3% unemployment, 6% growth, world peace & gay guys

I find it astonishing that anyone in the United States thinks that the subject of gay men is an American issue. It’s not. It’s worldwide. There is not one country on earth that is not contending with the age old question of “what do we do with the homosexuals?” – We wish you’d do nothing but get over it – but well, it’s a constant source of discussion. But let us play “Imagine” – a game where the world is wondrous and unemployment is a bare 3% and the growth of the economy zooms along at 6% and the world is at peace – and I’m talking about Palestinian-Israeli peace – I’m talking about no more war – I’m talking about a world where everyone is well off and there’s no more “poor” (though, perhaps some will be less rich than others.) I’m speaking of an imaginary world where there’s no more environmental degradation and every single problem one could imagine is solved. No more homelessness. No more starving children in the Third World. No more insurgents intent on destroying their current government because there blossoms a great comity amongst mankind and across humanity. I’m speaking of a unicorn world where there’s no divorce, no child left behind, no source of perfect energy not perfected – indeed, the sort of world which has never existed, save for the imaginations of mankind and the lovey-dovey pronouncements of pastors at the pulpit, in the immortal words of Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?” – and we do. What then? In this imaginary world do people think there’d be no gay guys?

Well, perhaps some would think so – but, still, the reality is – gayness is a part of the human species, as Bruce Bagemihl describes among the animal kingdom (of which we are part) in his book “Biological Exuberance. Well, you could solve every single problem in this world, and have everyone on the same page in glorious harmony as Jesus himself commanded we attain. I’m speaking of a world where the biggest problem is perhaps a car wreck – though every disease is cured and no one suffers and everyone lives no less than three score and 10 – I’m speaking of an imaginary world, yes – but one that is bandied about by Left and Right both … and that division too would be cured, solved, resolved and removed from contention. What then?

Well, then there’d be the gay thing – we are an ineluctable portion of mankind. We’re not the product of broken homes, or broken personalities, nor broken anything. We just are. We are by the grace of God – maybe not your “god” – but ours. Then, even then, after every single issue that has long faced this world – there’d still be gayness and gay men – and the age old question would remain: “What do we do with the homosexuals” – and aye, there’s the rub – we exist – and we are told we don’t. We say we’re born this way, and others demur. We are. Simple “Are” in every portent of the word. And then what? What is the world to do with the most despised group of people? What would the world argue about? Well, they would argue about gayness – that would be the only thing remaining to discuss. Like I posit – a perfect world – and still, us pesky gay men.

Oh, sure, say we’re “sick” or “insane,” “demented” or “stunted” or whatever pseudo-psychological things you think exists … but still – here we would be – and all over the world too. Which is perhaps the oddest thing about the many “causes” for our existence bandied about, tossed cavalierly – “your parents made you gay, that’s why it’s your fault, and you had a predisposition and you were molested and you choose to be gay” – a logical mishmash that no one – not even gay guys – truly examines. No, it’s pie-d out – one slice to this one, one slice to that … and yet, there’d we be – here we are – what to do with us.

The idea that we’re harming anyone is preposterous – yet uttered with alarming frequency. We are rock solid about who we are – and you heterosexuals worry that you people are so flimsy of mind that at the drop of a hat you might be induced, or forced, or enjoined to change. We don’t care who you are – we don’t want you to change. But, we are here.

And if every single problem in this world is, as I said, resolved to complete satisfaction by everyone – we’d still be here.


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