Our Gringo of Mazatlan — my new book

I have written a book on my experiences in living in Mazatlan Mexico – what a wonderful time I had. Still, this is more than a travelog or essay on Mexico’s culture, politics, or what have you. It’s a mix of all this and that and more. For what does happen when an American moves into a city down there and seemingly becomes a part of the place? I was told so often I was a “Mazatleco” — a native of the city — told so often “But you’re our gringo!” — that I marveled. Oh, it’s part serious, part mere recounting of odd episodes and fun times, part a guide to living there and part fantasy — a what if? on various matters. I now have many good friends there — so many that it now is impossible to go to virtually any part of the city without encountering someone I know — and the circle of friends keeps growing.

In the Historic Center and Olas Altas and the Pino Suarez market — I’m simply part of the scenery.

I had several different apartments there — I have played piano, did art, taught English, and held court.

And it’s even weird the way I wound up going. Not on a “vacation” — but merely because a slightly crazy woman in Phoenix went off on me. Having nothing better to do on the spur of the moment – I went to Mexico — and kept heading south. When I got the Faro — second highest lighthouse in the world — I stopped.

Anyway — it came out about 2 weeks ago — and the more who read it the merrier, of course.

The link to Amazon:

The book cover:

cover final done


Which is me sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Mexico — the first place I stayed at in the city. Where I hang out for hours talking with the owner, his family and the cleaning lady — as well as entertaining any guests and showing them around the city.

Yep, a wondrous place Mazatlan is — I heartily recommend a visit — but first — read my book! Enjoy.





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