow make up the short fall of what he’s not buying from us – though none of them export any food to speak of. We’ve levied sanctions on Russia and to what purpose? We don’t really buy anything from them, while we pretend to work with them to stop them from arming the Syrian government we are trying to both overthrow and maintain at the same time. And the intelligence briefings might have a word or two about that – but the president didn’t get them briefings because he was busy somehow somewhere.

And the mainstream press – so beloved by less than 20% of the people now – are complicit in not reporting, fake reporting, sensationalizing and otherwise making a mockery of “reporting” that no member of the public knows a blessed thing. Then along come the polling services to tell us what this or that percentage of the American public thinks about places they are as clueless about as the president is. And different polling organizations are all over the place is figuring out which percentage of Americans think we should stand by, for, against, with or some other place with Putin, Assad, whoever is running Iraq and of course against Iran except we need to help them against the ISIS lest the Kurds get too powerful and try to get out of Iran too!

Then there’s Ebola – some virus that in 30 years or more hasn’t even killed 20,000 people and the nation is freaking out. Though, our government sees no reason to monitor anyone coming in or out of the hotspot lest it seem racist or disapproving – or, in a conspiratorial fashion made to order for the Zero Population and cull the world’s population until it’s a few billion less to save the planet they are seemingly purposefully spreading and enhancing the disease in the hope it spreads to more places and kills more people. Not to be outdone there’s a christian preacher or two warbling that it will only kill the sinners, hookers and gays, so, who cares? Let it rip! That this nation didn’t lift nearly a finger for several years when upwards of 50,000 American citizens died back in the early 1980s and now they run around like sissies with their panties in a knot is humorous to watch.

Then too, the “right wing” is up in arms over Sharia law coming to America and right wing preachers are calling for Sharia law against gay men! And they are quite miffed that gay men won’t roll over and play dead to their incessant arrogant entreaties for us to do their bidding. They have rights! And gay men? Apparently not!

To add to the flimflam thousands of unattended children miraculously made their way across thousands of miles to alight in the United States and they’re only being stashed in states with Republican governors – who have no problem with any illegal immigrant getting married here – but are opposed to gay taxpaying American citizens getting married lest we wreck the place – and what with the divorce rate, abortions, abandoned children, violent lunatics and endless social problems of the heterosexual poor if only gay couples are not recognize all will be well – and this is considered rational! Then too, the liberals are for importing all the poor from down south because they have terrible governments, but won’t listen to a word about how to change those terrible governments which become wondrous the minute a right wing person brings up the hypocrisy. So, as I understand it, when illegal aliens abandon their nations it’s because those nations are terrible, and the USA is worse, but well, if we quell the racism it’ll be OK – and yet those nations are wonderful because their culture is not “united statesen” because they don’t wish to offend anyone by using the word “American” – which the illegals themselves cry out on their journeys – “I’m going to America!” … egad.

Then too state after state is going to courts to argue that trashing gay couples is the way to help and encourage heterosexuals – which is the most astonishing nonsense.

Then there’s the repeated shootings, beatings, rapes, killings, door-bustings and other illegal and immoral acts by the police in every state as both Liberals and Conservatives keep calling for more law and order! Amazing. The pro-liberty right wing wishes to arrest all the gays and cure or incarcerate us and make us marry anyone’s daughter but their own, while the pro-diversity left wing is against anyone who thinks outside the box they’ve constructed. Though, what do people think they will get if we keep calling for more law and order, and more enforcing the laws we have that no one even knows we have – hell, laws are being passed by the thousands of pages by a congress that admits it doesn’t even read the laws. On top of that, there are so many waivers for so many laws now by presidential diktat that’s royalism without the ermine.

You know – one could go on for days about this stuff. The flimflam uttered by people on every side of the political divide is mind numbing. The Right Wing is all agog and for judges overturning the duly elected acts of the legislature when they dislike the laws, and whole against activist judges when they overturn laws that the Right Wing likes. Ah, but the Left Wing is all for judicial action when they get a judge to rule that an entire school district is racist, or that some farmer is growing the wrong thing, or some rich person needs to be incarcerated – but all against judicial action when it goes against what they want, like endless meddling in people’s lives being declared unconstitutional.

And it’s virtually impossible to go to the internet without all this nonsense assaulting you – and then everyone is supposed to be wholly informed on every issue and have an opinion on everything. I’m supposedly supposed to have a well reasoned opinion on whether transgendered people use the right bathrooms because radical militant homosexuals are trying to get married.

Like I said, it’s flimflam – and while I try to stay away from it all – it’s impossible – and every day there’s so much one could comment on that I simply have a surfeit of choices of which flimflam I might opine upon this day. And I’ve sort of given up. And just in time for a new blog look – hmm, oh well … 🙂


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