Hobby Lobby, Religion, Gays and ObamaCare

Well, everyone in our up-in-arms one day and forget about it the next culture is agog over a decision by the Supreme Court over whether Hobby Lobby should have to offer 17 types of Birth Control rather than the 16 they do – I had no idea that there were even that many. Does Hobby Lobby fund abstinence too? I don’t know. Boycotts have been called for by people who probably haven’t set foot in a Hobby Lobby ever – they’re hobby being trashing anyone who disagrees with them, rather than, say, doing a painting. And, well, it’s just strange – “companies” made up of individuals have no rights supposedly, though “communities” made up of individuals do – yet both “groups” are made up of individuals and it is Individuals who decide things – not “companies” or “communities.”

Just as when I hear “society wants” – well, no – society doesn’t want anything – it’s just someone in society who wants something, and alas, they usually think everyone else in society wants the same thing – or should want it, whether they want it or not, and they’re just fool idiots for not wanting what “society” as defined and expressed by busybodies ‘want’. Society is against marijuana, but, well, people smoke it. Society is against gay folks, except that portion of it that doesn’t care, or is gay. Soceity, soschmiety – it’s what some individual wants. So, the law was struck down because “society” as expressed in a confounded law required “individuals” to want and pay for stuff they didn’t want.

In any event, I go to a site every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to make comment www.hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com

And this is what I wrote there – it’s good for here: 

“Well, it’s certainly “A Thousand Points of Blight” with this administration. 
Meanwhile, I just read that 43% of voters now think that Obama is the worst president ever, with GW Bush coming in a paltry second at 33% – even Nixon was rated the worst by only 13%. That’s quite a feat, or feet — but just whom is kicking whom?

Strangely, the meme is “women denied healthcare!” and yet, it was merely decided who would pay for it — not who could get it or use it. To be “denied” is now “you pay for it”? — weird. Though, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly, any heterosexual can get all the birth control in the form of condoms, at least, FREE! at any gay establishment, paid for by gay men’s donations, and not the government. I’m sure a bucket of them can be placed in the break-rooms at Hobby Lobby. 

More strangely, somehow Salon, Slate, Huffpost and others have opined that somehow this ruling is good, or bad, depending on the author, for gay men — um, beats me — we seem to have cornered the market on 100% effective birth control … without taxpayer expense nor even insurance coverage required whatsoever — well, I can’t figure out why this bugs some gays, or straights oh so concerned about us, nope.

Then too, the Religious Rights law in question came as sort of a package with DOMA/DADT believe it or not — so that some religions could continue to be free to chastise those who don’t adhere to those religions, while still others were denied freedom from state sponsored religious belief or practice — which is, oddly, any and all laws against gayness in any way – it’s purely the establishment of religion, as Justice Scalia made clear in his dissent on why such state infringement on religious belief by gay men should be legal. He’s being quoted a lot in all the current cases. So, remember that as all the “No gay couples shall be recognized because our religious beliefs says so” laws fall across the nation. Taxpayers, being denied rights – I hate that, don’t you? Anyway, somehow, we’re tied up in this, as the fury over Arizona’s vetoed “religious freedom” law showed.

As for the “Republican War on Women” — I’m sorry, but they’re having a skirmish at least – demanding women take on the heterosexualizing of gay men is just down right unfair to those gals. No one ever seems to think of that angle, for if we all are “repaired” we shall require virgins by the millions – and well, there don’t seem to be any — at least not if all the Flukes of this nation are fluking to the point of requiring insurance coverage for abortifacients and 16 other types of birth control. (And you cannot believe how cranky some folks get after demanding I change that I have heard the word and will now demand to marry their own daughter. Someone else daughter seems to be whom they have in mind. Whose? Beats me. None have been offered.) 

In any event, it might become true that judges of the future quote Ginsburg’s dissent as much as Scalia’s in Lawrence is being quoted today.

Just goes to show what happens when religion and politics get together, which is why the 1st Amendment tried to stop it.

Of course, if the court had struck down ObamaCare in entirety when they had the chance, they wouldn’t be knocking down this or that part of it, as the president waives it for others, and still more opt out and/or demanding exemptions. What a monstrosity did that man cause.

Well, that’s my brief, strange view of this case … I’m off to Hobby Lobby for some paints — selling paintings is one of my jobs.”

And that’s a lot to say in a blog comment. But, well, sometimes dots must be connected.

Really, that law, ObamaCare has simply pit people against each other who otherwise would never had had cause to argue over anything – it’s amazing – and it’ll happen more with ObamaCare yet.

Here, some paintings:







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