Well, a new look, and why not?

Well, I finally did some changes on this blog — a completely new color scheme and theme — and got rid of some of the links and pages – though more changes to come with that. And well, it just had to be done. Since 2009 when I set it up I hadn’t done much except add posts … but the look stayed “louisiana” if I may – -with a fleur-de-lis and well, I don’t live in Louisiana anymore, I live in the Valley of the Sun, aka, Phoenix AZ — and that means that the crystal clear blue sky look might be more appropriate. There’s a few other changes to come — my profile, and a few of the other pages — but, well, that’ll wait until tomorrow or the next day — I’m in no rush.

Still, this blue background will be the look for awhile to come — get used to it.

My avatar, of me riding the donkey — will NOT change whatsoever.

Other than that, well, I’ll continue with my usual range of subjects – foreign policy, domestic affairs, the confounded subject (Aka “gay rights” or really — Rights for Gay Men [the LBTITSQAetctc community is sort of on their own, frankly, and god bless ’em!] and economics and things relating to my life — and well, let’s see if this all keeps going.

Now, if pictures are hard to load I might have a heart attack and quickly change, but I doubt it will — and so, thus, the “new and improved” The Daily Mush.

And that’s it for  Sunday night .. I’m a-ready for Monday Morning!


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