Gay Men Pay Taxes To Fund the Opposition

I find it astonishing that states think they can fight gay men in court incessantly – states have been doing it for decades – time after time – every single last effort to remove all laws against us – and to include us in laws that already exist – we go to court and our opponents – the state – are right there. And to do so – they must use “taxpayer” dollars. Oh, I’m sure just a few hundred thousand, but still, it’s taxpayer’s money. So, whose taxes? Well, gay men’s taxes. We gay guys are not faced with “no taxation without representation” – no – we are faced with “taxation to pay for the opposition.” Much as I find it astonishing that the “government shouldn’t use taxpayer’s money to promote homosexuality” while using gay men’s tax money to tell us how very bad we are.

And how much in taxes do gay men pay? Well, no one knows, of course. Hell, no one has looked. Supposedly it’s been figured out what our incomes are, and how much we have to dispose of – but that number can’t be right because no one knows how many gay men there are or what jobs we hold. Indeed, it would seem that the economics of gay men is simply an unstudied thing. Still, we pay taxes, so, how much?

To be sure, gay men must be paying taxes for we work … there is no social welfare program for gays. Even though many still declare us “sick” and “demented” and “ill” and bring up all manner of how we psychologically stunted and psychiatric basket-cases … we are not covered by the American With Disabilities Act – such a horrendous malady, and no special programs, cures, coverage, protections – as all other maladies have by now.

Say there’s the low end of the number of us – Gary Gates’s improbable 2,491,034 of us … the recent CDC phone-poll came up with the same figure using the same method of what Mr. Gates himself called “flawed, but the best we have” data … and he’s the vaunted gay demographer. Then there’s the 5,000,000 adult gay men I conjure up by using the dead reckoning of 106 boys born for ever 100 girls – the six are the gay guys … it’s obvious to us. So, somewhere between 2.5 million and 5 million of us pay taxes – all taxes – income, property, sales, phone – you know, taxes – all of ’em. We’re not exempt from a single tax whatsoever.

Say that on the low end, inclusive of all taxes: federal, state, county, city – school, fire district, excise taxes on cigarettes and liquor, gasoline taxes, income taxes, property, all those tiny taxes on electric, phone and cable bills – you know – any tax – so, on the low end we pay $5,000 a year in taxes. At the upper reaches, without a shred of “research” except my own considerable knowledge of gay men – we pay $30,000 a year in taxes.

What do these numbers look like in the aggregate? A chart is required:

2.5 million x $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and $30,000 – and:
5 million x these same numbers:

2.5 million x $5,000 = $12,500,000,000
x $10,000 = $25,000,000,000
x $20,000 = $50,000,000,000
x $30,000 = $75,000,000,000

if 5 million we get:
x $5,000 = $25,000,000,000
x $10,000 = $50,000,000,000
x $20,000 = $100,000,000,000
x $30,000 = $150,000,000,000

So, we pay between $12 billion and $150 billion – I lean to the higher numbers.

How much do gay men cost? – Well, of course, AIDS – and the sum total for all HIV/AIDS funding is $20 billion – $2 billion in Ryan White funds – HIV drugs costs … and the rest in research (which benefits everyone) and about $1 billion in Foreign Aid, mostly in HIV drugs.

So, we’re a net benefit to society given my contention that we’re 5,000,000 paying on average $30,000 a year in taxes of all kinds.

And, oh yes, the costs of the many lawsuits against our Pursuit of Happiness – because it offends people, aw … well, that’s $3,000,000 that Boehner spent – let’s say $1,000,000 per state – so, $50,000,000 bucks.

So, the states are taking Billions in gay man’s tax money – to fund the $50,000,000 used against us.

Well, Taxed Enough Already doesn’t even cut it. Oh, it’s one thing to take people’s money and give it to someone else in the guise of helping them – but our money is being taken to be used against us. That’s ballsy, you know?

Anyway, that’s just a quick look at the taxes that gay men pay – and well, if we’re not really a part of society – and some horror – give us all the damn money back. I want 100% reparations for 60 years of haranguing, harassing and hounding gay men – we’re sick of this. Grow up already – pay your own damn way. We do.

What’s even more aggravating – is that the president wants to spend $3 or $4 billion to help all these new refugees – all of whom are allowed to get married here – they’re not even citizens, don’t pay taxes – and they’re treated better than American Gay Men Taxpayers – how utterly infuriating.

But really – states should refund to gay men all the money they have used to fight us in court .. it’s blatant theft of our money.



  1. Greetings Mr. Hlavac,

    I’m not sure about your numbers, but I accept your point. Still, would you mind explaining what you are talking about with the states suing?

    • Greeting Mr. Schubert,

      My numbers are guess work – I admit as much.

      In each state over the past oh, 60 years, whenever it came time to rid the law of some provision clearly and specifically used only against gay men and the issue wound up in court the states, through their attorney generals and legal departments were involved as defendants, and then as plaintiffs on appeal … from the USPS trying to stop One Magazine from being sent through the mails in the 1960s, to Bowers, the Romer case in Colorado, Lawrence, getting rid of the liquor laws (it was illegal to serve “known homosexuals” alcohol, still is, technically, in several states …) and then all the marriage cases — then there was the bar raids, the incarcerations, the lawsuit in Florida to get the right to get a professional lawyers license, and the right to share apartments (NY case, 1960s,) and now today with marriage — the state goes to court to “defend” the unconstitutional deprivation of the rights of American men – who happen to be gay … there have been several hundred such lawsuits .. my $1,000,000 per state comes from the $3,000,000 that John Boehner spent to “defend” DOMA (DADT is yet another issue, dozens of suits) … and so in both Perry and Windsor, the Congress through its “Blag” (what a name) fought gay men in court — and we paid for it — we paid for every single last legal effort against us … isn’t that nice of us? 🙂

      • Thank you. That answers my question plainly, and I see nothing to argue with. I will ask for credit in my share in the cost. We all pay the taxes. I despise thinking of government waste and inefficiencies as hurting only one group or another. We all suffer. I’ll grant a hat tip, though. Thanks for doing your part.

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