Yes America, there are gay sons.

There is a great discussion in this nation on a rather bizarre spectacle – one obsessing the nation – endless discussion and can’t turn your head without bumping into it. I’ll get to that in a minute. But first I would like to point out this: all the so many issues which face this nation – debt and deficits in the trillions … the military use and spending and its when and where … the crazy nations around the world, where people chop off each others heads, or threatening to lob nuclear missiles hither and yon, or the governments are so corrupt its beyond belief … not to mention the incipient collapse of the world economy as China goes down under massive debts and deficits, as the Europeans are going, as most of Latin America has gone once or twice already … then there’s the NSA, the IRS, Fast and Furious … now the Lois Lerner missing emails, and the trials and tribulations of ObamaCare – and then too there’s the gun violence, and still, alas, the inner city decay … and there’s the divorce rate of near 50%, the abortions, the abandoned children in orphanages, the women’s shelters and homeless shelters for kids … there’s the banking crisis, the weather crisis, the industrial crisis and lord knows what crisis along with the lies, chicanery and vague corrupt nature of every congress-person and other assorted appointed and career government and lobbyist mavens under the rules they themselves have written to shield themselves from actual legal wrongdoing but are engaged in an immoral corruption of greed and power … there’s chemicals in the food, most of which isn’t even real anymore and there’s chubby people of various sizes … and there’s kids cancer and horrible car wrecks – and too the hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes which bedevil the United States like no other piece of real estate on earth – 95% of it’s tornadoes – nearly all of its unparalleled blizzards – more than half the hurricanes and tropical storms – more lightning than anywhere else on earth too – and volcanoes too, for good measure, some ready to go at a moments notice! And one can go on and on about the problems of this nation faced by 320,000,000 or so people, give or take a few million illegal aliens, and a know nothing president who likes writing up orders to people who can’t do their jobs. That’s the short list of the amazing problems that face this nation. I’m finishing within weeks a big novel on the issues. Stalin Giggled.

Ah, now the issue which confronts the nation like no other: in the midst of all this stuff there’s a measly 5% of we men who have shown a polite obstinacy against all comers – and merely said, “Stop it now, be decent, we’re OK, you know.” – and lead quite peaceful productive lives – and you’re obsessed over whether we should be allowed to pursue happiness without the endless discussion of your opinions on the matter of our rather rock solid existence.

You heterosexuals are extraordinary people – and I marvel at your ability to be so blazing confused and perplexed on the issue. You look at as and go “Really? What’s that going to do to me?!!!” – Beats me folks – you all worry too much about us. Frankly, we ain’t doin’ shit to you – you all are bugging us. Now, go, shoo – do something worthwhile, and stop all this tomfoolery with the gay marriage issue and what you’re going to tell us to do or tell us what we shall be allowed because you’re in charge. Or who by God’s Good Grace we shall smooch. Shush. We pay taxes – give ’em back, decades worth – surely a trillion or two by now, yes? – And a nice chunk of land at the corner – oh, South Florida for the men, Maine for the gals – and let us go. Or get a grip. Geez. It’s comedy already. Do you people listen to yourselves? Hahaha! – pitiful.

Happy Father’s Day. You might need a gift for your father … here:

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yah, “anti-family” as is “well known” — “anti-society” — “anti-schmanti …” – you got no proof but your fears. I wrote about that too …

And next month or so I’ll have this one out:

bb st co 16

Happy Father’s Day! And God Bless America — for we’re gonna’ need it.

Let me tell ya’, Sissy Smooching is the least of the troubles.


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