The gnats gnaw on the gnus

It’s not the problems: where’s the solutions?

Everyone complains – I don’t think I’ve seen a time in my life when so many people complain about so much – We live in the richest, most powerful country on earth, the one with the most impact on the world today, the one still looked to by the world as something to be, emulate, or at least envy and demand a piece of the pie. And yet, it seems everyone is accusing everyone else of destroying the place. If one were just plunked down without knowing who was who, the politicians, lobbyists, advocates, religious figures, entertainers – all are accused of destroying America. And it’s always that other person over there who is “destroying” America, who in turn say, “no, it’s you who are destroying America.” There’s so many Americans destroying America now it’s a wonder the place is still standing.

Everyone seems to be sure there’s problems galore. Most seem to think, too, that we should pass a law, and that will solve a problem. Who knows what that problem is – seems everyone has three or four problems that they think should be dealt with and laws passed to ban or prohibit, allow and support something or other. So many people are calling for things to be banned, hemmed in, eliminated, corralled and otherwise stopped that if we get all this law and enforcement there won’t be a thing left legal.

And much of the problems proclaimed are by people with no facts, no reason, no logic, but plenty of emotional claptrap to make a grown man cry. Or are such hypocrites as to boggle the mind.

We have millionaires complaining about rich people. Hollywood stars are aghast that someone like Romney has $300,000,000 while they are pleased as bunch that Michael Jordan hit the $1 billion mark. George Clooney is so filthy rich he can’t find the way out of his counting room, as he grows morose that the “poor” have the same 48 inch plazma screen bundle entertainment communication iPad/Pod/Pud and Peed that he does …

We have poor-folks-done-good like Matt Damon and Oprah wondering where all the middle class have gone – well, they got rich! At least on paper. The numbers of millionaires has grown so big that there’s a regular call by advocates and politicians to strip the bad millionaires of their money because good millionaires ask that it be done for the good of the poor no one can find except to import more of them from Latino paradises of good culture to the south that are filled with people aching to get out. They’re not coming here by the millions legally and illegally because they wish to be repressed and oppressed and poorly paid by the evil white businessmen who prowl the land growing companies and having their lawns mowed.

Though too, we have a whole class of seemingly uneducated and even violent young black men in what can alas, still, perhaps, if we weren’t afraid to be accused of racism, inner city ghettos – all but walled off by mal-intentioned freeways built by city planners decades ago in a time of true racism so that suburbanites could zoom to downtowns strewn with government subsidized skyscrapers carefully zoned into existence by politicians with absolutely no study of city planning or design or the works of Jane Jacobs about the organic organizing of the things. But if we mention any of this, we are terrible people. And we are to respect the situation, because, well, they have the right to be who they are. And well they do – but surely, someone must have the duty to get them jobs, yes? Perhaps legalizing marijuana and all the drugs could channel much entrepreneurial energy obviously present, into a more productive, above ground, peaceful, marketplace …

We have passed untold thousands of pages of laws now – each with little bits of authority and power and a police force to back it up to dozens of federal agencies. There’s something like 90 federal police forces … hell, there’s a cheese police now. They have come to stop the use of age old traditional methods of cheese making, because apparently those age old traditional artisan small producer goodies are to be destroyed for modern methods by the Office of Cheese Making Standards (I forget the name of the exact office, can’t be bothered to look it up, I’m not that kind of blogger, but there’s a Federal Cheese Office – what can I say? Who knew? Why? What on earth could a modern educated bureaucrat possibly know about making cheese? Cheese has been made, mostly by Europeans, for the past, oh, 50,000 years at least, that we have any evidence for … I’m sure cheese makers know what they’re doing by now, and a bureaucrat with a degree in “Administrative Systems Analysis” doesn’t have a blessed clue …) anyway, where was I? 

Oh yes, the Cheese Police shall ban age old methods – while the National agencies for the preservation of artisans and age old practices, and cultural heritage, foods, cuisines, dances, theater and the like, in cooperation with the Small Business Development Fund and the Office of Entrepreneurial Ventures (Another whacko oxymoronic office that exists by one name or another, or both and more, in Commerce, HUD, Endowments for Humanities and Funds for Arts programs) work diligently together with the State Counterparts, to um, promote the making of artisan cheeses by small local producers using age old methods to age cheese.

Sort of like when the Drug Enforcement Agency comes close to eliminating marijuana (hahaha, dreams, stoned dreams) the Environmental Protection Agency will have to step in and preserve it as an endangered species – it’s the law!

Meanwhile, the VA is hopeless, criminal and insane, but the entire national health care system is being handed over to the same people for operations, or waiting, or whatever other criminal malfeasance as can be devised and covered up can produce … 

And the IRS which requires everyone to keep a receipt for bubble gum 7 years at least, 10 if you’re really afraid of the audit, cavalierly tosses the hard-drive of Lois Lerner and probably others we don’t know about yet, into the garbage shredder and says “oops, we didn’t know we were supposed to save that!” – why, no doubt they were in a meeting for designing a new form when the memo-cryer came by and in soft voice said “Don’t throw out the hard-drives” – I’m sure.

But what can be done about it? Supposedly we shall elect the right people! Yes, still the age old concept of getting the right prince, baron, duke, lord and king, and a cardinal and pastor or two for good measure, into the seat of power so they can change things – reform – make it better. Not a one of them running anywhere seems to have a plan to change a thing. At most, tinker around the edges, much as a gnat gnaws on a gnu’s back.

Anybody who thinks any Republican or Democrat is going to “solve” anything is really being rather silly. Oh, I know, I get in trouble all the time for saying it – “but we have to vote for one or the other!”

But no, you don’t. There’s the Libertarian party – they’re about the only rational ones left, or right, middle or anywhere else.

Perhaps that’s the problem – we like complaining more than proposing solutions. I see incessant complaint – Obama’s a bum, Koch brothers suck, Reid’s an idiot, Cruz is terrible – on and on. When required figures of the past can be thrown into the bucket of warm spit, as John Nance Garner once called the vice-presidency – and he was one! Palin is crazy, Carter was the worst, Romney is evil, Clinton is a cad … On the local level each state and city has their troop of trollops at the public trough. Brewer and Napolitano for my current state of Arizona. The Jan and Janet show … so, um, Janus even – two faced, as each of their supporters tells the other and of course exactly how Arizona is a blue or red state or a purple one, or given the number of Mexicans perhaps even green, white and red with a golden seal upon it.

So, what’s to be done? Well, that’s were you got to almost write a book on the thing – it’s too complex for all these quick blurbs and pithy graphics that are bandied about. I’m not sure there’s a serious person left in the debate … and well, it’s just amazing.

Of course, among the morass of what to do about the issues that affect oh, 320,000,000 Americans, and pretty much everyone else in the world (A cranky president low in the polls with the throw-weight of a US Nimitz class carrier group can certainly enliven the news here and abroad) comes a small group of guys who just want to smooch in peace – but, well, that’s got to be discussed endlessly too. 

And that’s who ridiculous our nation has become. Well, I’m sure the Khardashians are up to something – how many are there? 4? 5? Beats me – though, they are more boring that the Gabor sisters ever were.

Well, over in Iraq things are worse, and the president is releasing generals for their cause from Gitmo – and there’s nothing more I can say, so, I will git now …


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