Not yet back in the swing of things

It’s been nearly 2 months since i was posting regularly — a vacation to Mazatlan did that … 



As you can see, hanging out beneath palm trees can be enervating ….

Meanwhile, the gay marriage “debate” continues — New Jersey went rational. Pennsylvania sure to follow. New Mexico, Tennessee and Oregon going down for the count. State after state coming to rational thought about the rather non-issue of whether sissies can smooch with a certificate and file a joint tax return. Nothing having happened negatively anywhere it was accepted it’s harder and harder for the foes of the Pursuit of our Happiness to keep up the pretense that it’s going to do anything. 

Meanwhile, ObamaCare was launched with a thundering clump of disaster and turmoil — with more to come — for the law is about bureaucracy and not about health care whatsoever anyone could have seen it coming. 

Then too there’s the continuing and increasing revelations of government spying on everyone and their grandmother in this country and in sundry other places around the world. 

China is still slowly twisting downward — the Eurozone is still broke. 

Well, it’s not like there’s nothing to write about. 

On the other hand, I did have to travel some 4,000 miles from Mazatlan to Scranton PA where I am now — and will be for the next two or three months — getting an apartment ready for renting, and cleaning out an attic, and using Ebay to sell stuff that’s been lying around — well,, I’ve been a busy boy. 

So, everyone will have to wait for anything substantial from me for another week or so — I’m gearing up, I’m thinking, I’m planning — well, so, wait. Patience is a virtue, and my stuff isn’t that important. 

Cheers, Jim 


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