Mendermen & Me — the emails exposed.

Last night during the incessant blather about a duck hunter gone wild a Mr. Kenneth Mendermen with whom i’ve had a few emails said that he would “expose” me as “murderous” “angry homosexual” who thinks of nothing else. The reason Mr. Mendermen and I had reached out to each other was because I was frequent, hell, daily, commentator on  At that site I exercised my right to free speech to engage the issues of the day. So thrilled where the people who ran that site that they asked me to publish an article or two on the gay issue. So polite and cheery am I that a major Tea Party website did ask me to submit my thoughts and did publish them. So charming am I they even did a special birthday post for me – -complete with a picture of a penis-shaped cake. I suppose if one could bother one could find “hlavac” all over that website — or they should have been busy expunging my existence from it.

Then one day some actor — not unlike the duck hunter of recent fame and fortune — said something histrionic about “faggots” — Tracy Morgan said he’d shoot his son if his son was a “faggot” — used this very word. Said he’d shoot other faggots.. This no one at IOTW thought was remotely murderous — but merely “free speech” — so, I did a parody of Mr. Morgan and zapped it over to IOTW — I said it was a parody — I pointed out how I was going to do it — I alerted BigFurHat a ring leader at IOTW I was going to do it. I also parodied other commentators at IOTW on the gay thing — it’s so easy! You take what a heterosexual says, and take out “homosexual” “queer” “faggot” or other such fine words and plug in “heterosexual” “straight” or “breeder” — presto — a parody! 

Oh they were not amused! No, i was called murderous! Threatening! Dangerous! Oh my, the world askew for a “faggot” had the chutzpah to parody the nonsense and threats. I was banned from the website — in the spirit of free speech in which they wallowed they banned me. Prevented the posting of a further word by me. Ah, no big deal — Since they could only ban my IP of my laptop I availed myself of another laptop – and said “hello from your favorite queer” — that IP was banned. i went to another Laptop — did it again, and said something like “oh, please children, I can go through more IP addresses than Carter has liver pills — to exercise free speech which you crow about — while banning what you don’t wish to hear. But I don’t care – it’s your website — I have my own — cheers, carry on.” And then I never went to the website again. But, well, there I am — thousands of comments and discussions at that place — unless, of course, they expunged it from the record. No matter – I keep all my emails to or fro — so I have all the emails with BigFurHat including the very first one that he sent me to ask me to write and article for him. I did ask — he did. 

Now comes Mr. Mendermen into my life again last night at a Facebook post by SadHlil — another Tea Party guy with whom I comport from time to time at his blog, and on his FB posts. And after calling me and “asshole” told me “I didn’t curse you.” And on the thread at the FB post he did “threaten” me — to “expose” me to the world! Oh dear,what is an “angry homosexual” to do! 

So, for the candid opinion of mankind, free speech and to forestall the hard work of Mr. Mendermen “exposing” me somewhere or another — here at The Daily Mush are the emails between Mr. Mendermen and I. I did not edit a word except to remove his email address, and mind and sundry others — for the debate between he and I was sent also to numerous others. Other than that — 
THE EMAILS! oooh — now, I shall return to my ebay sales and preparations for Christmastide with my family and various other sundry things called “Life.” 



No Mendermen, I did not make a threat to kill, harm or even so much as tickle Big Fur Hat — what I did was tell him I was going to do a parody of the sort that Tracy Morgan did very seriously — which Big thought was fine what he did, something about Morgan’s free speech and how silly gay folks were for worrying about it — just silly, you know, to worry about calling for killing gay folks — religious rights, or some such — and then there was video of Uganda — where killing gays is a matter of legislative discussion, under supervision of three or four American Evangelist groups, and then some English guy, gay or not, I don’t know, did some video and said he’s out to change Uganda’s mind — but Big thought that the gay guys were silly, “hypocritical” and “indoctrinating” for something or other, because we want free speech, then we have to put up with calls for our death — and that it was once again, a religious right to kill gays, or just call for it, and well, life was unfair and that’s just the way is — and some such —

 And so I said, roughly — you know Big I can gladly do a parody of this Morgan/Uganda stuff going in the other direction — I offered it to him — I said to him — you folks wouldn’t like if it was directed at you guys — and I said — well, I’ll write up a parody of the “kill gays” stuff – but switch it around — to see how you all liked it — so I did — that’s all I did —

 I told him his take “killing gays” is not free speech, but genocidal, and criminal. And that’s why we won’t put up with the nonsense — and then I told him I’d do the parody — then I sent him the parody clearly labeled as such —

 and aw, that seems to have been it — so apparently it’s a one way street to Big – any hetero can say whatever the hell they want about us — and we have no right to turn the tables.

 And my answer to that is NUTS! — there are people in this nation who want to incarcerate gay folks and cure us like we’re hams, and they are doing this genocidal rage under the guise of free speech and religious right — and well, so I’m turning the tables — and telling people that’s it’s thespianism, and that we have the 2nd Amendment right to defend ourselves — that was the point of my “gays all need to get guns” post —

 And if people can’t handle that, then this country is going to have a problem — for we are fed up with others’ religious freedom and not our own, others free speech and not our own, others’ right to walk down a street holding hands, and not our own, And frankly, Menderman, when someone claims to be a smart guy can’t grasp parody, or doesn’t like it — oh well, not by problem —

 but no, I have no harm in my mind against anyone — and am rather a softy, a sissy even — but I for months and months I saw the most godawful crap rendered towards gays and few thought it was so bad — but boy, are you people heteros sensitive, and worse, hypocritical — many of you can dish it out and can’t take it – -and I’m not slouch in handing it back.

 Cheers, God Bless, and you can tell this to anyone you wish — want to call for my death under your religious beliefs? Then I reserve the right to do the same, and use the same lame excuses you all use — what is good for the goose is good for the gander


 Yes, Mendermen, I can take humor all day long —

it’s the blanket accusation of child molesting hurled at my people that bugs me

and such things.

and so far many good ones!


Jim Hlavac

Subject: Re: On the Utter Unimportance of Gay Folks

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 7:24 PM

Jim, First let me tell you that I hit the “reply to all” option. I did so so all of your recipients know where I stand.

Dude! Get that chip off your shoulder! It is very obvious and a bit distracting. Yes you are gay Jim, I know that and could really care less. The problem is you are gay first and everything else later. Are you a conservative man that happens to be gay or are you a gay conservative? Are you a right wing blogger that happens to be gay or are you a gay blogger? I have to admit that I read only about half of your e-mail. I can only stand negativism for very short periods, and you very quickly exceed my limits. “Your” people, as you put it, have achieved tremendous ground in my lifetime (I’m 48). You act as if you and your people are lost in a world of isolation and hatred. Get a grip!!! As you know Jim, I have many gay and lesbian friends and aquantainces and the common thread is that they are Americans first and gay when they get home. On the kissing thing, NOBODY I know wants to see me kiss my “wife” in public….we are middle aged and there is NO entertainment value in it. We are no longer young and sexy, nor old and cute…I don’t go and get all pissy about that…it is called reality. My “Wife” and have never married after 19 years of being together since we can’t have kids. The tax advantages of such work to our advantage. For the rest we have a will…check into that. OK, I am rambling now, and will cut this short. Complainers are very unattractive and tend to turn people off, so I would suggest you quit crying all the time. I would also suggest that in your next parade, have “your” people refrain from flambouyantly grotesque behavior. Is the glass EVER half full?


PS: I find it interesting and appreciate the fact that you capitalized the word “Babel”. I hope that was intentional.

—–Original Message—–

From: Jim Hlavac

Sent: Mar 8, 2011 6:13 PM

Subject: On the Utter Unimportance of Gay Folks


I have decided to start sending you all at once, from time to time, the same post I put on my blog. I have found you all either sympathetic or confounded and befuddled but willing to listen to some degree. I can’t imagine it’s easy for you all to deal with us. But that’s what’s happening. It’s a national debate. About us. About our lives and fortunes and sacred honor. About how we fit in. Constant condemnation or dismissal, however, is simply not going to work. And gay folks should have a right to put our two cents in sometimes. On many of your websites no gay person ever had a post or article. I’m usually the only one who comments, if I do at all. Only two of you have put up an article by a gay person — me — and I thank you. Yet, more and more gay-point of view blogs are linked from yours or referenced by yours. Including my own. And so now that the nation knows it’s perfectly fine to say vile things about us, and even call for the elimination of us, what are we all going to do to make sure it stops? And because this is not an easy subject, but one which encompasses every aspect of life actually, from childhood to marriage to life to death, nothing much can ever be said short and sweet on the subject.

 Except of course the one thing you all seem to not like to hear at all — We’re gay, we’re here, get over it.

 If you don’t want to hear from me, let me know, and you won’t.

 Here’s today’s post:


Jim Hlavac

The Daily Mush


On the utter unimportance of gay folks.

 I’m not sure people really understand the utter unimportance of Gay Folks. I’m not even sure gay folks understand it sometimes, though were far more aware of it with our “What’s your problem, people?” Though certainly the people who think they are going to condemn us into nonexistence don’t understand it. They somehow think that by keeping up a constant drumbeat of disgust, fire and brimstone that they will first prevent any new gay people, and convince the rest of us to stop being gay. Their success rate is on the magnitude of Zero Percent, but they are a dedicated bunch for sure.

 And so the nation is virtually at war with itself over a tiny sliver of the population. So much so that at website after website I’m the only gay person adding his voice to the Babel. Often I’m told to shut up while you debate our very existence. Gay folks are rarely allowed in the room to even join the discussion of the threat we supposedly present. Before 2003 we were the largest criminal class wandering around. Some 20,000,000 criminals freely living amongst you – and you could do nothing about it because you are so blind you cannot see us, you know we are so harmless as to not present any real threat as you imagine, or you were so utterly uninterested in enforcing the law that it was a farce for your self-sense of supposed superiority. And sixty years after we said “Don’t Tread On Us” you’re still not sure what to do with us.

 The very idea that less than 20,000,000 people should be a problem for 300,000,000 people for doing nothing more than kissing each other is preposterous. We do no more harm, cause no more ruckus, and create no more damage than us smooching us. And you keep creating us at the same rate as every society since the dawn of time has — oh, roughly 5% of the guys, 2% of the gals. You are consistent in this, if nothing else. Yet, the nation faces so many real threats that to spend a moment on your gay folks is an utter waste. Yes, we are yours, someone’s for sure, for if all your many theories are correct you made us. Still, you are waterboarding yourselves over whether you should accept your creation or throw it out. And we stand watching with wonder.

 What are the real problems facing the nation?

 There’s the deficit – the annual $1.5 trillion deficits that seem to loom for decades to come.

 There’s the tax code – the incomprehensible IRS code stymies every effort to understand it and work within it reasonably. Everyone’s a crook through mere conflicting rules, and the IRS has unlimited power to come at you for what they themselves can only figure out through caprice.

 There’s the debt – trillions owed now, trillions more to come. Money that is not growing on trees anywhere. The debt almost cannot be paid back without major wrenching of the system.

 There’s the unfunded liabilities – trillions owed in pensions, health care and other benefits that simply can never be paid. There’s simply not enough money in the nation to cover the amount promised.

 There’s the duplicated programs – there’s thousands of programs, divisions, agencies, bureaus and whatnot cluttering the system in two dozen cabinet or cabinet like agencies that simply do the exact same thing their counterparts do and do it no better than to perhaps be more inefficient and pointless.

 There’s the unemployment – depending on who’s counting there’s now some 8.9% to 20% or more of the nation that is unemployed or underemployed. The figures released by this or that agency are at conflict with numbers released by other agencies of the same government. Then there’s the estimates by everyone else.

 There’s the drug war – endless billions spent and nothing achieved but 2,000,000 people in jail and the exact same amount of drugs available as before and the price thereof some of the most stable prices of any goods around. Oddly, drug offenders were only the second biggest criminal class – gay folks far outstrip their meager numbers back in the good old days.

 There’s the borders – we have two wholly under defended borders and no rational plan to seal them and organize them or control them. We barely can estimate whether there’s 8 to 20 million people who simply sauntered over the border without speaking to a border official. They live in a legal limbo of societal need and societal fear.

 There’s the terrorists – we have within the nation’s borders many terrorists of many stripes, who so far have either proved incompetent or preventable to a large degree. They are vocal about what they want to do, and yet they lie in wait for some unknown moment. It seems everyone admits they’re there, but no one quite knows where.

 There’s the other terrorists – outside the nation there is a foreign force that has declared war on our nation and they run rampant across the Muslim world.

There’s too many laws – the number of laws is now so high that no one can grasp the enormity of it. Often the provisions contradict each other, or are so vague as to give prosecutors and bureaucrats near summary power over the lives of citizens.

There’s too many rules – the bureaucrats in Washington and the state capitals, the city halls and the county commissions spend their days writing rules and regulations and requiring compliance for what is really none of their business. The rules are written so that the citizen is always wrong and requires yet another form to fill out and another piece of proof or document that proves his case.

There’s the farm support problem, there’s environmental degradation caused by the farm policies. There’s water issues, failing infrastructure issues, road issues, pipeline and chemical plant pollution issues. There’s tort law reform that should be tackled. There’s endless grievance by 100% of the nation on all these things because a one-size fits all mentality has consumed the nation’s political mavens. There’s the old idea of ancient empire that the whole must be run by one man’s vision in the big and fancy capital city of vast riches where all decisions must pass through.

What we have created is the exact opposite of what was intended. Because the problems have been festering since the turn of the last century and time only sped up the complexity and burden of it all the morass is now almost completely unsolvable. Instead of comity and reason, partisan bickering is more intense than ever, for the spoils are so high. Instead of sitting down and doing the numbers, people live in this emotional state of surety that their position is correct and no other.

Meanwhile the politicians and the media elite, the universities, think tanks and many of the major corporations, are in unholy alliance with each other in maintaining the farce that they know what they’re talking about and that they’re doing it for the good of the people. The people, wishing to lead their own lives with their own money, are now doing so only with all the money leftover after the tax man came or stood at the storefront and demanded his cut. It approaches the dangerous level of 60%. The rate at which all countries either collapse in anger and the government swept away, or the government resorts to brutal repression to maintain it awhile longer. Ultimately it falls and the people win, briefly, and hope the next group of malcontents doesn’t come along to seize the reigns of power.

We here in America were blessed for nearly two centuries with a Free Republic of Individuals. Even marriage was left to churches, or in law simply as “common law marriages.” Live together long enough, hold oneself out as a couple and presto, you were married. People minded their own business or joined together in happy bliss of like interests. Yes, women were not allowed to vote or own property, and slavery was a blot on the whole, and the treatment of the original inhabitants worse, but on the whole it was OK. The ideas at the founding were based on the last vestiges of the Medieval era. The Renaissance was just the frosting on the stale cake of ancient thought. Bit by bit the old hoary ways were chucked in favor of greater indulgence of individual rights and a greater acceptance of the weirder among us.

And then the creeping hand of Medieval thought came back as twins. Surfacing on the one hand in its modern permutation called Socialism, and on the other hand as Religious Fundamentalism. Both systems of thought have but one purpose – the submission of all to the ideas of a few. So we no longer have a Republic of Individuals based on the freedom to pursue happiness as one sees fit with all around saying, “Well, OK, but not in my house or business, church or school, nor with my family or my friends, but you go ahead and do what you do over there – and if we interact we’ll be cordial and say hello fellow citizen, and go our ways in peace.”

What we have is socialists and fundamentalists each trying to seize power for themselves so that they might direct what happiness might or might not be pursued. This is not because there’s a lot of people. Nor that we live in crowded cities and suburbs. This is because the twins of power are always relentless. Both sides make up perhaps no more than 30% of the nation together. But they are of the same cloth – control over other people’s lives based on some received wisdom from sources no one really understands, but the elites of the twins will interpret for us. Like ancient astrologers read the entrails of sheep to determine the way you will live your life. Unfortunately such types are always more politically active and then start passing laws to help them in their progress to their nirvana.

And in the midst of all this there’s 70% of the nation that wants done with it. Some 50% of these are absolutely certain they want done with it. That’s the Tea Party. The other 50% are still working on the notion. That’s the Independents.

And in the midst of all this is us gay folks. Who don’t have a blessed thing to do with any of it. For it would make no difference if there were no problems or more – you still would have us to deal with in a way that is intrinsically different than any other problem. Even if we all turned straight in the morning we’d present a whole new problem – 10,000,000 men coming for the women who are pretty much taken. There’s no available pool of unmarried women whom we might betroth. It’s simply mathematical. But no, we’re here. And we simply are not a problem that can be solved by legislation, or repeal, or court cases, or adjudication, or any rational analysis or cost benefit calculations or by any known thing other than a recognition that we’re here and we have no where else to go and what then will you do about it?

Half the nation is sure that some modicum of acceptance is OK, and half seem implacably opposed to any such thing. This latter half is simply bereft of ideas to solve what they think is a problem and is in a losing fight. There only recourse is to simply try to condemn us into nonexistence. And we cannot go, for we just are. As they grow more shrill, we get more support. We’re more popular than Obama now – 52% for us – 45% for him – on recognition of our existence and relationships. And on no other issue is the nation this evenly divided. And on no issue is there such a plethora of opinion and idea and lack of fact than on the issue of gay folks. It’s all unquantifiable and not subject to any quality analysis. You all are conflicted. And we keep saying the same thing. We are. Let us be. Stop the condemnation. Bring us into the fold as best we fit.

Let us know what happens when you come to a conclusion about the reality. You sure all don’t seem to welcome our two cents on the matter.

But if any of you think that in the long list of problems facing 95% of you and us too, that is, the whole 100% of us, that any sort of admission that 5% are harmlessly different is going to result in anything more than a momentary blip in the social register and then it’ll be back to the big problems is nuts.

Which really is our final answer – the most eloquent word ever uttered to a surrender demand, as you request us to surrender: NUTS.

Have fun. We’ll still be here when it’s all done with, whatever happens.

Hello again, Mendermen.

I am a firm believer in God. He did make me gay, I don’t know why. I only do what I can to deal with it and lead as good a life as I can. And to make it better for my people.

My family comes from the Jan Hus Czech Brethren Freethinking tradition. Four sides for 500 years. We were there at Tabor when the Catholic Armies came to destroy us after Jan Hus was burned at the stake in 1415. I have family that lives there still, and did so through the Austrian oppression, the Nazi destruction, and the Soviet fog, and I can speak to them in Czech and learn things of the “glories” of government like you don’t know.

But my God, he and I. We have talked, through the Hussite tradition. And that is a belief system that puts every individual in direct communication with God. I have spoken to Him. He says I’m fine. It’s a strong belief. And this is where I come from.

In a way, sometimes, I think that God put gay folks here as a test of human decency. So far most have failed. He did not give us more than we can bear.

But assuredly as I stand on Earth, God is on my side. This I believe with a ferocity which perhaps you might find bewildering. Many of my people are timid, afraid. They wander in the Wilderness praying for relief. I shall speak for them. I am often the only one, as you know.

And I dare enter Pharaoh’s throne room and say Let My People Go.

I’m not sure you can appreciate this depth of feeling I have on this.

I can only hope you do.


and God bless


Hello Mendermen,

I’m a conservative first — always have been — began reading National Review when I was 15 — but wrote to William Buckley on every gay article he ever published for the 10 years the magazine came to my house.

I’m a productive citizen, second. Concerned just as much as you are about the state of our nation.

I’m a whole man with wonderful relationships with all I know, third

a happy guy with a full life (see:

and all of that and more — I’m extraordinarily happy

and way way way down on the list I’m gay. So far down I wouldn’t think of it but for the national discussion.

My glass is overflowing with good — for myself, and whatever I can impart to anyone I meet. I even take care of an 88 year old WWII veteran, to keep him in his home, rather than a VA place. I suspended my life to help the man. He is, of course, gay as a goose, and never had kids or marriage. He helped defeat the Nazis by playing piano at the officers club in San Diego, that’s where they put him, they were not unaware, but didn’t care, even back then.

 I’m happy and thrilled with what has happened in my life — and with my people.

 However, you are aware there’s a great debate about us. A debate no gay guy really wants. We’re not really leading it; we play defense. We always have. We beg, you debate. Lest you think I only go to IOTW, oh no, — see — which I got to put up after once again an Anita Bryant era attack on gay men molesting little boys was published to Amen’s and Hallelujahs. Far nastier than anything I ever saw at IOTW

 I am playing off the negativism — for when gay folks — particularly men, are accused of heinous crimes based on hoary belief but with no proof — that’s the negative — I merely try to say — no, it’s not true. Perhaps I don’t do it as well as I could — I’m just a guy. Strangely normal and boring. Just like you I guess.

 As for Babel, in my experience the word is always capitalized because it refers to a place, like Washington. It’s a stand in for “confusion” which is why I used it. It’s many voices incomprehensible to each other.

 I have no ready answers. I have questions, I have ideas, I have defenses. But gay folks are not running around the nation saying we’re a threat to all that’s holy and good. But there are people who are. They are insistent. We have asked them to stop. They will not.

 No chip on my shoulder sir, none. I’m not paranoid – they’re out to get us and they’re vocal. Listen to them. I just bleat.

 Cheers and thanks


Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 7:24 PM

Jim, First let me tell you that I hit the “reply to all” option. I did so so all of your recipients know where I stand.

Dude! Get that chip off your shoulder! It is very obvious and a bit distracting. Yes you are gay Jim, I know that and could really care less. The problem is you are gay first and everything else later. Are you a conservative man that happens to be gay or are you a gay conservative? Are you a right wing blogger that happens to be gay or are you a gay blogger? I have to admit that I read only about half of your e-mail. I can only stand negativism for very short periods, and you very quickly exceed my limits. “Your” people, as you put it, have achieved tremendous ground in my lifetime (I’m 48). You act as if you and your people are lost in a world of isolation and hatred. Get a grip!!! As you know Jim, I have many gay and lesbian friends and aquantainces and the common thread is that they are Americans first and gay when they get home. On the kissing thing, NOBODY I know wants to see me kiss my “wife” in public….we are middle aged and there is NO entertainment value in it. We are no longer young and sexy, nor old and cute…I don’t go and get all pissy about that…it is called reality. My “Wife” and have never married after 19 years of being together since we can’t have kids. The tax advantages of such work to our advantage. For the rest we have a will…check into that. OK, I am rambling now, and will cut this short. Complainers are very unattractive and tend to turn people off, so I would suggest you quit crying all the time. I would also suggest that in your next parade, have “your” people refrain from flambouyantly grotesque behavior. Is the glass EVER half full?


Well, Mendermen,

I think you might like what I say today about the bigger issue facing this nation —

at my blog.

I do appreciate your comments though, quite interesting. Much food for thought as I reread them. Thanks, truly.


the mush head.

PS, as to my real life, see

you’ll see, I’m sure, that I’m much more than the “gay” dude at IOTW. yah. 🙂

— On Tue, 11/9/10, Mendermen wrote::

Sent: Nov 9, 2010 2:45 PM

Subject: sometimes…. from the daily mush

Well, Mendermen, thanks for writing.

Sometimes I get a little emotional. Sorry. It’s just the way I am.

Particularly after a night of seeing “homo” “fag” and “queer” on various blogs, including IOTW, which is not the only place I peruse. It does grate, despite my rather inured nonchalance to it, learned from many years of listening to it, publicly and privately. I’m not perfect, sometimes I have other things on my mind, and I go a little off.

As for the Pope, he calls me (and I do take it personally) “intrinsically evil” and one of his henchmen, oh, sorry, Cardinals, over in Belgium, did say just the other day that gay folks getting AIDS is the best thing for us, and I didn’t exactly hear the pope say much against the idea. Benedict, in particular has been strident in anti-gay comments. I’m not sure he’s insulated from criticism merely because he’s the pope. And chasing us out of the church if we don’t agree with him that we’re evil and unless we come to seek change and redemption for our “sin” of existence is not exactly a way for him to begin a debate. Though what might be debated I’m not entirely sure, either. How exactly would we reach a man who refuses to talk to gay folks so that we might engage in any sort of conversation is surely a puzzle. So there was a kiss in. To get the man’s attention. By some 200 people or so. And this offended folks. Because he’s the pope. And him calling gay folks evil is just fine. Because he’s the pope. And we’re supposed to take it lying down. Yah. And other than that he’s a fine man, I’m sure.

But I don’t really attack the man, not more than once or twice, and indeed I’m pretty much unfailingly polite and cuss-word free as you are aware. Unlike the constant vitriol handed down by many a commentator on many a blog, and there’s an awful lot of gay stuff around. IOTW is not the only site I comment on, to be sure. But nasty things have been flung at me and mine, and I turn the other cheek. Somehow I don’t think anyone chastises them for such crudity. But it sure is tiring, too, this that I do. And I’d rather not. There’s a bigger problem in this nation — socialists. Gay folks are going to be around long after you clean out that pit of vipers. But I’m not the one casting stones, I’m just defending folks.

On the other hand, and I’ve said this repeatedly, the Catholic Hospital system is one of the finest in the world, and has done admirably with AIDS people, gay or straight, without value judgment or preaching. I recall visiting many friends in St. Vincents Hospital in Greenwich Village when AIDS first hit and I was losing buddies by the bucket, and there seemed to be a lot of public glee about it, (how does God spell relief … AIDS — yah, yeesh, and charming) but the hospital and it’s staff did what they had to do and accepted all visitors just fine. Now if the pope could be so good in one way, why not then another? Last I heard he’s supposed to work at loving everyone, not fomenting hate, disdain and scorn towards a tiny minority.

Frankly, the pope and his people have to stop the anti-gay stuff. As do the Baptists, and the Evangelists, and whomever. I mean, really, Carl Paladino? Clint McCance? Some bozo state senator is out there in Iowa now claiming gay folks are going to kidnap the young teen boys and warehouse them to make them gay if we get to have a marriage license? Is he serious? Will no one stop the crap? How many are out there spewing unGodly sentiments? It’s absurd already. And so do forgive my small tantrums from time to time in the face of it. My only other recourse is simply to avoid the public arena, and never read any blogs or access any news at all. Which I did for many years, mostly. But now I’m back in it, for I don’t like what my supposed “gay advocacy” groups are doing — which is kiss-tuckus to the Democrats and socialism.

Sure, no one knows why folks are gay; we don’t, not really, and we are. And yet we seem to be quite insistent on the issue of our existence as such, don’t you think? And since we’re living it, why don’t people accept our take on it? It just is, we just are. Personally, I think it’s something in the brain wiring. This “it’s a sin” stuff is nuts. And “love the sinner, but not the sin” is equally nuts. And many commentators do indeed argue, such as Ann Coulter, that gay people are indeed going to destroy the Republic, and bring about the downfall of civilization. That was one of the thrusts of an article at American Spectator just today. It’s amazing. Hence my joke about going to a gay bar and “practicing homosexuality.” Oh, yah, that’s standard issue, as is “openly homosexual” — which is what? or “radical,” “militant,” “avowed homosexual.” Avowed? It’s like we’re joining some secret club with its own handshake or something. But we’re not the ones applying these labels to us, you straight folks are.

You know what sometimes I feel like, as I listen to this “debate”? It’s like what Jews had to tolerate for near 2000 years, that they were killers of Christ, and other than that there could be a debate as to whether Jews could live in peace. Maybe I knew too many people who were arrested in the bar raids I mention, and too many who were beaten in the streets, and too many who were tossed out of their homes, just for being a little different. (OK, a lot different in one regard. But amazingly the same in every other) But still, it does get the dander up.

I hope you understand. And continue to enjoy my comments. 🙂


Jim Hlavac.

PS, I always correct the spelling of my surname without too much fuss and muss, I assume it’s a simple error for a strange letter combo. Havlick is a common one for Hlavac, what can I tell you?


if there are any other emails from or to Mendermen I can’t find them in my email account, which does have a wondrous search ability. Meanwhile, to be clear — i have a copy of every single email I ever sent or received (except you, the ads, spam, nonsense, blahblah) I have even the organization skills to keep them all in separate files — so i can quickly access those that pertain to this and that part of my life. 

Other than that, Mr. Mendermen — do enjoy reading our old correspondence — you are such a charming fellow. Cheers, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



  1. Cheesy

    Jim Jim Hlavac,
    For a professed conservative, you sure re-write history like a liberal.
    I was there, I saw what you wrote, and since I neither treat people like that or tolerate that treatment myself, blocked you on FB.
    Live on in delusion, psycho.

    • Cheesy – male and female — who the hell are you?

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