PolitiBunny v Clay Aiken: Fight Tonight!

It is most interesting to view the “outrage” over Throat Punching that has brewed of late. It seems some two-bit singer-cum-congress-mongrel name Clay Aikens has said he would punch Ann Coulter … then his tweet disappeared. That he saw he was a moron and perhaps wished to atone by removing the offending childish post was proof somehow that he was a worse cad than merely wishing to punch the lady. Of course, the most horrible aspect of this is that Mr. Aikens is a “homosexual activist” (as if there was any other kind of homosexual,) and Democrat, or a Liberal. Actually, he’s an uneducated emotional ball of good intentions. Coulter ain’t much better.

Meanwhile a woman hidden behind the name “PolitiBunny” is going around Facebook and on WARR radio (wherever that is, I didn’t bother to look,) saying that: for the Conservative Cause she will punch out 1) a particular gay waiter in Wisconsin. 2) a lot of other people. “I’m not a nice person,” she informs me proudly.

No, truly, it is to behold. Here’s two links to show how each are the very same sort of childish people who think “being tough” and “trying to change the world” and I suppose even just being rational is to “throat punch” the opposition.

One the very public IOTW post about two public figures – Aiken v Coulter — So public was it was that when I researched the topic “Clay Aiken Throat Punch” – up came IOTW as the 4th or 5th link suggested! — Well, having such an intimate relationship with my many friends at that site I went their first.

The other is the very unknown, but public too, PolitiBunny v unidentified gay man and sundry others who don’t “Fear the Bunny,” as she so gallantly suggests we do. I don’t. I didn’t fear IOTW either.



So there on can read one take on the big public spat – and my take on the tiny public spat.

Amazingly similar – some sort of youthful exuberance to punch the other person.

Perhaps, in this punch bowl it’s because Aiken is gay that he can’t threaten to punch without rebuke, while Ms. PoliticBunny is free to threaten punches because she’s only a nice heterosexual lady punching gay guys in her pursuit to change minds?

Perhaps it is the conservative version of Empowering Women! – by saying it’s OK to threaten punches because well, she’s a Conservative! And the other guy is * Gasp * a radical angry militant sinful homosexual.

Or is it the liberal version of Empowering the LGBTQIATS community (it grows monthly it seems,)! – by saying it’s OK to threaten punches because well, he’s a Liberal! And she’s only a woman! [In a sad commonality, a heterosexual man not like by women went on a shooting binge – in contrast however, Aiken only tweeted he would punch, then withdrew his tweet – sort of picking up one’s own gauntlet after having excused oneself for dropping it.

The odder thing about this all is that IOTW banned me in their quest for free speech. Over another childish rant involving violence by “comedian” Tracy Morgan about shooting his fag son. Why, IOTW thought it just peachy! Why, it was his very cherished free speech rights to suggest death at his hand. While poor sissy-boy Aiken is horrible, absolutely militantly homosexually horrible, to um, threaten to punch a woman. The cad! Morgan? Why, he’s a hetero hero. They make them like sandwiches nowadays. They are besieged by homosexuals.

Meanwhile, the PoliticBunny removed my comments from her page after I inquired civilly about why she wanted to punch anyone.

Perhaps IOTW doesn’t know about the P-Bunny? I would have brought her to their attention – if I was allowed to get a word in edgewise there.

So, IOTW complains about “censorship” everywhere – but censors me. Or, well, it’s not “censorship” as the term should be understood – and that is government preventing the speech. Alas, both P-Bunny and Aiken have the same solution – they wish to be the ones deciding what speech might be OK.

And it’s not just IOTW on this Aiken-is-bad – the P-Bunnies of this world are OK trip – it’s so many on the political “right” that it’s astonishing.

Now over on the left no doubt Aiken is a wonder while the P-Bunnies of this world – Coulter, in fact, as a public example of the same thing – is the horror attacking the LGBTIQATS community.

Or it is OK to shush gay men, while hetero woman speak? Hmm.

Regardless of the bizarre tale that can be told about just a few people and how everyone now opines upon the fracas – and I’m sure Ann Coulter did not need a slew of websites to heap disdain on Aiken – she’s got a pair – >>

I really want to get P-Bunny and Aiken in one of those cage fight situations.

I want them to duke it out. They seem to be about the same weight and height. She a “FEAR THE BUNNY” strumpet toughie – and he’s a sissy with attitude – I dare say it would be an even match.

Think of the public theater! Why, instead of the 12th Century Renaissance (yes, there was one, I have no time to teach Medieval history) – we can return to the 5the Century “trial by combat.”

Which one of these foolish children shall be able to pummel the other into the ground for the good of their cause? Oh, throat punch yourselves into oblivion kid. If worse comes to worse you each cause each such serious damage you may well have to retire with your 15 minutes of fame on your bucket list crossed off.

UPDATE at 4:30 PM — 5/29/2014 — the day of the post — on an approved comment to me —
Aiken is 6’2″ and 200 pounds.” —

Here’s a picture of Mr. Aiken:



that — does not resemble a 6.2 foot 200 lbs stud muffin — nope — or the photographer is very very twicky ..


Anyway – -my conclusion ….

But the adults in the room ought to tell both of them to behave – lest they get a spanking. I’ll take care of Aiken – someone else can play with the Bunny.



  1. Your Mom

    Aiken is 6’2″ and 200 pounds. I don’t think Man Coulter is near that. He’s also highly educated and is the founder of a multi million dollar national Foundation. By the way he deleted everything on twitter last year which included tens of thousands of tweets to clean out his twitter account and the Coulter tweet was just one of thousands. Nothing of significance there. Of course you don’t want any facts to ruin your good time.

    • I didn’t read a damn thing about the whole fracas — I was comparing the two bizarre ideals that if Clay threatens violence it’s bad – -and if the P-Bunny does it’s bad — because I’m commenting on two sets of websites that I know the people with whom I’m talking– and rather than take up time and space on their websites – I put my answer here … I’m showing the hypocrisy of the one way street the “right” is on — as they decry punching on the other side, but not their own —

      it’s the one way street of who does acceptable threats of punch that is the point of the post — not the relative merits of who might be big enough to beat the hell out of the other …

    • And in a quick look at Clay Aiken pictures — he seems to not resemble any 6’2″ 200 man that I know — and I know such men – -why, he looks just like he did years ago — maybe a little pudgier — are you sure you have the right Mr. Aiken I refer too ?


  2. Jodeen Popp

    Actually, and gratefully I missed the Coulter interview. However, I read about it, and if it was as I read, she was insulting the intellectually disabled children that Clay’s foundation was formed to help. I must say I cannot blame him for his remark directed at Ms Coulter. Come to think of it, I don’t think Clay has ever directed a punch against any of the derogatory remarks tossed at the gay community. Don’t try to hurt kids! Stupid remarks do them danger. Feel free, Clay, to toss another if it comes up again. Yeh.

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