ObamaCare, HIV/AIDS, Taxes, Insurance and Gay Men

I saw a comment at a blog at Economic LIbrary — (link at end) and I just had to comment thus — which I now use as a blog post for I’m busy:

I see this comment above by: Bostonian writes:

“The risk factors for getting AIDS are well known, and the male homosexuals who get AIDS should pay for their own AIDS drugs.”

“male homosexuals” aka Gay men — do pay for our own AIDS drugs – we pay taxes like everyone else — indeed, we pay at what some say is a higher single rate (others aver there is a marriage penalty) — and our paying in a joint tax return causes the vapors for many yet.

It seems Mr. Bostonian does not realize that gay men pay taxes — and gay men with HIV must work, and pay taxes – there is no Soc Sec Disability for HIV — the drugs are too good.

How much do gay men pay in taxes? No one quite knows, no one looks — I calculate upwards of $200 billion in all Federal, State, City and County taxes levied on persons and businesses. (here is not the place for the math, but I’ve done it.)

AIDS drugs paid for through Ryan White, the primary drug program, run about $2 billion a year. If a gay man has employee insurance, Union insurance, etc — then he pays for his own drugs. Other HIV/AIDS services run also about $2 billion a year. In sum, as near as I can figure, counting even basic research for HIV/AIDs and immunology issues, and also foreign aid to Africa (primarily) just some $20 billion is spent on ALL HIV/AIDS spending of any and all kinds.

Since gay men pay, as I contend, some $200 billion, then gay men are a net positive impact to the tax coffers of $180 billion.

Since we don’t leave behind a trail of unwanted children, women’s safe houses, and other social ills that consume the heterosexual lifestyle, it would seem gay men are paying for lots of things we never use. Like schools, perhaps.

And too, gay men pay for the lawsuits against us — that is, every state (down to 34 now,) has spent at least a Million Dollars a year fighting gay men in courts — since the 1950s — not just over marriage — but the right to free speech, assembly, to have legal liquor — the numbers of lawsuits involving gay issues is rather large — and gay men paid for all the state attorneys to fight us in court. John Boehner spent $3 million in Gay men’s tax money to trash us before the Supreme Court with bogus research … we are paying for our own opposition, such swell fellows we are.

Then, finally, with HIV/AIDS – the drugs and research that came out of it have benefitted all Americans (and the world) — over 1000 new drugs and therapies related to the immune system have come from HIV/AIDS research – which is quite an unseen, and thus unmentioned, economic contribution to society. We are the unthanked guinea pigs for the research — perhaps Mr. Bostonian knows someone who benefitted from “male homosexuals” and HIV/AIDS.

If Mr. Bostonian wishes to separate gay men from society, as seems his purpose – then oh please refund at least the last 60 years of billions a year in taxes we have paid — well, had taken from us.

the link as promised: http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2014/09/unintended_cons_5.html


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