APB out for PolitiBunny on WAARadio

A violent crazed young woman is on the loose in our land. She needs to be caught – and soon. She is threatening to “throat punch” anyone who crosses her in some way. She proudly states her mission.

She goes by the name “Politbunny” and has a Facebook Page and a radio show on WAAR.

This seems to be a picture of her:


Here’s her little Facebook statement under her picture:

“The rantings and ravings of a mouthy, conservative “bunny” looking to change the world for the better. Oh yeah, and I swear a lot. FEAR THE BUNNY.”

Oh, I don’t fear this strumpet with a foul mouth and obnoxious violent disposition – it’s crudely comical actually.

Here’s a banner on her Facebook page – an injured bunny and the word “killer” – egad, she’s mad as a hatter.

She came to my attention quite by happenstance – for a Facebook “Friend” did “like” one of her posts – and well, I feel I must alert the nation. And perhaps “unfriend” the “friend” who “like” this. Really, I don’t need it in my life.

Here’s the text which was brought to me:

I officially need to find the angry, gay young man who I was debating with over a year ago and thank him personally for calling me a rabbit.

I mean this.

Honestly in the past my buck teeth have been something I try to hide, an annoyance really, making sure lipstick doesn’t get on them… I can’t tell you the number of times kids made fun of them when I was a mini foo myself.

That day last year when the belligerent waiter made fun of my teeth and said, “silly rabbit, trix are for kids” he sent me down a path that would lead to a fairly successful grassroots/social media brand and persona. He truly had no idea of the conservative warrior he created that day. Instead of hiding my teeth I have embraced them, and a chainsaw or two.

I need to find him and thank him… then throat punch him for good measure.

I start my show on WAARadio this Thursday night – I will keep you all posted. Happy Monday!”

So, apparently – this unnamed woman now has a radio show – well – I had a radio show too – used my own name on it – for I don’t fear being known – it was called “Havoc With Hlavac” and was on WPBR in Palm Beach County back in 1997. Though, to be sure – I didn’t threaten to “throat punch” anyone ever. It’s just not my style to threaten violence. But she “means this” to “officially” announce she needs to track down some guy and “throat punch” him. Well, well. My my – sounds like a violent loon to me.

It is also not my style to not use my name in my Internet wanderings – while this young lady – probably precisely because she is a violent crazed lunatic does hide her identity on her Facebook page – and probably elsewhere – why, who knows if she’s a young woman at all? It’s a guess at this point. For all I know she’s a big burly guy with a beer belly and egg in his beard.

So, I had inquired why 1) how she knew he was gay – and 2) why she felt the need to violently attack him. I would have been most glad to have given you my exact words of my simple questions – but – they were scrubbed from the Facebook page on which they were left – Just poof! Gone! When I went back to copy them – they were gone! Well, one should not question this lady she says – for she is so damn self-important that any inquiry is to be removed. Well, it’s her page – so I suppose it is her “right” – but surely the spirit of public debate requires questions to remain – yes?

Um, – no, apparently not. For she left her answers – but removed my two comments. Interesting. Bizarre even – for now she is talking to a “Jim” and there’s no “Jim” on the post at all – that this makes her look little more loony is rather funny.

So I got this answer:

We were actually debating unions in Wisconsin… I throat punch a lot of people for many different reasons. As I recall, after he made the rabbit reference he said some other not-so-friendly things which probably deserve at least one throat punch, maybe two.

Jim, I’m just not very nice.”

Ah, so she’s not very nice. And she “throat punches people for many reasons.” How many people has she injured? Why is this woman on the streets? Has no one filed a police complaint against her yet? Or is she just another blathering blowhard hiding behind a fictitious identity?

Still, what a difference betwixt she and I – for I am very nice. Or well, I try to be – at least until some violent crazed woman saunters into my life. Then self-defense at least requires some lessening of niceness.

So, then I inquired why his being gay even came up in a discussion over Unions in Wisconsin – the two subjects being seemingly unrelated. And to be sure – in my many dinners at restaurants I can’t really recall ever having a “debate” about anything with a waiter whatsoever – not even really over whether the salmon is better than the steak that evening. But certainly politics has never come to the table. How does one wind up in such a “debate”? And heated to the point of “throat punching”? The woman is clearly deranged.

I will admit whether a waiter was gay has come up – but that’s because I asked for a date – not a debate. Still, it often never had to be asked for the answer was obvious – we can spot each other, you know. Amazingly, there’s a word for this: “Gaydar” – nearly 90% accurate.

So she answered thus:

Jim. I simply remember him as an angry, gay waiter. He was quite clear that I should recognize him as such.

Ya’ know, if you’re looking for kind, considerate and tolerant, you’re on the wrong fucking page. Good luck!?”

So – she doesn’t remember how the “debate” was engaged, and can remember nothing more than he was an “angry gay waiter” – and I’m thinking – some guy you don’t know comes to take your order for spaghetti or burger and you wind up in a debate with him over unions in Wisconsin and now he wishes to be identified as “angry gay waiter” and you claim him to be “belligerent”? Really? And does so with her own belligerence? Wow.

But you know – I wasn’t looking for a “kind, considerate, tolerant” anything – why – I was inquiring directly as to why she herself was a violent crazed lunatic! Perhaps her grasp of English is poor.

Even more amazing as I look at her words is this: why would a waiter just out of the blue be “belligerent”? Why would a waiter – seemingly on the make for a tip – and even keep his job – make such an aspersion on a customer’s teeth as was supposedly made? And why would this make the lady (or guy) a “conservative warrior”? The whole thing strikes me as a made up farce – I mean – I’ve eaten out a lot – and no waiter has said much more to me than – “Potatoes or Rice?” or some such innocuous question relating to the matter at hand – which is the food in the restaurant.

Perhaps it is precisely because this “conservative warrior” is out to “throat punch” people that she winds up in fights with waiters.

Then across comes Facebook this image:


And I’m thinking – why, she really is fully of herself, the little strumpet.

I had commented just a few days ago about our political culture becoming more obnoxious – with commentators that can be exemplified by Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh – though there are so many others too – who just say stuff to rile up the ratings. Now comes this lady joining the fray. So, she gets to threaten or do throat punching and everyone she deems belligerent or tolerant or whatever else she doesn’t like is a “special kind of stupid.” Mind blowing. And this is “debate” to this woman? No, this is some crazed lunacy.

Meanwhile I see over and over across the Internet this meme that only “Liberals” are nasty and. And here comes this proud “Conservative Warrior” who is obnoxious and threatening violence and stopping people’s free speech – and proudly so! Yeesh.

Well, I hope she gets caught before someone really gets hurt.

But she surely is not going to “change the world for the better” as she wishes to do with this sort attitude.




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