Gay Men have no DUTY to listen

If I hear one more time about the “free speech” of fundamentalist Christians I shall stomp my foot. I mean, really – No one is questioning their “free speech” – gay men are questioning their sanity. It’s absurd to listen to these people – Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, Mike Huckabee and on and on through the “NO GAYS!” movement simply demand that we gay men listen to a word they say. Where did they get the bizarre idea that they are the sole arbiter of what might be said about gay men? Beats me. They demand we no longer be gay! Well, too bad. Get over it. Grow up. Be an adult! No, instead they demand we kowtow to their demands. It’s astounding.

If you think your God hates gay men – who cares? Why should I listen to a word of this? What about my free speech rights to tell you you’re out of your minds? Now over the Michael Sam nonsense – apparently some football team has hired a gay man – oh my – don’t they have the right to do so? Oh NO! They must fire the man immediately! Why, to hear some of these wackos talk all of us gay men must cower in the corner and agree to their petulant nonsense that we are evil, sick, like Nazis, demented and fascists too. Our mothers or fathers made us gay, they claim, and it’s our fault too! And now we must suffer the consequences as meted out by holier than thou people with a misguided grudge against decent citizens.

Franklin Graham is all agog over the Russian laws against gay men – wants to bring that to America – and Demand! That gay men join him in our own condemnation at his hands. He simply insists we have no right to speak against this nonsense. He has simple told us to Shut UP! Because he has spoken.

Tony Perkins of the “family research council” is now going around saying that any Christian who does not follow his brand of thought is a heretic, that they don’t deserve free speech, that they simply aren’t covered by the First Amendment. Well surely he has the “right” to say it – but it’s ludicrous. He’s a politician for heavens sake – not some deep theological thinker with the sole answer to life’s many questions.

Aw, poor Bryan Fischer – he wants to ban words – for “free speech”! Cheeky fellow – daily comes the verbal assault on gay men – he’s out of his mind. Sure, Bryan, scream it out loud, wet your pants while you’re at it. It’s childish. You claim we’re “ill” and demand we “cure ourselves” and then call for government action against us and anyone else you don’t like. Who the hell died and left you dictator?

Matt Barber on “barbwire” is now reduced to claiming that gay men are Nazis and Fascists – merely because we simply refuse to agree with him. And then has the audacity to say he doesn’t engage in the very tactics that he decries. Does this man understand the word “hypocrisy.”

These people are all upset because HGTV – a network I don’t watch because I don’t even have a TV – didn’t hire a set of twins – who I never heard of – until it’s blasted across the Internet that they were denied jobs – aw – no one has the Right to a job. TV shows are proposed by the hundreds, few get through the vetting. Many are canceled day in and day out – so, eh, this is another one. But no! Right away it’s because gay men are evil and sick and destroying society and family and everything and anything else these insane people can conjure up. Why, we’re probably plucking the ears off of bunnies at this point.

Well, all I can say is – Scream it from the roof tops. You and anyone have the free speech to yell God Hates Fags all the live long day.

And we gay men have no Duty to listen – we simply are not required by anything in law, morality or reason to just stand there and listen. And we might very well tell you you are bonkers. Don’t like that? Don’t kvetch at gay men. What can I tell you.

But the idea floating about that gay men are simply to shush because these fundamentalists have spoken is so absurd I can’t imagine it.

The quotes of these people are blasted across the Internet – not only on gay sites as Good As You, and Joe My God and Billerico and BoxTurtleBulletin – and GLAAD and HRC and who knows how many countless others – but there they are showing up on the Yahoo news feed as I open my browser. Any day of the week I might go to the Internet and read all about how I’m some horror story. One doesn’t even have to link to some obscure bit of information. These people are shouting out everywhere how they have no “Free Speech” – they are so prevented from speaking that they grow hoarse from their denunciations – and accusations that become more ludicrous with every passing day. 

Well God Bless ya’ – but gay men don’t have any duty to listen to this without a riposte or a catalog of the insults and lunacy.

Oh, one link – apparently judges everywhere are quoting Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s scathing dissent in Lawrence v. Texas – where in which he candidly admits that the laws against gay men are simply religious in nature – and have no other purpose or point then to continue the “christian” belief that gay men are going to hell – and we deserve to – because these people demand we do!

And these people are up in arms that we even quote them! Why, how dare a gay man quote a scathing attack upon us with a shred of inquiry! We are to shush – because they are our daddies and we are evil babes. Yeah, right.

Well – every law against gay men is simply based on religion – indeed, we gay men are the only citizens who are subject to a religious test to full citizenship. We are the only Americans required to join a religious parade – directly squarely at us – and we are to simply roll over and take it. 

Well, have fun – but it’s lunacy. I’ve never listened to this nonsense — and I’m not going to start now.


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