Ho-hum, another survey to find gays

Well, another phone survey was conducted to find gays in the population. Every other phone survey admits to the same flaws as this one does – they simply call random houses and ask “Any gays there?” and then they miraculously conclude that there’s 2% of the population that is “gay and lesbian.” If every previous phone survey was flawed – why would this one be any better? Ah, but this one is new and improved – for the CDC supposedly did it – by contracting out to the same flawed phone polling services used previously.

So far, in recent history there were 8 phone surveys across the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Then, Gallup did their big survey of 240,000 people oh, 2 years ago … now comes this one. And amazingly, the exact same number surfaces once again. Bizarrely, despite the obvious, blatant differences in the social and legal environment for gays since 1980, the surveys come up with the same number. Why? Well, that’s the number of gays! Yeah, right.

Astoundingly, just as in 1980, there seems to be near the exact same number of gay men as to women lesbians. Hell, even the vaunted Gary Gates survey 2 years ago, he a vaunted “gay demographer” (geez) took the old phone surveys and averaged them – without a shred of new data – not one new call or attempt to count – merely a recount of the same mush – and he concluded there were 2,491,034 gay men – exactly! – to the last 34th of us – and 1,540,000 some Lesbians – and it was bandied about as Scripture – and well, it’s just not true. Anyone remotely aware of the gay “community” (which leaves out the heterosexuals around us) can tell you that there’s oh, 5 gay men for every 2 lesbians. So, if a survey splits and says ½ men ½ women or even close – it simply cannot reflect the known reality among gay people.

Just as in 1980, a random set of phone numbers spread across a geographic area is called and the question asked out of the blue by a total stranger … “Hi, any gay people there?” – and from this, we expect a true answer based on the supposed equally random number of gay people sprinkled around the country in the exact same concentrations within the general population as for say, “What toothpaste do you use?” or, “Will you vote for Clod A or Clod B for public office?” or even “What do you think about the Ukraine?” And yet, what do we know about gay people in reality? … not on the phone – but, by, oh, looking at where gay people are. Say, at gay pride parades? There’s more than 2% of the population out at gay pride parades on one weekend nationwide in June for Heaven’s sake. And if one went to the parades one could clearly see that it’s 5-to-2 men to women. So any phone survey which doesn’t reflect this – just can’t be real.

One survey in the 1990s concluded California had 2% gay folks, while, astonishingly, an internet survey in Indiana in the same time frame concluded 5.7 percent were gay. And if you think Indiana has more gay people than California – well, you’re just not thinking.

Let’s take a look at Phoenix AZ – where I live today. The gay people are, of course, “everywhere” – but, they are concentrated in the center of the city – a rough 3 mile square between 16th Street to the east and 16th Avenue to the west, Camelback Road to the north and McDowell Road to the South. How do we know this? Well, that’s where all the gay bars and businesses are. Indeed, the biggest problem with these surveys is that they simply ignore the gayborhood – or the concentration in every city in America of gay folks in certain zip codes to the exclusion of others. If you did a phone survey of the three area codes of the Phoenix Metro Area and just randomly called and asked “Any gay people there?” – you’d wind up calling places like Mesa and Sun City – each to the far east and west, respectively, of the metro area – where, oddly, there are no gay bars, no gay businesses, and very likely, very few gay people. The people who were brought up in the metro area moved to the center – and the people like me who moved into the city – all went to the center. Gay people are just not moving to Mesa or Sun City. OK, a handful. But due to the disparity of concentration – if you called the edges, you’ll miss the center.

It is said by the opponents of gay folks that all the gays move to big cities. That we all live in the gay ghetto – hell, I’d wager ½ the country thinks all the gays live in just a few cities. When they find them in small cities they are aghast! But phone surveys will simply not cut it. And if even Lake Charles Louisiana, with which I’m intimately familiar with, has a gayborhood, you can rest assured that every other city has one.

It’s like in the 504 area code – the New Orleans metro area – which includes Metairie – a family suburb. Well, if you call numbers randomly in the 504 area code you will get at least ½ in Metairie and ½ in New Orleans – and thus, presto – less gay folks can be counted – for you’d miss the concentration by diluting the sample. Even if you just counted New Orleans city limits, you’d still wind up missing so many gays because they are concentrated along the river districts south of downtown, and are not, say, in the housing projects and Lakefront area.

Ah, more problems with phone surveys: a good ½ of gay men would never tell a total stranger on the phone “Yeah, I’m gay” – hahaha – I just know people personally who would run for their bed and hide under their covers should they get the call. Perhaps that would be listed under “I don’t know.” I don’t know. Then too, there’s the elder set, over 50, over 60, even over 70 and 80 – shy people – having lived through a lifetime of trauma and travail at the hands of heterosexuals – they’re not going to say to someone on the phone “Oh yah, gay, yep.” I know these people, they are friends of mine – they wouldn’t admit it you paid them!

Then there’s the issue of gays, say, between 8 and 25 living at home – they’re not “Out of the closet yet” – often, their own parents don’t know. I can imagine, with clarity, some mom getting a phone call, “Any gay guys in your house?” and she, truthfully from her perspective, says “Nope.” And then she looks at her 21 year old son sitting at the kitchen table who hasn’t spilled the beans yet (though, the lack of a girlfriend ever might be a clue) and thus, he’s uncounted.

One could go on about the flaws in all these surveys – hell, in my book “The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle” I examine them for more than 30 pages – it’s amazing what one can find when one thinks differently on the subject.

Oh, to be sure – gay groups are derelict in not trying to count us – but instead relying on heteros and then they shake their heads and say “well, that doesn’t seem right.” Of course it doesn’t – we know it isn’t – Gaydar tells us so. We walk around and we see, oh, 4 or 5% of the men are gay – and 2% of the gals – and well, we always come up intuitively with a bigger number. Forget Kinsey, I don’t have time to deal with mush from the 1940s, geez. But even he said 4% are “exclusively gay” and another 6% are “Mostly gay” – giving us the vaunted 10% figure.

Then there’s the gay bar issue – what? How could gay bars help us count gay men and woman? Well, there’s always far more gay men bars than lesbian bars in any given city. By a near 5 to 2 ratio, gay men’s groups versus lesbian groups – on and on through gay publications, gay everything – 5-2 – but heterosexuals are seemingly fixated on the idea that there’s an equal number of us. Ah, but what if 2% of a population is gay?

Let’s look at Abilene Texas – a place with one gay bar – and a little gayborhood – I know – I’ve been there. Abilene is a few tens of thousands. Let’s say 50,000 – pick any small city, I don’t care, want to find gay bars in small cities? Www.clubfly.com – every town over 50,000 has a gay bar – oddly, 1 bar for every increment of 50,000 – if a city has 100,000 then presto, 2 gay bars, 150,000, 3 gay bars – and so forth – Entrepreneur magazine and several state Small Business Development agencies say you need 5,000 people around a bar for it to survive – thus, if a city has 50,000 people and 1 gay bar there must, by common business reckoning, be 5,000 gay folks in that area.

Back to the funny numbers: If 1/3 of the people in a city are kids – roughly – then we get 30,000 adults, 20,000 kids – (oh, I’m going to ballpark this like everyone else.) So, ½ the 30,000 are men and the other ½ woman – so, we get 15,000 men, and 15,000 women. 10% of the men is 1,500. 5% is 750, 2% is what? 300! – And since only ½ the gay population goes to a bar that leaves us with a grand total of 150 gay men in Abilene Texas in a gay bar on Friday night – and this same 150 gay men must be going out 3 or 4 nights a week, week after week, month after month – and this you think is real? This is rational? It’s a joke, yes? No bar could survive with just 150 customers – no bar has the same 150 customers every night – and so – who else is in this place night after night, weekend after weekend? Obviously, there just must be more than 2% of the adults who are gay. If you use 5% of the men and 2% of the woman, and then add in a few bisexuals, transgendered … you get – Presto! 5,000 gay folks in a population of 50,000 – or 10% … yes? Yes.

Then too – if you don’t count the kids – and we all know we’re gay very very young – you’ve missed a slew of people.

Oh, I could go on – there’s a book in this already – “How no one knows how to count gay men.”

I find it odd too, that throughout all marriage studies – that is, the numbers of men and women who get married – 93% of men get married – 97% of women – somehow the 5-2 ratio holds there too.

But, to conclude, before I go about my day – it’s time for gay groups to count us – and stop relying on heterosexuals to count us. Relying on heterosexuals is just numbnuts – ludicrous even. Why, they have a vested interest in under-counting us! Anyway, I hope this little essay on the absurdity of this latest survey helps put it all in perspective.


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  1. david

    I was from Abilene Texas and went to the gay club called just friends in the late 80’s and early 90’s. All I can say is that I hope that even though it was a small town club that the gay club situation in Abilene has greatly improved

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