Why were we in Benghazi in the first place?

So, now come new emails that show that Susan Rice our ambassador to the United Nations was sent to the morning news shows on a certain Sunday and basically told to lie about what the Obama Administration knew and when they knew it. Or what they didn’t know. We were lied to by Hilary Clinton about what she knew and when. Obama lied. It seems any and every administration official lied about whatever they knew or didn’t know and when they did anything or nothing. The conspiracy theorists have all sorts of reasons for why this might be. Surely part of it, however, is that this administration doesn’t even really know why we had an “ambassador” in Benghazi in the first place. Why on earth were we having any sort of “diplomatic” contact with a “regime” that is nothing but a bunch of wandering warlords fighting it out amongst themselves?

This idea we have in this country that there are really “governments” in places like Libya is rather farcical. And what could be our interests there? Supposedly oil – except the United States doesn’t import oil from Libya. Europe does, they get their oil from Libya – so let them deal with the morass. Of course, we have a historical connection to the place for the Marines were sent there by Thomas Jefferson – to the shores of Tripoli – to stop the Barbary pirates from harassing our ships on the open Mediterranean sea. Well, good – so let’s use our current military forces to make sure no modern day Barbary pirate bothers shipping in the Mediterranean. We keep a naval base at Taranto, Italy, for this very purpose. Lord knows the Italians aren’t up for it. Their last good fleet sits at the bottom of the harbor there – where we sunk it in WWII.

Libya itself is a construct of Italian foreign policy dreams under Mussolini – it’s an Islamo-fascist state created by a Christo-fascist state. And now we live with the problem. Perhaps if we let Libya disintegrate into its constituent elements we’d all be better off. The place is filled with three or four different peoples who all don’t like each other: Berbers, Tauregs, Arabs, Mahgrebs – let them go by themselves and perhaps no mad dictator will surface to bedevil the oil flow.

Supposedly America, and France and Germany are going to train the Libyan army – for what? What do they need an army for? Is Egypt to the east going to invade them? Perhaps Chad down south, itself a basket case of warlords created by the French kings of old, will they invade? Perhaps Algeria, another French creation for empire. That’s the problem with most of Africa in fact – all the lines are fake. They were drawn by Europeans who didn’t know, care or give a damn about the actual people living there. Frankly, I’m all for ripping the place apart and putting it back together like it belongs.

Oh we are to protect American companies doing business in Libya! That’s why we need an ambassador there – maybe. Well, if Exxon wants to do business in Libya, let them hire an army to protect their people. Surely the Pinkerton service is available still, yes? This is yet another problem with the entire way we conceptualize foreign policy – we act as if an American fool goes somewhere that the rest of America has to follow along to protect him should he get in trouble with the locals. Well, by all means, travel where you wish. But don’t come crying home and say “ooh, an American is imperiled!” Yes, well, you stuck your hand in the hornets nest – now you want pest control paid for by someone else. Well, clean up your own mess.

Meanwhile, back in Washington the President – of famed Nobel Peace prize prowess – gives speeches about honoring our Muslim brothers – and the Muslims laugh and spit in between calling us heretics and infidels and screaming “Death to America.” Well, let them be, and ship them no more wheat and technology, and perhaps they can return to their ancient cultures of deprivation and starvation in glory be.

Then of course, the Republicans are all for foreign intervention – and just as clueless and trigger happy as the Democrats – but rather wish they run the show themselves – are all set to pillory Hilary and Obama for obvious canards, obvious stupidity, obvious mistakes, obvious vainglorious “We shall solve the world’s problems” – NOT by ending our strange involvement where we oughtn’t be – but by trashing the Democrats enough so they can get in power to send their own ambassador to Benghazi and teach those Libyans a lesson. And what is the lesson? Well, yes, we have more than enough power to destroy every jot and title of the place without a doubt. In fact, how much easier would it be to just blast away the entire Libyan military and let them go back to where they apparently wish to be? – the 1800s or earlier. No, we allow them to sell oil to buy weapons. Surely the 3.5 million people in Libya don’t see a dime of the oil revenues.

No, we shall send troops, and planes, and all of sudden help warlords of today replace those of yesterday. For 40 years Qaddafi troubled the world and everyone thought it mighty fine that Libyan “sovereignty” be preserved. Obama got into office just as the failing flailing regime was collapsing and new with Nobel imprimatur thought he would run to the rescue and Hilary thought she’d make Libya like Laconia New Hampshire, complete with town hall meetings and the secret ballot box. The entire mush about “building democracy” itself is strange, for none of the local power players has one interest whatsoever in creating “democracy” but is more than willing to accept an arms shipment and an “adviser” to figure out to squash his competition to come out ahead as the new ‘president for life’ in those parts. And to be the “Friend” of America we’ve always wanted in a place that few Americans ever even heard of.

Benghazi? I’d dare say 75% of Americans think he’s either a character on a TV show or an actor. I’d bet ½ the nation confuses the place with Ben Gazarra of some movie fame a few years ago. What do Americans know or care about Libya? Hell, what does John Kerry know? He’s not some “expert” on anything but getting elected, ketchup heiresses, sailing and power in Washington DC. Now I read today all over the place about what the American people “ought to know!” Well, We the People are being dragged into stuff that’s none of our business so that those in Washington can play power games as pernicious as those played in Libya itself.

Had Obama not sent an “ambassador” to the place we wouldn’t be worried about Obama, Hilary, Kerry, Rice and Carney all lying about what went on. No, but a community organizer from Chicago, itself with its share of warlords, all of a sudden thought himself knowledgeable enough to straighten out a mess that’s been festering since Rome destroyed Carthage in the Punic Wars some 2000 years ago. The place has always been a mess. It was a mess when the Vandals came to set up a country for a few centuries back near the end of the Roman Empire. Yes, Vandals – the very source of our word “vandal” – as in destruction and mayhem for no good purpose. They rampaged from the steppes of Russia across Europe and through Germany, France, Spain and Morocco before settling in Old Carthage and well – those people are part of the mix of the place. Who knows what DNA spilled into the pool there?

Yes, Libya, and now the endless politicking about who knew what and was trying to do what – for no purpose other than to try to get into history books as the guys who solved the 2500 year old “Libyan problem” which Julius Caesar himself couldn’t figure out. Hell, even St Louis failed miserably – and he had “god on my side,” as he said. Yes, King Louis IX of France went there to fix the place around the year 1200. What did it get him? Ah, death and sainthood. He found death. Slaughtered just outside of Tunis – down the beach front Benghazi and Tripoli – because he too thought he would solve the world’s problems.

Poor Republicans think they’ll get rid of Obama over this. Perhaps they’ll call for Impeachment! Yes, that will give us Biden – what a more horrible choice. Maybe Boehner thinks he’ll get a two-fer and become president himself for a year or two. Perhaps the Republicans will win the next presidential election! And who is in the offing? Jeb Bush? Egad. Maybe Rick Santorum who thinks all problems are solved by banning gay marriage. Who knows who will surface in that cesspool. And Hilary? Perhaps she’ll be tarnished enough yet to lose the nomination. And who to replace her – she already sanctified by the masses as the “first woman president” as if she thinks with one body part and not another. Perhaps Elizabeth Warren, an economic illiterate and even more self-obtuse when it comes to foreigners and who and what and why than Hilary.

And the media and pundit class – they shall pontificate on this for days if not weeks – about what should have been done – and what was really meant by some vague and poorly worded email between people more worried about their next fundraising meal than any actual issue at hand. The media and pundits will talk about the personalities, they will say “Gotcha” because this one or that one mis-spoke or didn’t say it exactly to their liking or missed some flimsy detail – and the blowhards like Anderson Cooper and Jon Stewart and Rush Limbaugh – who spend more time at parties and worrying about their ratings then they do reading up on Libya whatsoever – will now tell their compadres what to think and say and the Democrats and Republicans will argue over which party is the more dangerous to the nation when both together are a pox.

Well, this is what happens when you send ambassadors to places they shouldn’t be and then lie endlessly about it – political problems – and the warlords of Libya laughing except when they’re worrying about their next arms shipment to blast away some other warlord.

Do the American people care? The American people are oblivious and don’t give a damn. But each side, Democrats and Republicans, will call the adherents of the other side “idiots” and “stupid” and accuse each other of playing politics – instead of us joining together to get rid of the D/R “two party” system which is more twaddle between Dum and Dee than anything else.


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