when a gay guy is part of a 9/11 family …

This is a comment I wrote on one of my favorite blogs this evening — https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=8993108951931633758&postID=7757454213272233609&page=1&token=1410510430139

The long link right there … http://hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com/
The man I refer to right here …
A man I knew since he was 14 years old, and me, oh, 17? yah —  or so …

In honor of this man: David M Weiss

I say:!>>>>

Well, as the brother-in-law of a NYFD man — himself Hero of the Year several times — who died in the murderous attack – last seen on the 31st Floor going UP – and in every documentary — as the brother of the sister-widow (even I cannot call her this day, but only her and their children are together) — as the uncle of the nephew who now runs the South Street Seaport Museum in Lower Manhattan, his job forever in view of the place his father died … as the uncle to the niece who stays hidden in the woods you will know not where, herself but 13 that year …

As the nephew of the uncle, and his own godson’s too, of the man who walked down 58 flights back in 1993 —
As the guy myself who used to work right where that second plane hit – the 78th Floor and on up to the 105th — do you know the views? astonishing — I knew them well …
As the guy who knows dozens killed, wounded, maimed, survived, grieved, of the countless others — of my friends, and their friends and families —
of someone who is so intimately involved in this horror upon our country — in ways, frankly, none of you can ever imagine …

And, not so unaware of our corrupt nutjobs in DC and their drunken wanderings around the Mideast … and the obnoxious press …

I dare say — it is my strongly held Religious belief – To be sure my religion — Hussism — (600 years the family is Hussites, jezi smaria jozef) …

That I get to bop in the nose anyone creep or crud comes to this entire discussion with crappy information, or bizarre conspiracy theories …

Or say: “Homosexuals are anti … [fill in the blank]” and “deserve no rights to pursue happiness” — well, you get a cranky sissy right away — a sissy smasher instead of smoocher — I prefer the later, trust me — but, I’m not adverse at all to the former, and have freely exercised my rights with wild abandon for decades — and my family, friends, children, and on and on through that list of people above who are on my side are well aware … Let My People Go — and stop this anti-gay nonsense in this nation. It is abominable as ISIS and Obama, Senator Ted Cruz and Cardinal George of Chicago.

Frankly, the Catholic Cardinal Of Chicago this very day called for “Homosexuals” (so moron is the nut that he doesn’t know an ancient-modern English word – but uses a Greco-Roamn hybrid invented by a German) says to Obey his religion — as much as ISIS demands people obey theirs as frankly as I’m concerned — asking me and my family to trash myself forever is as abhorrent as cutting off my head – worse even — at least one I wouldn’t have to listen to the man in the dress protecting child molesters bitch about drag queens … egads. Ooooh!

For as Goldwater, my state senator of long ago said, sort of, “a sissy smoocher smashing vice in the pursuit of Liberty is not that bad, you know.”

Well, that’s my quick take this eve … 9/12/2012, 1:10 AM my time, a time, 13 years ago, when I was holding together my sister, her kids and many other relatives in some semblance of order as the chaos whirled about “where’s David” continued for the first hours of what became hundreds.

Do Not Tread On My People – as I say. And who shall question me and my strongly held beliefs by My Creator — who did endow me with certain inalienable rights?

Cute how I tie that all together, yes? 🙂


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