All the right snark indeed.

Some blog published something — gay stuff came up, in a tizzy of course, as these things do.
here you may read it —
I thought it good, but for several things — so, I left a comment. As such comments usually disappear for they don’t fit the conservative meme about gay guys — here’s the comment I left there:

You know, as a gay guy myself I’ve been rather vocal on gay blogs you probably don’t know exist against the gay groups who wanted to go after this baker, and the photographer and anyone else. There are many of us rather miffed at the nonsense. Still, you seem to think we are Borg. You are, I’m sure, quite miffed at “group think” and yet you assign it to us – just odd.

Meanwhile, apparently unbeknownst to you, there are, in fact, many gay men who thought this absurd for the two guys to have their hissy fit and not just go find a gay baker. There is an entire Pink Economy just to avoid crazed heteros. We older gays didn’t set it up for nothing, but to get away from you heteros. But, well, you know the youth of America today, yes? Just as there are many gay men who don’t want “hate crimes” and there is, in fact, nearly 50% of the gay men I know who would rather the histrionic gays to shut up.

There’s also hordes of us who are rather fed up with Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered and whoever else is being lumped in with us in that confounded amalgam of the “LGBTIQAwhomever Community” — as I joke, “Add CH for Christian Heteros and be done with it.” Indeed, most gay men I know (probably more than you,) are fed up with the whole transgendered thing — because we firmly believe that transgendered are heterosexuals in the wrong body. I give you but two examples: Christine Jorgenson was a guy who became a gal who married a guy and lived happily every after. And Chad Bono was a gal who became a guy who chases gals. And the last I looked guy+gal is straight. So, I wish you heteros would kindly take responsibility for your own kind — and get them the hell away from me. I dare say, even Pat Roberston agrees with me on this one.

Meanwhile, your use of the word “homosexual” is rather silly. It’s a greco-latin hybrid from Germany in the 1880s that didn’t reach English until 1920. While the words Queer, Sissy and Faggot are well known in English for hundreds of years. Even more amazing — the word “Gay” for Gay has been in English for 800 years ever since Eleanor of Aquitaine brought it to her second marriage, to Henry II, in 1150 — she used it to refer to her son, Richard the Lionhearted, who was gay, and scandalized Europe of the time by literally sharing a bed with King Philip of France for four years — and the word was spelled “gai” — as in “Gai Troubadour” and “Gai Saber.” Easily learned about in Medieval studies. For in the language of Aquitaine “gai” meant Gay. The word “Gay” for happy comes from “Gayen” from Old German. That two words with different meanings and different derivations exist in English by the scores seems to flummox heteros when it comes to “gay.”

I could go on about your rather true point that it is silly to ask people who don’t want to serve you to do so. But I feel you are in need of correction for thinking all gay guys get a memo to think alike. In fact, I wrote a book about the whole damn thing — “The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle.” Try it, you might learn all about Liberty Loving, Constitution swinging gay guys.

Meanwhile, for years I had fun chasing away heteros from gay bars. Oh yes, who the hell wants to see heteros kissing? It’s gross. And you come into our bars like it’s a zoo and smooch, and well, I would have none of that. So, as the sign say “We reserve the right to refuse service” — and out you went, or behaved. But if Christian heteros want to refuse service to us, fine – but one day you will find a gay waiter, hotel clerk, rental car desk clerk, flight attendant, church organist, florist, bridal dress designer or fashionista finally joining the fun — and refusing, say, all Christian clergy any service. Liberty of conscience is a two way street — and we have strongly held religious beliefs about how our Creator did give us certain inalienable rights.

Ah, Liberty, I love the smell of Liberty in the morning, don’t you? And as president of Sissies for Sarah (Palin, that is) I dare say I can be quite Liberty minded indeed.

And of course, have a Merry Christmas. 🙂




  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Jim. You’re free to express your opinion at my place.

    Only when we can clearly see the other sides point of view can we really understand one another, yes? 🙂


    • my great pleasure, sir — perhaps I shall.

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