The Eich man affair

When Will Heterosexuals Apologize to Gay Men?

The “Eich man affair” goes on – every hetero in the land is still opining on it one way or the other. And looking at the whole thing backwards. It is not what was done to him – but what he did to gay men that matters. “Free Speech” was raised – and it’s simply not a free speech issue, or at least not the way it’s being discussed.

Mr. Eich is some heterosexual who decided to quit his job after his own employees and customers complained about his prior actions against gay folks. What Eich did doesn’t stand in a vacuum – he didn’t just donate money to a political campaign – but that donation came from a belief, from an attitude. No one writes a check for any amount without having an opinion on the matter. He was in some way or another against the Pursuit of Happiness of gay couples.

He simply wanted the Government to step into the lives of other citizens – people he doesn’t even know – and cause grief and trouble, to make things difficult. Because he has some “belief” about “homosexuality” – for some reason he doesn’t think gay couples should be recognized by law. Well, well – so – he’s for state action against gay couples. Simple as that – he’s a statist. He wanted the government to put into effect his beliefs against other citizens. It was Mr. Eich who was against Free Speech, Freedom of, for and from Religion, and Freedom of Association. He was the one against the rights of citizens through the use of government to enact his beliefs. No one is trying to get the government to do a thing against him. But he sure wanted the government to go against people he didn’t like. He’s the culprit.

While this was going on – I had a wonderfully grand time at Phoenix Gay Pride Festival — not Proud we’re gay — proud we have survived the outrageous Medieval Crusade this nation launched against decent taxpaying citizens.

And you know what I saw? I saw Liberty — I saw decent people being rugged individuals — no matter how weird they were or wished to be.

I saw hardworking, taxpaying, peaceful, courteous kind citizens of this land — still many fearful of the onslaught by virtually every quarter of the Heterosexual Behemoth in this nation — who all run to protect even the most cowardly and obnoxious among you heteros — for they have “strongly held beliefs” — they “believe in the Bible’ – who cares?

I believe in the Bible – “Treats others as you wish to be treated.”

And heterosexuals – one and all – have been lax and negligent in this simplest of commands. Only in the past decade have I seen a smidgen of remorse, of concern, of “evolving” as that asshat president of ours claimed he is doing. Meanwhile, there’s still people calling for government action against gay men – they insist on it daily. No one says a damn thing! Except gay men – then we’re “whiny” and “leftists” and some how a danger to society because we dare to speak up for ourselves. What mind numbing mush to hear these people complain.

Ah, it was wondrous, to be amongst my people – in gleeful separation from the hetero hordes — and finally able to walk in a public park hand in hand.

That’s what I want – to walk down a street hand in hand.

It’s something I’ve never done – as you heteros talk about “tolerance” and “acceptance” — and what you’re willing to put up with.

I pay for the roads I can’t stroll upon in peace.

And damn it – that’s what I wish to do before I die.

Get a goddamn life and go after your own kind. But no, barely a peep from heterosexuals about the heterosexual lifestyle – but a fixation on gays that’s astounding.

What will we do to you! Egad.

What did you do to us? Eh, no big deal, you say.

I have watched the nation evolve since being the target of my first (and not my last) bar raid in 1978 in NYC (around the corner from the Stonewall, even) — and what I want to see is EVERY SINGLE LAST hetero apologize to the nearest gay man (the main target of the Medieval treatment) for the Maltreatment – the nastiness – the arrogance, the insolence, the rudeness, the maliciousness and the abject obnoxious moronicness of the heterosexual mindset towards gay men.

I want to see some heteros finally say to others “You cant do that anymore” — instead of “Well, that’s their strongly held belief.”

I want every single last preacher in this land to head towards a gay bar, a gay event — and say “I’m sorry” – I want to see some propitiation for the horror and sin visited by every hetero for decades upon me and mine.

I want to see apologies from Congress — the President — the Supreme Court — the governors and states — the police and medical community — and every clergyman in the land — for the way they have treated me and mine over the decades.

Until then — it’s all more “evolving” bullshit.

The political groups and people who are against gay marriage are also quite clear that they are against gay existence — many of these groups — NOM, the FRC, AFA, for instance — are for incarcerating us for a forced change – few if any heterosexuals seem to be remotely concerned about the unholy assault.

The Catholic Church still insists we are “intrinsically disordered” and that we should deny and hide and be ashamed or our gayness – ergo, they are not “for” a “Biblical definition of marriage” – but against gay folks existing as we wish to.

Furthermore — not a one of these groups has been riled up about adultery or divorce — Indeed, Newt Gingrich is “against gay marriage” for what the Bible says (supposedly) — but is quite for adultery and divorce — I dare say hypocrisy on the subject is legion.

You cannot separate what these people say “against” gay marriage – and also what they say “against” gay existence. And the people who put forth Proposition 8 in California were certainly against gay existence. And Mr. Eich donated money to those groups. To rid the land of me and mine, as best they could try. Utter dismal failures, but still they try.

And aw, poor Mr. Eich. But he was NOT denied his free speech – and I’m tired of hearing people say it – they don’t know what the 1st Amendment means. No government body did a thing against him – as he sought government action against other citizens.

It was Mr. Eich who sought to quash the free speech of gay men – not us quashing him. Everyone seems to have this backwards.

Now he’s a political football – just like Phil Robertson was a few months ago. I’m sure others will surface – and we’ll go through this whole farce again – over and over – until there is legal recognition of gay couples in every state in the nation. Until gay men don’t have to listen to some preacher about how we are “sinners” for mere existence.

Frankly, if you are opposed to the Pursuit of Happiness of gay men to love each other and have that recognized in law so that the myriad of things couples must, can and wish to do be made easier – than you are the one for state action. You are the ones against Free Speech. You are the ones against Religious Freedom – you are the one’s abrogating the Constitution. But it is certainly not gay men and our newly evolved heterosexual friends who are against these things.

You know – that’s the funniest thing about this whole mess: Gay men have been the strongest proponents of getting government out of people’s lives this nation has ever seen.

Meanwhile, since it is perfectly legal to fire or deny a gay man a job in the majority of states for merely being gay – I really have no sympathy for a heterosexual who lost his over his actions against us. You don’t have a right to job.

But stop blathering about “free speech.” The Supreme Court has ruled 8-1 – in a case called Westboro – that anyone might yell “God Hates Fags” – and few decisions are handed down with such a majority. I dare say, Mr. Eich can yell it to his heart’s content. Or put it with more erudition, with a euphemism: “God hates homosexuality.” It’s the same phrase, really. But no gay man has a duty to just stand there and take the nonsense. We don’t.

The subject being more complex than a blog post allows – I wrote a book about it –


Learn all about the matter before spouting off about “free speech” and gay men.  


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