“Promoting Homosexuality” by the book.

It is bandied about by many of the opponents of gay existence – to whichever degree that they think we shouldn’t exist, or hide, or live some life of penitence, or marry anyone’s daughter but their own, or however they phrase it – that we gay guys not only are “promoting homosexuality” – but have some hell of a nerve doing it. They make a living off of me, I may as well join the fun. Well, I wrote a book on the whole confounded subject. Here’s my little flier I’ve been sending out promoting it:

And the link to Kindle of course – so people can buy the book – I may as well make money off of this subject too, you know: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ENWA3PI

And well, so the question is >> how do I promote my book? I mean, if I’m going to be accused of “promoting homosexuality” I may as well get to work!

Well, I sent the flier and the link and a copy to these people:

Kathy Shaidle – a woman who told me I’m full of myself – even called me “nancy boy” in an email! – and that she’s already settled the matter in her mind – and I’m wrong and should shush. Well, yes, darling. Sure.

Then there’s Big Fur Hat – a man who doesn’t seem to relish the concept of John Hancock – write your name big, so the King can read it without his spectacles. He helps run a site called www.iowntheworld.com – on which I’ve had a few articles – including the most incredible data dumb by 420 people to my 20 questions. Oh, their in my book – for, well, they’re part of my story.

There’s www.izzoiz.com – a fine young man who I rely on to bring me the TV news. I don’t own a TV – despise the thing. I avoid it like the plague – but, well, there it is – everywhere, too many places – can’t even sit in a waiting room and read a magazine anymore without some bimbo spewing spuds of some kind.

There’s Nathan Manske of www.imfromdriftwood.com – a fine place where the “LGBT community” publishes “coming out” stories – I have two up there – one, my charmed existence of never being “in the closet” and the other about my drinking buddy Rock Hudson.

There’s www.gaypatriot.net – that jokes it’s part of the “vast right wing gay conspiracy” – they’re not quite Log Cabin Republicans, but, well, something interesting. Why, they actually cover real news.

Unlike www.joemygod.com which is mostly about which politician or public figure said something good or bad about us.

Then too www.goodasyou.com – an amazingly detailed recitation of all the nasty stuff that people are saying about gay things.

Not much different, but different, than www.queerty.com – they’re all over the gay thing.

Interesting about the above four sites and this one is that while they purport to be the “LGBTQ lord knows who” consortium, a good 75% of commentary by themselves and commentators is about gay men – for, alas, really, the national discussion is about gay men – mostly.

There’s John DiLeo – he writes for Illinois Review – he’s a tea partyish Republican guy – fine fellow, woefully confused on the gay thing. Doesn’t think it should be encouraged – but can’t or won’t explain why or why not.

There’s Stilton Jarlsburg – of www.hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com – a very gay friendly guy, though, at times, pleasantly confused about the whole thing, too – I mean, there’s not a hetero alive who’s not confused about the whole thing – why, that’s the very point of my book.

There’s www.floppingaces.net – since I had a few articles on that site, may as well clue them into the um, “mother of all blog posts.”

Oh, yes, the Advocate gay magazine, not to be confused with the Advocate daily newspaper of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Having lived in the latter for nearly 2 decades, and never reading the former for the same amount of time, well, yes, they deserve a copy.

Eugene Volokh at www.volokh.com got a copy too, for they’re gay friendly, but, yes, a bit perplexed, or, somewhat short of a full understanding of the whole thing. They’re mentioned in the book, so they just had to get a copy. It’s only fair.

Reason Magazine, Weekly Standard, American Spectator, National Review, The Atlantic, American Thinker, Red Square – oh my, that’s the current list – all the news media shall get one – if they’re going to discuss me endlessly they may as well have my two cents about it, yes? A letter to the editor just won’t do anymore – asking for an article seemed pointless – apparently I’m not a “professional” or something – well, still, I’m “avowed” or “practicing.” So, close enough.

Then there was a guy named Steve Baker who I just happened upon because I read his book Numerati – a intricate look at what’s happening as the data collecting in this nation proceeds apace – who knows where it’ll wind up. Since he mentioned guys’ finger lengths in his book, and said it was a mystery to him why he was asked the question – I thought I’d clue him in about the one study that claims that gay men can be spotted physically by our finger lengths. I dare say, if you need to look at the fingers of a sissy before you figure it out, you’re rather obtuse. Still, he got a copy, for the fun of it. Plus, we’re the most uncounted and poorly counted and fake counted people ever to exist in this nation, may as well see if he’ll take a stab at it, yes?

Oh yah, Charles Krauthammer – a surely confused heterosexual – he needed a copy. I didn’t get to the rest of the public pundits – I will. Dan Savage got his already – oh, I don’t mind his pro-gay stuff – we all express it differently to different heteros, so, well, he does his part – every gay man does, he’s not special. But on economics and health care and other sundry public policy issues, well, he’s a mush head as near as I can figure. I admit I read more of him than by him – I just really don’t like his style.

And a copy has been forwarded to Robert Oscar Lopez – some wacko bisexual with a girlfriend and lesbian mothers up in arms about something so unclear that, well, I thought he needed some straightening out. He makes the gay press for being anti-gay – and the anti-gay press thinks he’s pro-gay. Surely he can’t be both, can he?

Plus I send it to, oh, 3 dozen of my friends – I mean, I have friends who just wonder what the hell I’m up to – they don’t they don’t have the chutzpah – someone’s got to speak for these fellows.

 So that’s it so far – I write everyone a nice pleasant email pointing out they are woefully confused and perplexed and tell them to take a peek at my book – buy a copy even – and surely send notice to all their friends and their mothers too. I mean, let’s all get on the same page, yes? And maybe then I can make a few bucks.

 Still, If all these anti-gay people are going to make money off of me, I may as well join the fray and make money off of them. Ah, the public marketplace of ideas – don’t you just love it!

 Anyway, there’s more to come – at a steady clip. Oh, I forgot, yes, GLAAD and HRC too – all the big national gay groups and publications shall get a copy – they need some help too. It’s a real blast to do it, I assure you. And I never know who I’ll think of sending a copy to next. It’s quite a thrill.  


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