Ben Carson, the idiot neurosurgeon

Supposedly Ben Carson, conservative darling, is a very smart man – why, he’s a Neurosurgeon! – Oh my, brains out the wazoo. Which is where he pulled some recent crap out of, for sure. Maybe he’s smart on many subjects – I beginning to have my doubts – for when it comes to gayness and gay men and “homosexuality” – the man is an utter raving lunatic. His stupidity truly boggles the mind. Yes, just stupid. And if you’re a moron on one subject – one that is endlessly discussed and about which millions of words have been published – most arrant nonsense and contradictory beyond belief – who knows what else one can be a moron on? He’s certainly a moron about Marxism. Yes, moron. There’s no other word for it – at least without using expletive deleted sort of words – you know – F… S… Head … yes, a F…S…Head – completely.

Here’s a video of him spewing utter nonsense – it’s embarrassing – a doctor? Really? He’s not a doctor when it comes to gayness – apparently the man hasn’t read a word written on the subject since 1958 –

Carson, neurosurgeon, is unaware of Bruce Bagemihl’s “Biological Exuberance, too? That’s a book that documents “homosexuality” in some 1500 species – I dare say, when the elephants and dolphins and big horn sheep are part of a Marxist plot to destroy America – we’d better watch out – elephants have good memories, dolphins are smart, and the Big Horn a symbol of the Rockies where they live gaily everyday. Surely animals are not part of Marxist plots – and if a neurosurgeon is unaware of any of the science (such that it pitifully is) on gayness since 1958 – well, he’s no neurosurgeon – he’s a moron. Can’t say it enough – moron. Sorry.

Now, according to this site below — in 1958 a “Canadian for the American Constitution” claims that “Communism” has a goal of being nice to gay men — to destroy the nation – not Canada – but America! – and Mr. Cleon Skousen … not even American – a foreigner!

And Skousen wasn’t even talking about gay marriage – he was talking about gay existence – yes – homosexuality itself – something about which there is oft quoted 2000 year old Scripture is a thing invented by Karl Marx in 1848. You know – I’ve read pretty much every word Karl Marx ever wrote, and most of Lenin and Stalin and sundry other Marxists – none of whom ever mention Homosexuality or Gay people in the slightest, in any form whatsoever. “Be nice to homosexuals” certainly isn’t on the list of “10 things you need to do socialize a country” that Marx listed in the Communist Manifesto. Hell, Karl Marx couldn’t because the word wasn’t even invented yet – boy, was he ahead of his times, eh? Making up “homosexuals” to destroy “capitalism” – yeesh.

And if Carson “believes” this – as it is right to believe any arrant crap – then he’s a moron. Completely. No holds barred. And it’s my duty to work to disabuse him of the notion – and to keep him from any position of governmental responsibility – anyone this stupid shouldn’t be in public office.

Oh, screw it – foul words are needed for such foul thought – Is this man this fucking stupid? I mean, does Ben Carson have a clue that the Communists, Marxists and Leninists said (hell, still say) that “homosexuality” is caused by the decadence of the late stages of capitalism and the opiate of the masses, aka, religion – and is being introduced the world to destroy Marxism! And he quotes a book from 1958? Really? E-fucking-gad – a miserable idiot indeed.

All during the Cold War Russia and America blamed the other for the existence of “homosexuality” — but both agreed we’re the problem – And today, Iran is sure that “homosexuality” is a plot by the USA to destroy the Ayatollah’s theocracy! Indeed, for centuries, each country blamed the next country for “homosexuality.” In the 1500s the English called it the “French Vice,” and French called it the “Italian Vice,” the Italians called it the “Spanish Vice,” the Spanish called it the “German Vice” and the Germans called it the “English Vice” – I dare say – every country in Europe during the 1400s, 1500s, 1600s, 1700s and well, even to the mid-1900s – called “homosexuality” a plot by some foreign country to destroy their won glorious nationhood – well before the word “homosexuality” was even created! My my, perhaps Karl Marx’s great-great-great-great-great, etc etc- grandfather in 1400 said “Oh, those “homosexuals” they’re out to destroy “capitalism” and when my great-great-great-great-great, etc etc- grandson is born, he’s not going to utter a word about it – but sneak it in when no one is looking. Ooh. Egad.

Really — it’s astounding – this “man” – this mental midget – disgusts me. Egad, where the fuck is a cotton field to put this moron to work, he’s a dumb as a darky field hand in 1850. I don’t give a crap – call me a “racist” – I don’t care the color of your skin when you’re this stupid. Yeesh — enraging moronic “thought” has never been my happy suit —

Did Skousen in 1958 have an earthly clue that according to the Soviet, and Czechoslovak, Socialist Encyclopedias of the same period blamed “homosexuality” on religion and capitalism – which purpose was to destroy Marxism? Apparently not. He’s moron too – thankfully dead – but Carson? Alive and kicking.

And what of the gays in China? They live in a Marxist country – which says “Homosexuality is a capitalist plot” – for sure – China is NOT gay friendly. Are gay men there part of a Marxist plot to bring um, Marxism to China? Really? You’re kidding, yes? No, you can’t be serious that Marxists are using gays to bring Marxism to China. But, Carson, Skousen and the rest surely must believe this – or, they are clueless that there’s gays in China – arguing for gay marriage – and if you don’t know what’s going on in China – you really shouldn’t be president at all.

Meanwhile – there’s this craven idiot – a malicious man spewing libel and slander:

He should be sued into oblivion for slander and libel – the gay groups are remiss and derelict in their duty on this concept, I assure you. And certainly his church should lose it’s tax-exempt status if he’s a political candidate, right? Sure, no one will do a thing … sad.

Then there’s Rick Perry, who is sure gayness itself is like alcoholism. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has other ideas about what the “evil” “mean” “Nazi” “homosexuals” are doing – why, we’re out to destroy the family and civilization itself – exactly as Marxists claimed we’re doing. Why, Perkins agrees with Marxists, but claims to be “conservative” – perhaps he’s a “conservative” Marxist – what can I say?

The National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) says the father made us gay – apparently dads are Marxists!
The Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) says the mother made us gay – apparently moms are Marxists!

Now, maybe both those groups should get together and draw straws to see if the mom or dad is responsible for creating the little capitalist-marxist destroy um, capitalist-marxist.

Hell, Matt Barber of Liberty University avers we are Nazis – Scott Lively, GOP candidate for governor of Massachusetts disagrees with Carson of his own party – he says Gays are Nazis! He wrote a book about it! No, really – it’s a fantasy of unimaginable stupidity. And the gays of Malaysia? Japan? Kenya? Nigeria? Who are they seeking to destroy? Who’s side are they on! Oh, inquiring minds want to know – certainly I’d like to question them all together to get to the bottom of which heterosexuals are using gay men to destroy the world. Why, we’re the very cause of hurricanes and earthquakes if Pat Robertson is right.

If you get these people in one room – would they agree or disagree? Now that’s a question to behold. For their ideas are contradictory to each other. Hell, get a few diehard Marxists in there, they’ll inform Carson that “homosexuality” is a Capitalist Plot!

Well, that’s enough rage on this stupidity – like I said, it’s mind numbing. But, if you’re going to be an idiot in public, expect a member of the public to call you and idiot. Here I am, John Q. Public: Mr. Carson – you’re an idiot.


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