Twin Farces: Left Gay Gene & Right Gay Therapy

There is still great discussion in the nation over “homosexuals” – every hetero has an opinion – it’s a mind-boggling smörgåsbord of tangled nonsense – and in this corner are the “Gay Gene” forces and in the other corner are the “NO GAYS!” forces, and in the other corner there’s the “well, it’s OK, but I don’t like it,” mush heads, and over in the other corner there’s those who deem it “a personally trying depression that all homosexuals suffer from because their dads were bad somehow” – on and on in the corners – it’s a regular polyhedron there’s so many damn corners in this fight – supposedly all on different sides … and yet, presumably, they may well all be the same – who can tell? I’m sure if there’s a gene discovered, not that anyone is really looking, some who want no gayness to exist will demand gay men get some gene therapy, and hell, they’d probably be glad it’s covered by ObamaCare. In any event, there was lots of opining this way and that to a maddening inconclusive morass of the same nonsense.

Yes, we get it, gayness is caused by a gene + absent dad + week father figure + strong mom + too many sisters + unknown number of unremembered molestation events + the environment + hormones + other factors + societal peer pressure influence + psychological make up + unnatural psychiatric brain wiring chemical imbalance no one has ever looked at it + CHOICE! YES! Gay men choose all these very things and more – there’s always more – it’s longer than a buffet menu on a cruise ship … nearly a hundred reasons why we CHOOSE to be “homosexuals” for the sheer pleasure of listening endlessly to arrant crap from wackos … which, to me, frankly, includes like 99% of you … it’s astonishingly childlike – if we are this disastrous threat to society, or somehow some broken thing that needs to be fixed – then pull together a damn National Conference on Homosexuality and round up 10,000 hetero dudes screwing their female teachers or employees or adulterous mistresses – to really know they’re hetero – and 10,000 “sissy factor boys” as NARTH (the National Association for Research & Therapy on Homosexuality, which hasn’t researched a one of us,) calls us – and compare the damn everything. We can measure things to the nano-part per billion – well, do we or don’t we have more of the hormones that are endlessly bandied about as a “cause” and no one knows what hormones they are talking about in what quantities except in a theory! This is not “science” – it’s fortune telling.

But this utter nonsense of finding this time 400 measly people and “studying” them by starting with preconceived notions is nuts. As is what everyone else says – let’s take a look.

“It is even harder because, as twin studies have shown, shared genes are only part of the story. Hormones, birth order and environment play roles, too.”

Supposedly a new study has found a “gay gene” or well “genes” or “alleles” and well, maybe something — they’re not sure …

Twin studies — which have studied just barely 500 sets of twins — have ignored three major things as they proclaim “Twins share 100% DNA” – and thus these mushy things like “environment” which is never explained … when one twin turns up gay and the other doesn’t. Because, as is well screamed from the rooftops “Twins are 100% identical and share 100% identical genes.” Yeah, yeah, right.

Twins have different fingerprints, hair patterns and penis shape and size. In each set of twins the fingerprints and hair and penis will be different – but – they are, of course, “100% alike” right – yes. But, different. A little. For these three markers of a most personal measure, “the very essence of a man” >>>>

Are different in twins – but ignored … not mentioned. Amazing. So stop with the 100% alike and go for, oh, 98% and then conclude – the 2% is what makes the gay guy. Occam would have loved it.

“Environment”? hahaha – what the hell is that? No, really … can anyone with a straight face define it? Nope – you can’t find a thing on it – the word itself hovers like an alien in the conversation. And I can’t wait to hear the “Environment” theory of all the gay wild animals the author refers to … that’s got to be a wowser, yes? No doubt he’s an environmental global disrupting climate save the polar bear guru. But surely, I mean, the elephant’s father left him as a young child in the matriarchal society elephants live in – so that’s why male elephants are so gay. That the elephant is the very symbol of the Republicans is gigglicious irony.

“Birth order” hasn’t shown anything because gay men come in all birth orders – I have yet to discern any pattern whatsoever. No one else has either. Supposedly youngest sons are gay – but only the gay ones are, for there are many youngest sons who are not gay. So, the gay son is made gay by being the um, yes, the youngest gay son. The middle son who is gay is gay for some other reason, I’m sure. But, too, we both “choose” – why, he choose because he was the youngest son, and I choose because of hormones and the environment. Yeah. Rational? No.

Ah, “hormones” — and seemingly unbeknown to the author hormones comes from genes – so, genes.

yes, genes churning out gay hormones – and yet it’s “unnatural” and well, it’s our fault. We did it.

So, the “Liberals” at the Washington Post public arrant mush on “homosexuals” … OK.

Now comes the Texas Republicans on “ex-gay reparative therapy” – “No laws or executive orders shall be imposed to limit or restrict access to this type of therapy.”

The problem here is that they wish to “cure” gays of what ails these good people themselves. It sure don’t bother us. We’re rather tired of discussing it with you, frankly. Yet, it seems to make not a squat’s worth of difference to these people that NO gay men are seeking a cure. So they can offer this service all they wish – though a fool’s errand it be. You have the right to be an utter fool in this nation – the TV is filled with them. Even got a show called Jackass – about Democrats I think – I don’t know.

And the Texas party-folks also want to tell us that homosexuals are no good for society. “The first draft of the Texas Republican Party platform finds some changes to the party’s position on homosexuality with the removal of some anti-gay language, and the addition of a new statement supporting “gay cure” therapies.[what they could have ‘removed’ that was worse I can’t imagine, progress!]

Texas-GOPThe Houston Chronicle reports that a draft copy of the platform endorses the controversial practice of gay-to-straight “reparative therapy” for those seeking to “escape from the homosexual lifestyle.”

Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, in public policy, nor should family be redefined to include homosexual couples. We believe there should be no granting of special legal entitlements or creation of special status for homosexual behavior, regardless of state of origin.

Additionally, we oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction, or belief in traditional values. We recognize the legitimacy and value of counseling which offers reparative therapy and treatment to patients who are seeking escape from the homosexual lifestyle. No laws or executive orders shall be imposed to limit or restrict access to this type of therapy.”

Well, my dear Republicans – perhaps Gay folks should get all of our Tax Dollars back – I mean, you sure take our money! To pay for the heterosexual lifestyle. Why, a married couple just today seems to have shot two cops and some woman – the other week some crazed hetero shot women because he couldn’t get a date – and you heterosexuals are running abortion mills to beat the drummer boy – which is us.

And what is “reparative” therapy? It’s not even a damn word! You’re creating words for unicorn theories which no gay man wants? And this is rational? And you seek to govern? Egad. Pitiful.

Anyway – here’s just one response to that –

Mr. Manske is from Texas – his family lives there – I suppose the Republicans wish their support by telling them their son should be hounded for life – because a politician said so. Yah, right. To do do doo. Twilighty if you ask me.

Meanwhile, there’s these fine folks – – a picture – there’s more at the site. Hell, go look me up on American Thinker – a website where I was thoroughly disabused of any thought I had an opinion myself on the matter of “homosexuality” – from the way he is described, I certainly can’t be one, that’s for sure.

ah, the picture didn’t load … ah, the picture …

And the pictures of all these posts are just yummy! Why, they claim they love us – because something else like our bad dads or too good moms or somebody and a hormone and birth order etc etc made us gay which is why we chose to be gay after all that – and there’s your answer to us for asking for a shred of decency, reality and “get the hell over it” – amazing

And still, politicians galore are all over the issue. And judges and courts, lawyers, groups – the whole damn country is obsessed with sissy smooching! And yet – no one seems to know anything! All they have are opinions – astonishingly so.

Well, it’s often said that a nation collapses when the homosexuals show up – but maybe that’s because the heterosexuals are absolutely insane over the issue. I mean, really, get a grip fella’s.


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