Christians, Muslims & Gay Guys In Africa

Across most of Africa today there is a three part religious war: Christianity versus Islam – and both of them together against Gay Guys. And so in this little essay I shall look at the hypocrisy of both religions and point to their astounding lockstep lovey-dovey we’re all in this together against the gay guys! Who are the gay guys at war with? Ah, no one really – but of course – gay existence itself is the peril. As soon as the gays are out of the way, I’m sure the Christians and Muslims can really get at each other. But when it comes to gay gays – they are two peas in the same pod. Hell, they’re joined together at the hip.

South Africa seems to be the only nation immune from the travail. But in places like Egypt in the north, Nigeria in the west, Zimbabwe in the South, and Kenya and Uganda in the East, as well as elsewhere in between – Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Congo, Tanzania and the rest of the 56 nations in Africa – which don’t get as much press, that’s all – there is this war going on. Oh, it’s not really a “hot” war – not of armies against each other. Instead it’s a nitpicking war. Of “minor” atrocities of one group against another. No atrocity is minor, of course – all are horrendous no matter how one slices it. But the atrocities seem to get different levels of “who gives a damn.” And it seems one group in particular – the Christians – who seem to be very much sure that they might commit and ask for any atrocity that they wish – without anyone questioning them or saying a word about what they do. We are to shush about the monstrous behavior of them because well, they are “Christians” and they have God! on their side.

The war between Muslims and Christians has been going on now for some 1400 years, to be sure. Ever since Mohamed and his Arabs lunged out of Arabia and started slaughtering or converting anyone in their path in the latter half of the 7th Century Muslims have been busy committing atrocities. This the modern Christian is oh so well aware of. But they seem to be wholly unaware of their own atrocities. Like the burning and destruction of the great Library at Alexandria. Devastated in the 4th Century AD by Christians intent on destroying “pagan” knowledge – Math itself was bad for the faithful! The Christians then went on to alter history and claim it was the Jews or the Muslims who did it. But no, it was Christian mobs of anti-intellectuals who did it. The history is clear if one seeks it out – muddled if one goes by the common man’s perception.

During the First Crusade the Catholic Christian armies of Europe got to Jerusalem and pretty much slaughtered everyone in the city they didn’t like – which was everyone. The Eastern Rite Catholics, Muslims, Jews and anyone else standing around. It’s said that nearly 200,000 people were put to the sword for the Glory of God. More like the Gory of God, but, hey, they were “good” Catholics killing those not professing the “true faith.”

Then during further Crusades the Catholic Christian armies slaughtered untold 100s of thousands across Byzantium – they were heretics for they believed a bit differently, held the incense burners in the churches not in the correct way. The Catholics in 1204 could be bothered to even go to Jerusalem, but instead sacked Christian Constantinople. Those Greek Christians had no right to live. Kill them all! So they did, as best they could and chased the others away or so enslaved them as to not be funny.

Eventually the Greek Catholics did their own slaughtering a 100 years later when they retook the city. It’s said that not a Roman Catholic remained alive. 250 years later along came the Muslim Turks to put the final destruction to the Greek Catholics of the city – and it’s remained Muslim ever since.

Meanwhile, supposedly, all this endless slaughter for God sort of slowed down over the next several centuries until modern times. One can almost blip over hundreds of years of mayhem, death and destruction as Roman & Greek Catholics put to the sword Muslims, Jews and Pagans in the Balkans, Poland, what is now Lithuania (They not being “Christianized” until nearly 1400,) and in Spain of course, where the “Reconquista” of Ferdinand and Isabella killed millions. It’s rather amazing to read about it. Muslims of course were doing their own slaughtering. Jews, never numerous were always easily dispatched, ghettoized, or just chased out of the country. Their Catholic majesties sent Columbus to the New World and the Jews to they didn’t care – just out of Spain, that’s all.

Supposedly it was only the 20th Century with the Kaiser and especially Hitler from Germany killing so many Jews – nah, it’s been going on for centuries. Of course, now we must contend with the nonsense here in 2014 between the Liberals, Progressives, Good Socialists, the Left, Democratic Party – or whatever they call themselves – and the Conservatives, the Right, the Faithful of the Republican Party – or whatever they call themselves – here in America – both of which act with amazing lack of memory.

It is most infuriating to read modern Liberals claim that William Tecumsah Sherman created the “modern” total war against civilians – which Liberals do to trash America of course – when in fact it was the known form of war for centuries before Sherman did a thing. Why, the king of La Belle France, Louis XV, “Le Quinze” with his own fashion style named for him – “reduced” a city named La Rochelle on the French Coast to nothing. Ah, they called it “reduced” – such a pleasant word for killing the 160,000 civilians in the city through starvation. It took La Belle Louis two years to do it – and when he was done not a person in the city remained alive. Men, women and children all dead. Bodies strewn through the streets. When asked what to do with the bodies he said, more or less, let the dogs eat them. And so La Rochelle was a festering open air cemetery for nearly a decade before anyone set foot in the place again. This was during the “Enlightenment” of the 1750s – a full 100 years before poor Atlanta was burned to the ground – and the inhabitants not starved to death to the last one dead, mind you. And all because La Rochelle was a Protestant city and Louis a “staunch Catholic.”

Now here in this decade Muslims are of course returning to their fundamentalism – and thus edging up the attacks on Christians – and Animists too. Animism is the pre-European religion of Black Africans – and so in Sudan the northern Muslims set about killing the southern Animists – in a place called Darfur. Supposedly America was supposed to stop the slaughter – Hilary Clinton was all for military intervention in the place. Our first black president, Obama, seemed to be conflicted between his love of Muslims and his love of his African half of his heritage. The white half of his heritage being basically communists, well, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet as Lenin said. Who knows? I doubt we really could have done a thing to stop it short of all out war against the Sudanese government in Khartoum. Ah, Khartoum, a place where a British army was slaughtered almost unto the last man. What a time that was in the 1800s when Britain sought to rule the world. And Britain left behind its “Sodomy” laws – and its Anti-Jewish laws – and even its anti-Catholic laws. And a few railroads.

In Egypt the Muslims are attacking the Coptic Christians who make up some 10% of the nation’s population. And I’m supposed to be against this – but I’m also told it’s perfectly fine for Copt and Muslim in Egypt to be against gays. I’m supposed to lament the desecration of Coptic holy places, but not say a word about Egypt’s assault on gay men. Why, the Christians of this nation are quite sure that whatever Muslims in Egypt do to Gays is just fine. They are together in this. I’m sorry I can’t be in, as the joke goes, “De Nile” over this. For really, what do I care if two anti-gay forces are against each other? When one side is for me, let me know.

Meanwhile, Christianity spread through the lands south of the Sahara, while Muslims stayed north of the sands, and along the eastern coast in Mombassa and Zanzibar and such ports as they liked to get slaves and gold and ivory and other things they needed desperately. An entire language was created so the Muslims could speak to the natives – Swahili – one of the few artificial languages to ever take hold on earth. ½ Native ½ Arabic – it is now the lingua franca of many “countries” along the Indian Ocean side of the continent.

And so today – in Nigeria – a fictitious country created by the British and French dividing up Western Africa – along with every other fictitious country in the region is Muslim in the north and Christian in the south – and they are at war with each other. They kill each other regularly. But it’s not a hot war. It’s merely a “kill a few hundred at a time” war. This town burned to the ground and its inhabitants killed by Christians – then the Muslims retaliate. Back and forth the battle axes swing.

Of course, in America, there’s great teeth gnashing when a few Christians are killed – and a deafening silence when the Nigerian Catholics kill Muslims. Well, for God, of course, we shall keen over our dead, and glory in theirs. And Nigerian “Christians” are mostly Catholic – why, they even have the world’s largest basilica – bigger than St. Peter’s in Rome – all built with oil money. For Nigeria sits on a pool of oil probably as big as Libya does. And the United States imports about ¼ of our oil from Nigeria so we must be very much involved. The Liberals are upset of course that evil big Exxon is involved, but are astoundingly mush mouthed about Royal Dutch Shell (the Dutch Queen owns that,) and the French government owned ELF-Aquitaine – who also ply their trade there.

Then over in Kenya and Uganda where the Christians are more Protestant – Anglican, but fundamentalist too – they too are running murderous regimes and expelling Hindus from India that the British brought over to run the stores, keeping the Jews out, and the Muslims in Mombassa are awfully nasty towards the Christians on the other side of the causeway linking the mainland to the city. So “minor” atrocities occur on a regular basis. And the Archbishop of Canterbury says now that we shouldn’t worry too much about gays getting killed – for it’ll rile up his community against him. And he’s all for the money sent to his see from Africa. He’s all for gay men to be trashed in England as well, but asks gay Englishmen to be upset that Christians are bothered by Muslims in Kenya and Uganda. Cheeky, yes?

Down in Zimbabwe “president for life” Robert Mugabe has taken a perfectly functioning society and within 30 years reduced it to near starvation. Why, the man took bulldozers and ran them through his cities because he thought his people would be better off in the countryside. He slaughtered many in his quest to inflate the currency from 1 Zimbabwean-dollar to the US dollar to now something on the order of 1 million Zimbabwean dollars to the US dollar. China is there giving him a hand, because well, there’s mineral wealth of course. Oddly, one of those minerals is chrome. Sort of necessary for modern steels and sundry things – it used to slather American cars. At least until the 1970s – for back then it was a rich country called “Rhodesia” and it was led by a white man named Ian Smith and we bought the chrome to bless our Chevy’s and Rhodesia exported wheat and rice and corn and other food around the world. But, Jimmy Carter and the UN were all miffed at a white man running the place – so cut off the chrome trade and gave the nation to Mugabe who then proceeded to return the place to such utter poverty that the life expectancy fell from near 70 to 45 – like in days of old. Amazing, yes? For the good of “Democracy!” And look, Mugabe wins every election by 90% or more of the vote – and those voting against him are then hunted down and shot or chased into the bush. But so long as he’s against gay existence, he’s a fine man.

And in all this – Muslims and Christians of various sorts have had great fun. Neither is innocent of any of it. But the Christians in particular claim some special dispensation for they are working for the “True God” and well, those other people are heathens and heretics in need of destruction. And yet, every time some Christian breaks a toe they are up in arms about their persecution! They are being attacked! Yet they attack with wanton glee themselves – and shall not be questioned, they say.

And now, in the mix of all this come the gay folks. Well gay guys of course. Not LGBT nothing – but just the gay men that have always existed there. Now all of a sudden they are seen – something new – something alien. The modern Africans blame Christianity and Europeans for bringing in the scourge. And modern Christians from America head to Africa to help them solve the problem. Yes, real life American Christians – not being able to rid America of gay men – are now heading to African on missions to kill the gays over there. (As a footnote, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son is all for Russian Orthodox Christians campaign against gay men – but against their campaign against “heretics” like himself. Russia has its own Christian-Muslim war going on – and the only thing both sides agree on is that the Jews and Gays are the biggest problem.)

Scott Lively – a Republican candidate for Governor of Massachusetts has made a few trips. So has the Family Research Council – which advises our Republican party on the “homosexual problem.” So has Liberty University’s Matt Barber and more than a few others – so many one almost needs a score card. Speaking of card – a Mr. Card himself went to urge Uganda to kill all the gays – and then was absolutely appalled when gay men in America suggested no one go see a movie based on one of his books! And Mr. Card is a Mormon apparently – and well, those people are heretics by every Christian definition. Except when Card urges death to gays – then well, he’s a good Christian indeed.

Meanwhile, African-American preachers in this nation – of many denominations and all Democrats – are against gay existence in this country – and in Africa! They can find no ecumenical bliss with any other sort of Christian except “Get rid of the gays and Jews.” While African Christians blame European Christianity for the existence of gay men – American Christians of African descent are quite sure gayness comes straight from the Devil. And off they go to join African countries in attacking gays.

And this is where it gets tricky, after all this set up – for the Right Wing, Christians, Republicans of this nation are so sure the Left is being hypocritical for not mentioning that Muslim nations are very anti-gay – while they themselves don’t like anyone bringing up the fact that the Christian nations with the help of American Republican Christians are just as anti-gay. And the Left Wing, Not-that-religious Democrats of this nation are so sure the Right is being hypocritical for not mentioning the anti-gay stance of the Christian nations of Africa – while they themselves don’t like anyone bringing up the fact that Muslim nations are just as anti-gay as the Christians!

Why, it’s typical – heteros arguing over who is the worst or best in being anti-gay – while being perfectly comfortable with any hetero being anti-gay. And being mouse-quiet about their own anti-gayness. Most astounding.

And it is the more amazing to me that when a gay man such as myself brings up the conjoined Christian-Muslim anti-gayness of it all – I’m to be for the Christian brand of anti-gayness but against the Muslim brand of anti-gayness – lest I be against Christianity! Why, just yesterday someone on Facebook was all boohoo about some Christian girls in Nigeria being kidnapped by Muslims – and I brought up the gay angle and said, “Ah, they reap what they sow.” And I was the bad guy! Yes, most amazing.

For apparently I am to support the Christian side against the Muslims – while not mentioning the Christians against gay folks. For well, that’s their “strongly held beliefs.” Yes, well, I certainly do have strongly held beliefs myself, too. Mostly it lies along the lines of “Leave the gay guys out of this and you go slaughter each other.”

It is a marvel to see Muslims and Protestants and Catholics all blame each other for the existence of gay men – and blame us for our own existence too! Why, we are the bad guys. Everyone else is just innocent beyond questioning. Yeah.

And so I am told by the Right in this nation that I must be anti-Muslim because they are against gays – but I must accept Christians being anti-gay because, well God says He hates homosexuals. And I’m told by the Left in this nation that I must be against the Christians because they are anti-gay but I must accept Muslims being anti-gay because, well God says he hates homosexuals. It does put me in quite a squeeze, yes? For no matter which side I’m for – I must also be against my own existence.

And if I connect all these dots – I’m on the “wrong” side – depending on who is complaining about gay man’s existence at this or that moment. And I think – ah, heteros all.










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