The Pope, American Spectator and Gay Guys.

I read this astounding article this AM –

What is particularly humorous to me is this bit: When he was a cardinal, [Francis] he blasted same-sex marriage as a literal diabolical effort by “the Father of Lies” (i.e., Satan) to “destroy God’s plan… and deceive the children of God.” He insisted that gay marriage discriminates against children “in advance,” depriving them of “their human development given by a father and a mother and willed by God.

Oh, I don’t really care what the Pope or any Catholic says — I’m not Catholic, and my family hasn’t been for nearly 600 years. We were Protestants before Martin Luther was born. Oh, sure a few delved into it as a convenience under the Austrian Empire which ruled Bohemia and Moravia for 300 years — but hey, one does what one needs to when a mad king is involved, as emperors are. My mother did get her nursing degree at a Catholic hospital, in which I was born. Surely the nuns at the place would have noticed whether I was the spawn of Satan or from my mom’s womb, yes? Apparently not. My birth certificate certainly says my father and mother were indeed just that. Satan is not mentioned; perhaps that’s an oversight by the NYC health department. How my mother had 3 God’s gifts, and one Satan spawn is also not really clear – except to the Spectator apparently.

Now, it’s a magazine preaching Constitution this and that and Declaration of Independence hither and yon; I’ve been reading it since 1980 or so. Yet, when it comes to gay guys it retreats to 14th Century Europe – denying to gay Americans any semblance of rationality or coverage by our founding documents.

But let’s look at the Spectator and the Pope’s logic:

Since gay guys aren’t going to be making babies — how exactly could we discriminating in advance against anyone at all is rather hard to say. It’s illogical. God clearly planned for gay guys — here we are. To claim I’m not from God so denies my 1st Amendment right to believe my Creator did create me. The Spectator doesn’t get to decide that. Nor does the Catholic church – a foreign nation trying to impinge it’s antiquated nonsense into modern America. Still, to say gay guys are from Satan is some superstitious mumbo-jumbo of a Medieval sort. But whether gay guys get married or not, we’re still not having children. We’re certainly not denying anything to their development – for they don’t exist.

And clearly the Church has no problem with heteros having no babies — why, the very fact that priests don’t have babies is surely proof of that. Even married Catholics who don’t have babies are not being declared the spawn of Satan for not having kids and denying the nonexistent kids their human development. No, it’s only gay guys not having kids that’s the problem. Indeed, the Church has declared repeatedly that we are to be celibate, like priests, that God has called us to this mission of not having babies. I dare ask – how can God call us to not have kids, while the Church berates us for not having kids?

And to say I’m deceiving anyone is surely farcical – why, I’ve put my light upon the basket and said I’m gay. I’m not shy about it at all. Who then am I deceiving? Am I deceiving the God who obvious made me gay for the “you are called to be celibate” bit? Beats me, it really does.

Anyway, so absurd do I find this arrant mush, I posted a comment there:

Oh, I’m sorry, my family abandoned the Catholic Church 600 years ago when the Church burned Jan Hus at the stake — after lying to him about safe passage to state his case that the Church was too busy making money and not serving the poor, as Jesus called for. What the Pope or Church say or believe is sort of irrelevant to me, though God bless you for however you believe — I shall remain non-Catholic.

Meanwhile, in nearly 35 years of reading American Spectator I have noticed constant calls to follow the words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence for all Americans — and I recall quite a love affair with the 1st Amendment, so admirably utilized by your magazine itself by constantly publish for so many years. And yet, still to this day — when it comes to gay guys — you retreat to some Medieval European Potentate’s superstition that I am the Spawn of Satan?

My parents would be quite amazed to learn that they had 3 God’s gifts and one Spawn of Satan to say least. That in saying so you accuse my mom of adultery with Satan is horrific — how dare you? Moreover, my birth certificate clearly states that my father is indeed my father; I even look like the man, Satan is clearly not mentioned whatsoever in the document. You know, my mother trained as a nurse at the Catholic hospital where I was born — wouldn’t the nuns who assisted in my birth, they having known my mother while she trained and worked there until just two months before the blessed event, some even having been present at the wedding of my parents but 3 years before I was born — have noticed that I was not my father’s child, and that I was the Spawn of Satan? Surely my horns or tail couldn’t have been that well hid, yes? Or did they come out later?

Why don’t you look at it thus, as Jefferson so eloquently wrote: All mankind are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights ….” Well, my Creator, my God, did create me — even if the Pope’s and yours did not. And I can’t find one blessed instance in any founding document of this nation that says “Except gay guys.” Perhaps you should look at some of the science of where gay guys come from, and lay off the archaic “Spawn of Satan” bit. Much of the Church’s teachings on matters scientific have been proven wrong. Gayness is just another one.

To finish — if you and the Church spent just 1/4 of the time attending to heteros and your kids and abortion and God knows what ails the heterosexuals of this nation as you obsess over we gay taxpaying, peaceful, job holding, home owning, business owning citizens, you might well solve some problems. Yeesh, get a grip, fellas’

It’s awaiting moderation on their site. I don’t care if it’s published. I’m not trying to reach the congregation, I’m going right to the priestly editors of the thing.  



  1. Hi, I came across your blog by reading your comment on Matt Walsh’s post about the Christian bakery owners being bullied/sued into baking a cake for a gay wedding. I really think we’re just talking past each other on these issues and we’re misunderstanding one another. The Catholic Church doesn’t believe you are a spawn of Satan and that’s not what Francis said. He said the homosexual acts are evil as they violate the Natural Law. The Catholic Church is big on Natural Law as we believe this was written on all of our hearts (as we also have wills and intellects, differentiating us from the rest of creation) so we can know right from wrong. The Church does not, however, say whether people are born gay or choose it or any such other thing that science hasn’t proven one way or the other. The ONLY thing stated in the Catechism on this is that it is a cross to bear and that people with these tendencies must be treated with love and respect.

    As far as the part about procreation and gay marriage denying children the right to a father and mother ahead of time, I believe he may have been talking about the part where gays decide they have a right to children and they adopt/inseminate/ivf their way to these ends. The Catholic Church is against artificial insemination because it devalues the marriage act and attempts to usurp God and the Catholic Church is against IVF for the same reasons along with the fact that embryos are destroyed/frozen in the process which is considered murdering children. The Church tells infertile married couples the same. There is no RIGHT to children. Children are a blessing,

    The article was right that Pope Francis is being misquoted and his words distorted by the media. He has said himself that Church Doctrine is clear on these issues and that he is a “Son of the Church”. Church Doctrine doesn’t change and hasn’t in 2000 years, so why the media is presenting issues as though he is changing them clearly has to do with their own intent to further a specific agenda (even though they will also pretend the Pope and Catholic Church are irrelevant).

    I understand why you might disagree with the Church on these issues. I just hope you can understand that the Church’s position comes not from a place of hate, but from a place of love (which means to will the ultimate good of the other). We are all sinners and we all (those of us who choose out of our own free will to make peace with God) rely on Christ to make us worthy and more holy as time passes and we progress on our journeys back home, so I won’t sit here and tell you that you’re headed in the wrong direction or whatever. I just wanted to convey to you that nobody thinks you’re evil or Satan or anything like that. You’re a human being made in the image and likeness of God, and you have immeasurable dignity and worth, just like everyone else. This is what the Church teaches. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

    • You misunderstand your own church’s doctrine. The church’s position is not clear whatsoever. In fact, the Archbishop of the Armed Forces most solidly concluded that gayness is “Largely unexplained” and then went on to say — as the church demands — we be celibate — and NEVER think, dream, talk, do, be, etc gayness and to run away immediately from another gay person – because it is the spawn of the devil. The very idea of saying my mother had adulterous relations with Satan is aggravating enough. But then to listen to a church demand I simply be something else than I am is astounding.

      Then too, the idea of separating “homosexuality” from the “homosexual” is so nonsensical I can’t imagine it. What do you think I dream of? Jeanie with the long brown hair — or Johnny with some muscles? How am I do remove the dreams? No! I am to simply never mention reality for the grace of the pope’s demand.

      Further, the church is sure that gayness is as “Unnatural predisposition” — where did this unnatural thing come from? Why is it here? Why, as the Archbishop of Springfield Illinois said “it’s a spawn of the devil”

      Still, petulant demands from foreign princes for me to be celibate and hide myself in lifelong penitence for having been born with an “Unnatural Predisposition” which come from the Devil are rather silly — while the Church hides pederasts by blaming the boys,.

      My family gave up the church nearly 600 years ago when Jan Hus bestrode Prague – I have no desire or willingness to believe a single word the pope or church say. Ergo, who cares? Really, just who cares?

      But you too have a Merry Christams.

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