1963 Flashback

It’s always amazing to see how gay men were talked about not too long ago. Here’s some mush from the NY Times: 


and then they went on at some length, though, alas, the image isn’t really readable … 



Still, we were a “concern” then — and we still are — despite decades of proving everything believed by heterosexuals wrong — we are still a “concern” — amazing.

Astonishingly, despite all the “concern” and almost the fear of us — no one has figured out what to do with us, or how to get rid of us (and many certainly do!) and well, how to deal with us — and instead keep up the “concern” based on mush headed nonsense that was fabricated for the fun of it — and when reality stares heterosexuals of any political persuasion in the fact all we get is “but … [fill in concern]” and that’s it. Yep, astonishing.


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