The Immigration Dilemma

The problem of illegal immigration, or undocumented workers, or unauthorized guest workers – or whatever you wish to call them so you’re not offended and you can befuddle the issue more than it is – is rather complex.

First, why are these people leaving? How terrible is it down the in Mexico and South America that people are leaving by the millions, at a steady clip, millions more seemingly waiting their chance? Somehow, it seems to be, this question must be asked. It seems not to be. There seems to be on the one hand this meme that everything is simply wonderful in their culturally strong Latino-ness. And of course, so many say that the poor folks who come are being oppressed and subject to racism and worse – still, they keep coming. Seems they don’t care. Or, are willing to suffer the indignity here as better than the obvious indignity of life there. Or perhaps there’s not really any oppression and racism at all.

Indeed, it seems to be true also that all the illegal aliens (yet another term) are taking all the jobs from good Americans – who are said to not want those jobs, because they’re busy becoming social workers so they can, um, help the poor downtrodden immigrants – Or, they are all on welfare sucking the nation dry. Perhaps some would say they are both all on welfare, and all working at the same time. How they manage to do this is anybody’s guess. One would think you would need to present a photo ID and some proof of citizenship to get food stamps and Section 8 housing and even an Obama phone. And to present a real Social Security number, too. But no, apparently, some say, the illegals are getting “welfare” – what kind? I’m not sure. The vague word signifying no particular program is used.

Or, as I said, they’re working because they want to destroy America by bringing the Southwest and who knows where else back into Mexico – which poses the bizarre idea that these people are coming here by walking across the desert and perhaps swimming a river or two, and certainly going over a wall, and then mowing lawns or breaking old sheet rock, or some other manual labor, and learning English as fast as they can – yet, crave to recreate the conditions South of the Border, north of it – I don’t think that can really be true – I don’t think the immigrants are coming here to recreate what they left – I think they’re coming here to get away from it.

Here in Phoenix, and elsewhere I’ve been – there’s an English language school on nearly every third block – someone must be paying to keep all these places open. They all look well staffed and plenty of people going to and fro. And I know in Mexico itself there’s an English language school on every other corner – and that vast multitudes are working hard to learn the language. Why, the Mexican government itself has a program to teach all school children from Kindergarten through High School to speak English. Certainly the youth are learning it fast. I dare say, within 50 or 80 years there might not be anyone left down there speaking Spanish.

Then too there’s what to do with the folks here. To round them up seems such an expense. The nation is broke, and we’re to spend billions checking people’s papers – by handing our current government vast new police powers – and that can’t be a good idea. If you’re against lots of police power and brutality and warrantless searches and marauding police free to inquire without cause – well, having the police or even the army go after the illegals doesn’t quite seem like a good idea. And too, if they’re working, they must be doing something good for the economy. Some have suggested that with fake Soc-Sec numbers they are pumping a billion or two a year into that tottering system without getting anything in return.

Then too there’s the money they send back to Mexico – billions more – and if that money is cut off then Mexico teeters just a bit more – and the poverty increases – which will, strangely, drive more people north. And what is Mexico going to do with7 or 8 or 10 million of its citizens returning? There’s no real jobs for them there, nor prospects – and if largest hordes of unemployed people wander about a nation often goes into violent revolution – and that can’t be good for us. To have an even more broken Mexico is not a good idea. And suppose there is vast civil unrest after the millions return, and vast new poverty? Will we then allow them to come north to escape the ravages? Or will we just watch as the country decays into warlords and a shooting war? Then perhaps will send in billions of humanitarian aid, so the kids can eat and the mothers perhaps wash their clothes without worry of being shot.

Then too, there’s the idea of why should the illegals be allowed to vote? They don’t really speak English, as is often said, even by the Liberals para los chicanos y la causa y raza – si? Yes, Liberals are sure that Spanish is the preferred language for Mexicans, hence everything is Oprima Numero Ocho if you want … and so, they really can’t understand what’s going on – for the Liberals use big words in English. And certainly, with them working in oppressive conditions for 10, 12 and 16 hours a day, they have no time to read up on the plights of the nation. They certainly didn’t grow up to think democratically, and are cannot be said to understand American ways. Indeed, many Liberals are sure that the poor Mexicans are so un-educatable that they must be kept handmaidens of the government forever – once they get legal, or something.

Some churches seem to be helping the poor cross the border – while others are sending in the militias to guard the border – and so we get church groups at odds over the issue. Others seem to think that by bringing in more illegals will do wonders — Liberals seem to — while at the same time they complain about the way they are treated – and the lack of jobs – -and the cost of health care – -while Conservatives don’t want the immigrants, but won’t propose anything other than “Liberals suck.”

Then too, are they a net drain or plus to the nation? Well, immigrants are always good, actually – and this crop is no different than previous ones. Oddly, during the heyday of “legal immigration” there was a system that organized the entry of anyone – and they got their papers when they got here. Now we require them to get their papers back at home, and wait – sort of like waiting in VA waiting room – you’ll see someone shortly, I’m sure.

In Hermosillo Mexico, a city of a million or so, just south of Tucson, there’s one little window, the size of your computer screen, for you to apply at. Daily there’s a thousand or more people milling about waiting to see someone at that window. We have made it so ridiculously difficult to get permission to cross – because we don’t want all the immigrants – that the immigrants are coming without permission, because it seems to be, like with most consumer-based issues – what the consumer wants – not what the government or sellers want. The government is offering a service: legal permission to cross – and not providing enough of it at convenient locations – and so the consumers are going elsewhere to obtain the product – mostly be just walking across.

Will building a wall work? What cost? Do we buy up all the land within a mile or two of the border and strip it bare and destroy the habitat and clear out the cactus and brush and anything else that lives there, and set up guard towers with folks set to shoot a warning shot if someone starts to cross? Or do we just but a 20 foot high wall and hope they don’t have 22 foot tall ladders? How close do we put people? It’s sort of whack-a-mole if we have them every mile – the illegals will cross at the half-mile points. If we go for the ½ mile, perhaps they’ll find the ¼ mile stretch just fine. How many soldiers, police, ICE agents, etc, do we need to patrol 2,000 miles? Will the cost of that all be just as much as the cost of the immigrants themselves? Who has done the cost-benefit analysis?

Do we pump billions in foreign aid to them while they are still down south? Do we go for regime change? How can Americans get rid of the medieval laws these countries operate under? Their law is from Alphonso XII in 1280 AD – King of Castille – he’s the guy who set this up – how do we get rid of that? 

And what about just opening the border – but, we require Mexico to let Americans buy land, hold jobs, do things – reciprocity. No, we don’t even bring this up. I have rarely seen anyone bring up the matter of unifying the laws of the two nations regarding an open border policy – and what will that do to Mexico? Oh, it won’t do much to the US – people will move to where the work is – but Americans want to retire south, perhaps – and we can’t buy the land – and there’s no civil rights as we know them – basically, how do we make Mexico more like the USA and Canada?

There is the fantasy option I joke about – all 105 million Mexican move north to the USA – making them ¼ of the new population of 440 million or so – and then we’ll have a big national park to the south – or, we could give it to the gay people of the world so we don’t have to bother anyone again.

Though, seriously, not one politician current offering any plan seems to be aware of half this problem and none are proposing any solution other than “reform” and vague words and promises.

It’s a mess – and there’s not much rational thinking by anyone, frankly.  


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