Yahoo Mangling Health Care Thought

I ran cross this article today on yahoo – a site that is forever pushing for more government … and I wonder how unquestioning, how blind the author is – some broad named Liz Dryier or something – who cares – it’s the mindless mush – not the mush mind it came from – for any one of the mush headed morons at this site could have written this.

I deal with the entire text — there isn’t much, not by any stretch of the word:

Tue, 17 Jun 2014 15:14:16 PDT

Our cousins across the pond in the U.K. are known for complaining about the National Health Service’s notoriously long wait times for surgery and other medical treatment. But according to the latest report from the nonpartisan health organization the Commonweath Fund, that nation’s publicly funded system is the best in the world. Meanwhile, for those of us living in the colonies, the report ranks health care in the United States in an abysmal last place.”

So – forget what the people who use the system say – let’s listen to what the people who run the system say! Why, that’s like the Soviet Concentration Camp leaders arguing with the Nazi Concentration Camp leaders over who has the best camps – and those in the camps? Eh, who cares what they think! And what “colonies” are we living in? We live in an independent Republic precisely because we didn’t believe a thing the “Commonwealth Fund” run by King George III said. And who is the “Commonwealth Fund”? – why, it’s a group funded by the British government. And well when one gets one’s own government to say their government run program is the best – I’m sure it is. After all, they wouldn’t just make stuff up, would they? Hahaha! – egad, blind.

Meanwhile, the world comes to America for health care – and surely nearly all the advances, science, procedures, drugs – etc – why, from memory alone (ain’t gonna’ go look it up) we’re #1 in science prizes, Nobels and such. And every country we shall find in the article is hemorrhaging people into the USA – and no USA folks are moving there. Weird, yes? Why do so many abandon their wondrous systems to come and partake of our “abysmal last place” solution?

To create its quadrennial rankings of health care systems in 11 of the most prosperous nations in North America, Europe, and Australasia, the fund crunches data on well-being from a slew of international policy and think tanks, including the World Health Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Along with being bested by the U.K., America’s health care system ranked worse than those of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden.”

The 8 nations listed all have considerably less population than the USA – and far more homogeneous populations. They don’t have lots of immigrants and those of African descent – and I’m sure if one removes them from the counting, one would find that the European-American population is just as healthy and long lived and low infant mortality rates as Europe. What is “Australiasian” and why then not count Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and such places in one’s assessment? They are part of that area yes? And why is not “Europe” “Eurasia” – they’re connected you know. And what is with “North America” – only 3 countries here – one far worse off than the other two. Though Canadians are heading here in droves for “the world’s last best” health care to get away from their “world’s best.” Does the author not know this?

In comparison, our doctors and hospitals are terrible at providing low-cost, efficient, and equitable care, and we have much higher infant mortality and low life expectancy. The biggest obstacle to a healthier society and better health care system? We still don’t have single-payer health insurance.”

There’s no evidence of this – and – the article itself leads off with a refutation of the very premise. But why does a “single payer health” system work? Why, for it just decrees lower costs – so that people wind up complaining about waiting lists – which cost nothing. How easy it is to cut costs by not providing the service! Why is “Lost cost” some holy grail on health care when on nearly any other subject they are “costs are no object”? Surely for the environment we must spend trillions yes? And to save the bear and antelope? No costs matters – it’s the mush of emotion that works.

Why does America have a higher infant mortality and a lower life-expectancy? Could it be because we’re not allowed to mention that certain races and socio-economic realities not present in Europe befuddle the numbers? For instance, immigrants, legal and illegal, tend to just be in poorer health because that’s what they brought with them – they come with illnesses and malnourished – hence, their health is worse. African-Americans tend to shoot each other, lowering the life expectancy. Plus, there just seems to be something in the genetic make up of various cohorts that lead to this – and now these Europeans compare nearly 95% solid European-White-Caucasian populations to our 70%-30% mix – well, let’s take out the 30% and see what happens to the 70% leftover, yes?

Other nations ensure the accessibility of care through universal health systems and through better ties between patients and the physician practices that serve as their medical homes,” the report’s authors wrote.

Well, when you can’t read from one end of your own short article to the other side, that’s just sad – here, the very opening line: “Our cousins across the pond in the U.K. are known for complaining about the National Health Service’s notoriously long wait times for surgery and other medical treatment.

What then, are they complaining about? Apparently there is not a better tie between patient and physician practices – indeed, from the article itself it seems the patients aren’t seeing the physicians at all. Do people read their own stuff anymore? Hmm.

Hope could be on the horizon. The report primarily used data from 2011, which is well before the advent of Obamacare. The Fund hopes that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act “will further encourage the efficient organization and delivery of health care, as well as investment in important preventive and population health measures.” Given the millions of Americans who signed up for health insurance and now have the ability to go see a doctor, look out, U.K.: We’re coming for the top spot.

The Fund can hope all day long about the “implementation” of the ObamaCare-PPACA all it wants – the reality it hasn’t worked whatsoever. The numbers of “millions” seem to be fake, or not signing up for what they thought they were, or aren’t paying, or can’t get through the website, or are now subject to fines and penalties for they weren’t eligible, and on top of that – having a piece of paper in one’s hand that says “Insurance” does NOT mean there’s a doctor in the house – even Neville Chamberlain learned about empty promises on pieces of paper.

And we were told there were 30, 40, even 50 million without insurance – and then the government could barely get 6 or 7 million to attempt to sign up for what they don’t know what and can’t afford – meanwhile, it strikes me that all the rest already had a fine health care system they liked.

And so, I suppose, for the “top spot” we too shall become “Our cousins across the pond in the U.S. are known for complaining about the National Health Service’s notoriously long wait times for surgery and other medical treatment.”

Egad, faith and stupidity know no bounds.  I’m writing a book about this — I hope to have it out by July Fourth:

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