Perhaps I should upgrade my blog …

Oddly, since I first set up this blog I haven’t change much — I just keep adding posts. But I haven’t altered one word in the “About Jim Hlavac” page, though some information is definitely out of date — after all, I no longer take care of an elderly gentleman in Baton Rouge Louisiana – and haven’t in nearly 3 years. He’s alive – not well – 93, bedridden and well, professional care had to come in. And I moved on with my life.

I haven’t altered the theme – that is, the grayish background and fleur-de-lee – which I chose because I was in Louisiana — and now I’m in Phoenix Arizona.

I haven’t changed one word in the pages — and the one on Obama’s cabinet is surely out of date – but, well, I’ve had no inclination to do so. Though, I suppose it’s time.

Other pages I haven’t touched either — Nor have I added or subtracted any links — and perhaps I should.

Well I don’t know – I get set in a rut and I can’t get out of them — I’m not much for willynilly change — some people change constantly.

Just like I haven’t altered my avatar in years – I still clip clop along on the donkey I rode back into the internet on — after many years avoiding the thing.

And well, perhaps that might all change soon – I’m just not sure — perhaps this very weekend.

of course, I was “the daily mush” back in Louisiana – but I had the time – Now I’m sort of every few days when the mood strikes me.

I do try to alter the content of the posts — that is, not stick to one topic or area of discussion — so, I have posts about my paintings and family and life — and my books that I wrote — and I definitely delve into foreign affairs, a subject which most people are clueless about because they don’t know much about the world. And of course, there’s domestic politics I touch on .. but in no particular order, economics, corruption, cronyism and such. And of course, the gay thing – -a most absurd subject given what so many people still say — I don’t really like that discussion –but, it seems to fill the hustings. I still can’t quite figure out why, other than the age old question of Heterosexuals: “What do we do about the homosexuals” — why anyone feels a need to do anything about us or discuss us endlessly I have yet to fathom … still, as I say, it fills the hustings.

And of course, we’re entering election season, and there’s plenty of nonsense coming out of Washington and State-houses as well as sundry organizations … I try to contend with stuff like that.

Frankly, there’s too much going on in the nation and the world and up my street to comment on everything, though well I could. These posts of mine take but a few minutes to write  -10, 15, not much longer. A quick proof read, then a post. I write fast, and it comes out pretty much just as you read it, with virtually no editing prior to posting.

Anyway, a change of some sort is required, I just don’t know what — yet. But whatever comes, rest assured it will remain the same after that for quite some time.

I hope you all are having a pleasant time doing what you do — and I enjoy this blogging thing. I just don’t get paid for it, so I’m not driven to work on it everyday … and that’s the news for Sept 26th 2014.

cheers, Jim,


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