Back from Mexico

OK then, I’m back from Mexico, quite refreshed. Here’s me enjoying the day in a rocker, which I’m clearly not off of.Image


I find the government shut down didn’t affect my crossing the border. Didn’t seem to affect much at all actually, showing that the government could shut down for weeks without anyone really noticing. The statistics were roughly the same — unemployment is still high, housing starts are off, mortgage interest rates are creeping up, the stock market lunges up and down, the president is still authorizing hidden secret drone attacks overseas. The NSA is still spying on everyone and their mother, pretty much to no avail. The Middle East is still a tinderbox of people in violent revolution (as is Chiapas, the state in far south Mexico, which wants out, or to join Guatemala.) 

I see the same corruption, the same levels of crime, and the same tide of stupidity, and well, pretty much nothing has changed — except — there’s gay marriage recognized in New Jersey (it was never banned, what was banned was government recognition of reality) and the Rabid Right is up in arms anew while ignoring every single last social problem among the hetero populace. 

The Russians still hate anyone who is not Orthodox Russian, as do the Serbs feel the same about Orthodox Serbs. Africa is a corrupt mess of traditional societies. China is broke and falling apart and polluted beyond belief while pretending to be an up and coming world power. Revolution is brewing in Brazil and totalitarianism in Argentina. 

And well, that’s just what I gleaned from the last day or two perusing Yahoo — never mind deeper examination of websites that really pay attention. So, I didn’t miss much, except the mush — which well, that’s the point of vacations.

Let’s just say — I went to Mexico to do nothing — and I was a success. How many can say they succeeded at a plan so well? Now it’s back to more regular postings on the travails of our times like the disaster that is ObamaCare — which has had so many glitches that a reworking of the entire thing might well be required. Let’s start with repeal, shall we? 

Other than that — it’s good to be back. And let me tell you, it’s not easy to get from Mazatlan Mexico to Northwestern Pennsylvania — it took me five days with stops in Phoenix and New York City. But, for the duration I shall be in the Scranton area.


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