Attacking Gay Men is Attacking Families

I really have no idea what goal these people have. These people like some crazed twins I never heard of until they surfaced saying gay men are like Nazis. A United States Congressman who in the House of Representatives in the past few days said anything good about gay men was like Fascism and like Nazis. Matt Barber of Liberty University – posting pictures on his “barbwire” website showing a Swastika superimposed on a rainbow flag, showing Hitler in a pink uniform and purple eye shadow. This comparison of gay men to Nazis is absurd. It’s beyond “despicable” to insane. Literally. There’s not a shred of evidence for it. Oh, we don’t want to agree that we’re terrible – so we’re Nazis? This is rational? And they call us crazy?

This stepping up of the verbal assault by fewer yet more vocal people is sad to watch. Sad because of what it shows about the utter lack of thinking skills and abilities of the utterances. 

And who do they think they will convince of this? Perhaps they think my own family will join them? Do they believe that my own parents, my father, mother, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins – all whom have known I’m gay for decades is now going to rise up and join the harassment and castigation?

Perhaps they think that the families of the millions of gay men in this nation will now join in the condemnation? Or do they think we don’t even have families?

Hell, perhaps these people are so deranged that they can’t even imagine that gay men are solidly in families. Where do they think we grew up? Who do they think knows us?

Tony Perkins of the “Family Research Council” has for decades claimed to study gay men – and yet he’s simply unable to find a single one of us IN a family whatsoever. Instead he sends out his “homosexual information package” with this bizarre graph …


that is so moronic I can’t conceive someone being this stupid. I don’t know what else to call it. It’s just lunacy or purposeful willful ignorance of a type I can’t fathom.

And the people who get this graph – are they so deluded into thinking that gay men all die on the average of 41 years old? Really? Are they that craven in their lack of thought? I’m going to celebrate my 56th birthday in a few days — I know so many gay men over 50, 60 and 70 that our very existence gives the lie to this fictitious nonsense.

I suppose. That’s why it’s sad. Like I said I can’t imagine someone being that stupid.

And so childlike in their petulant demand that our own families join them in the hounding. And that’s what it is now – hounding. They will say anything, and become more madly histrionic in their condemnation to an ever smaller group of people. And to think we have this duty to just stand here and listen to it all without a peep is the most bizarre aspect of it all. I mean, if one of the idiots said this to my face I’d have every right to punch him in the nose. It’s a vicious unwarranted attack.

And this is what the modern Republican party has become – full time “get rid of the gays.” They are preaching a genocide of sorts – either hound us into submission, or incarcerate us – or as some have clearly said – kill them all.

It’s sad, truly.

They don’t seem to have an idea on anything else, that’s for sure. They spend far more time on 5% of the population than they do on any matter affecting us all. Like I said, they are somehow deranged enough to think that they will get our own mothers to condemn us – and call it “family values” – it’s bizarre and sick.

Well, happy mother’s day – but I can tell you – it’s not going to work. It’s absurd to think so. Go try something else. For at long last they have no shame or decency.  


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