Speak English When Rescued

It struck me so odd that this Bergdahl fellow and his father spoke in some language other than English when presented to the nation at the White House after his harrowing experience. It struck me very odd that the words were apparently some call to Muslim action … against us. Surely that’s a clue that the young Mr. Bergdahl is not exactly what he was presented to be.

Now come revelations beyond belief. I mean, really – the man’s a deserter, and he is apparently not very American friendly. And good men lost their lives trying to stop the fool.

The number of illegal and illogical things now be uncovered is astonishing. There’s more to come, which is mind numbing.

I went to here – http://hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com/2014/06/lets-fake-deal.html – this morning and there’s just tons of links and information on this situation.

And every where else http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/brothers-arms-bash-bowe-bergdahl-traitor-article-1.1814106

And who knows where else …

I mean, really, it’s absurd. Sure, get back a traitor, or a misguided young man – maybe. I mean, if the guy wanted to go there – let him – but leave him. Let him enjoy his new found life.

There’s legal ramifications to this, as there must be with such a momentous thing as letting sworn enemies of the United States to go out and about their business trying to kill as many Americans as they claim they wish to do. Or maybe Obama will send in the drones and kill them. Which, while solving the problem of the parolees – certainly leaves open the reality that no one would negotiate for the next bunch’s release – lest they set them up for killing.

The whole Afghanistan thing is a mess, for sure. And supposedly we should have been out of there awhile ago – but we’re still there. Obama was so wrong about that. And if we weren’t there, we probably wouldn’t have to worry about things like this. There’s really no saving Afghanistan, nor bringing it into the modern world, nor making it a functioning democracy – the place is tradition bound. The people are sort of stuck in a time several centuries ago. And they don’t seem intent on leaving that time. Well, there’s a learning curve – but that’s the problem with community organizers who were merely senator for a few years coming to lead the nation in a parlous world.

Sure, when some crazed force in the place gets too many weapons it should be easy enough to go in and bomb the cache into smithereens. Surely we have planes and cruise missiles galore that can reduce a weapons stash to a smoldering dust bin, yes? And in this way we could corral the Taliban without too much fuss.

But still – we are there – and this Bergdahl fellow dolloped out a heap of trouble for everyone – and doesn’t seem to be remotely the pleasant fellow he was said to be by the White House. And the law was definitely broken in the release of the Gitmo 5 – and maybe we should or should not have that place – but we do – and there’s law Obama signed just the other week saying he had to give notice to release the prisoners – and instead he did it behind everyone’s back. I’m sure even he didn’t know he did it, which is so sadly about to be uttered by the White House. The man reads about everything in the morning paper, he’s claimed.

There’s geopolitical concerns – negotiating with “terrorists” – or a foreign power that says “death to America” with alarming frequency. How does one negotiate with them? You really can’t.

Anyway, there were scandals in the last week or two also – the VA hospitals – the utter failure to run the place reasonably – people dying in the waiting rooms. Obama was going to bring us miraculous health care for all – and he can’t even run what he’s got. Will this scandal be hushed up now, because it’s so full of facts, and details, and figures, and lordy knows what math and policy verbiage – and the new scandal is about a person – and the emotional travail the poor deserter went through as he set off on his mission to bring peace to the world?

So now there’s talk of impeachment – and all you’re going to do is get Biden – in a stronger sympathy mode – while the entire process will be recast as racism against the first black president.

Astonishing, truly – the times we live in are utterly insane.

But really, like I said – if you’re going to come home after years in captivity say something like “Wow, glad to be back in the USA.” In English. 

And here’s a poster that MAD Magazine made – and let me tell you — when MAD makes a joke like this — it’s serious:



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