Perhaps I should update the blog

You know, I was thinking of updating the blog, a new image, correct some of the links, update some of the permanent pages — pick a new format or something. I don’t know, it just seems I’ve run out of things to say about our lunatic world. On the other hand, I’ve been very busy with other projects and have little time to deal with the free stuff here. In any event, it’s not like there are thousands of people awaiting my words — and I’m sure everyone who does read this blog will understand. Why, I’m sure most of you never had a blog, and don’t realize that it’s an hour or two a day to read stuff, think about it, and pen a worthwhile article on some subject. 

In any event, the light blogging will continue until further notice. 

I’m awaiting my book on Kindle, alas, it’s taking more time than I thought, for other people are involved, and well, you know committees — don’t you?

So, that’s the story for the moment. Here, enjoy some covers from past gay publications: 



It’s funny it’s from Manhattan, for well, as they old joke goes: “They should put all those queers on an island somewhere,” and the wag says: “but they did, dahling, Manhattan!” 


Marriage? In 1956? Egad, we’ve been at it a long time. Thank heaven’s we don’t have to worry about prison anymore, yes? 



We were crafty fellows, weren’t we? What with putting in the hotties into art and physique and culture — which is sort of where we always where anyways — but, believe it or not, this is the only way that gay stuff got published way back then – we had to sneak it among the art … 




No one thought this was geared to heteros, did they? Why, yes they did! For the words “gay” or “homosexual” or “queer” nor even “kiss” or “hug” were present – -and thus it was simply a physique magazine — it was sort of Playboy actually — and look, from the same time as Hugh Hefner started his money machine. Amazing that this we could get away with — and it probably came mailed in a plain brown wrapper. 

In any event, enjoy the art, enjoy your break from my warbles — and I’ll be back eventually. Cheers, 



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