Republican “war on women” IS “Gays: change!”

Nothing is so aggravating as to be told by a political party who to smooch and why … and yet, there’s the Republican party demanding like petulant children whom gay men should smooch. Oh, they’ll offer “reparative” – what? It’s not even a damn word! – the word doesn’t exist – and they put it in their platforms – they shall require gay men to smooch – women! Which? Whose!? Whose daughters shall we marry? Well, that’s what’s got to happen yes? 5, 6, 10 million gay men have to wake up in the morning and “decide” or be “reparatated” to marry someone’s daughter! Whose? No one says. Certainly none are offering their own daughters – no, we shall go find some other women!

It’s bizarre – the Republican Party is simply insane on this issue – and well, I don’t care, really – but you can’t keep this up with a straight face can you? Well, they do! They shall tell gay men “Get a gal!” Or? “Or else!” – it’s mind numbing really.

The Republicans claim to be against “group think” – there they are – demanding an entire group of citizens change their ways! And of course – “the homosexual lobby” – why, they think we all think alike. It’s astonishing, really.

The Republicans claim to be for “individuality”! – so long, of course, as gay men aren’t too individual at all – why, we’re to just – marry a gal!

And yet, no one, absolutely no one seems to wonder which women!

All over the Internet I see Republicans bewail their dwindling numbers – and laments over their loses. Yet, there’s a seeming inability for Republicans to ask for votes for people with like values on everything but smooching. No, on this you will call us a danger to society – for having jobs and paying taxes. Mind boggling. Truly.

Poor Allen West – lost by 2000 votes – in a district that is amazingly filled with gay men – who he told to go vote for the Democrat. Well, it’s abject stupidity for a politician to expect to win when he tells everyone to vote for the other fellow, yes? And this Mr. West is supposedly oh so smart? Really? Eh, he lost on purpose. I have no sympathy.

Ben Carson? A Brain Surgeon! And so moronic after decades of “studies” on gay men – he’s declared we choose to be gay and are thus a threat to society! We are part of society – and families – and Mr. Brain Surgeon is so blind to this I wonder if it’s just plain stupidity or willful ignorance.

Meanwhile, the Democrats – long part of the NO GAYS! Movement – and still many within the party completely insane also on the issue. The Black, African-Americans – utterly outraged that gay men use the words “civil rights” – NONE FOR YOU! They declaim. Beats me – I didn’t realize “civil rights” is like “nigger” – Only black folks can use the word.

Well, it’s astonishing, like I said – a nation of supposed adults – so bizarrely stupid on a simple issue – there’s gay men. Have at it folks. Enjoy. Watch the country spin out of control and go economically kerflooey as you’re all obsessed over what gay men might say to each other late at night. Children, heterosexuals are just children on the issue, truly. Not a one of you folks is rational on the matter, even if you’re “gay friendly.”


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