Destroy ISIS: next up, Islamic Regime II

Just what does the president or any warhawk think where going to get out of this bombing mission, with a few hundred advisors and arms shipping to people we don’t know in the “syria” “iraq” “conflict”? I mean, is there a Victory we can point to? Some point in a year or two or 10 as some have said we may have to be there? And what is that “victory”? Do we think we shall create the Iowa Caucuses and a few New Hampshire Town Hall Meetings? Perhaps a Kiwanis club. Will we “pacify” the region, that word from Vietnam as I recall – we were going to Pacify the Viet Cong – yeah, sure. Will we kill all the militants, or are they rebels? Insurgents or warlords? What or who is ISIS? Or ISIL or (i)SilSis – who the hell knows – it goes by several names already – the president said they weren’t Islamic – perhaps they’re Balsamic, more vinegary – with a dash of spice. But what is the goal?

Is the goal to construct some “iraqi” state that’s at peace within and with-out? – Ah, I can’t even capitalize the place anymore – it’s not a “country” – it’s lines in the sand drawn by a drunk Englishman in 1917 – we’re fighting for Lord Balfour’s creation? What on earth for?

Are we trying now to save the murderous Assad Regime in Syria? So that we can help them fight their “insurgents” “rebels” “freedom fighters” – what else are they called by numb-skulls? Or are we trying to overthrow the Assad regime in “syria” – won’t capitalize that anymore – I mean, ¼ of the nation or so are Kurds – others Allawi, Druse, Palestinian, Jordanian – hell, the lines are in the wrong place, folks. The lines are Euro-weenie lines from barely 100 years ago – and we’re to spend billions of bucks and thousands of American lives to keep people together in fictitious countries who hate each other – because of a British Lord on a power trip? This is rational? This is insanity.

Are we there to avenge the deaths of a few moronic Americans who wish to Extreme-Travel? Look, OK, so we rescue you from the sides of Kilimanjaro because you wanted to see the rooftop of Africa – OK I get it – it’s there. But really, to go wander into these places for photo-ops? And now you want the entire US population to come to your rescue because they behead you or may do so tomorrow if they haven’t already done so? Really? I mean, sure, go where you wish – but take responsibility – know your likelihood of dying a horrific death and having our body dragged through the mud is a high probability.

Are we going to clear up the schism between Shiite and Sunni? Hell, we don’t even understand it. Oh, sure, in an esoteric academic way I understand that some 1200 or 1300 years ago in the desert near Basra the 11th Imam, Ali, the Son-in-Law of Mohammy himself was killed in battle and the Sunni-Shiite schism was a-born right then – but does anybody truly “understand” in an intrinsic way, what these people are fighting about? No – don’t pretend you do. You read about it – now you think you are expert. The Sunni-Shiite divide is not something we can solve, and shouldn’t even try – at most separate them – not try to conjoin them like twins and chastise them at democracy meetings on how to behave and have reasonable debate over what is in the schools. These people think the others aren’t people. We’re not going to influence them.

So what are we doing? The president already has gone from “we’re doing anti-terrorism activities” – egad – how friggin’ vague – to “war with ISIS” – in a week’s time the man has changed his tune. This is the guy who for 5 or 6 years should have spent an hour or two a day reading about it, talking to people – I dare say – this information is not out on the friggin’ golf course. Nor at a fund raiser. If his job is to bomb places into submission, at least study the place daily for a few years to know what you’re doing and not wing it in the last 6 or 8 days before the missiles fly.

Is it to appease our “saudi” allies? Well, at least the Brits didn’t quite create that place – it’s geographically distinct for sure – but the Saud are a family – a damn absolute monarchy – with 5,000 princes – we should worry whether these hypocritical fat cat Saudi family princes get to keep their oil wealth? Really? Some poor schnook from Peoria, USA should die so Prince Ali-ibn-Suadi can go off to Monaco and play golf before a night at the casino with a few million in oil revenues on the VISA card? You can’t be serious.

Are we trying to prevent the creation of a Kurdish state – because those poor people were never liked by anyone – who are they, after all? They are an Indo-European speaking people, closer ethnically to Azeris, Farsi-speaking Persians, Armenians, Georgians than they are to Arabs – ah, but the rub is that while most of them are in “iraq” there’s big millions-strong chunks of them in “iran” and “turkey” and “syria” – none of these places are “countries” really – and if Scotland can split off from the UK, and Catalonia and the Basque can leave Spain perhaps, why can’t the Kurds of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria all get together in one big happy Kurdistan? Well, it seems British foreign policy of King George V (VI? Eh, 1910-1918, who cares the number) against his cousin Czar Nicholas II (Looked like twins for heaven’s sake, their mothers could barely tell them apart) said a Kurdistan was not good for the power-politics of the early 1900s – so those people had the mighty pen of mapping drawn right through them.

So now, Kurds in Turkey have to get translators to talk to their own government in Ankara – which wishes to outlaw Kurd anything – to the point of outlawing their language and banning the use of Kurdish first names – get a load of that – a country outlawing first names because of ethnicity?! I had thought Barack Obama was all about the name-ethnic nonsense – but no, he’s joined King George/Czar Nicholas in making sure that Kurds are kept separate. Hell, I recall that even Henry Kissinger was against an independent Kurdistan because of the Real-politik of the Bundesreich again the East Germans and Russians in the Cold War.

Surely peeling off a few million Kurds out of “iran” couldn’t hurt – after all – that might well disrupt some atom-bomb building fun of the ayatollahs for awhile – yes? Hell, I’d stir up the Baluchis in southeast Iran to revolt and join their Baluchi brethren in “pakistan” – I’m all for dividing up these fakes countries and putting the lines where they ought to go – and not where English and French, German and Russian politicians of 1910 thought they ought to be. To be guided by the foreign policy ideas of those guys is utterly ridiculous – but, that’s what we’re doing, apparently. Without a seeming clue by anyone currently involved that this is so.

To hear John “ketchup head” Kerry talk – we’re at war with Webloes against Boy Scouts over marshmallows … I don’t think that man knows a damn thing about this place, but that Raytheon probably makes missile guidance systems along the 1-95 corridor outside of Boston … and his good friend just happens to own the industrial park where the stuff is made.

To listen to John McCain is painful – pitiful – not a lesson in Vietnam did he learn. Except maybe hostage taking. And he’s taking the country hostage so he can re-fight his glory. Why, he wanted to be president – now he pretends to be one – while the one we got could be bothered to interrupt his leisure schedule to think a problem through.

Meanwhile, the poor schooks on the ground, or in the air, or wherever they maybe at land or sea – are stuck trying to “Implement” a policy of puff-powder – implement what? One implements a plan, with a set goal, measurable result points – you know, on December 1st we want to have our new store open. But no – we’ll just give guns and butter too, I suppose, to people we don’t know, so they can fight their wars over things we don’t understand, that were created by people who weren’t us, didn’t understand and had other objectives 100 years ago. This is idiocy. There’s no other word for it.

Well, one could go on for quite some time about it all. But to me, it’s pointless and terrible – and the politicians are guilty of stupidity unfathomable.


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