Obama: “God Hates Fags” OK

Apparently some 350,000 or more people petitioned the White House website for such things – asking the Federal Government declare Westboro Baptist Church a “hate group.” Well, they are a delusional group, first of all … they hate some fictitious construct of a “fag” that they have conjured up – and well, anyone may play Don Quixote. But, the Federal Government doesn’t declare people “hate groups” – it’s not their job, nor is there a legal method of doing so – there’s no Office of Hate Groups or something. There are several things odd about the situation. Here’s the article:


One is that the 350,000 people seem to be from the Kansas and Missouri area where Westboro is situated – seems the locals don’t like the creeps. I recall once in a small Missouri town, oh, 20 years ago, maybe more, a bully strolled around a small town until he was shot several times from several angles, as forensics showed. No one saw a thing. Not a witness could be found. Then there were the various wars in Kansas over any number of things – slavery to booze to well, now, it seems having Westboro in their midst irks some 350,000 locals. That’s a lot of people irked.

But this means that it is really heterosexuals who are asking for the designation – it seems not to be gay folks at all. Why, I can barely imagine 35,000 gays in Kansas and Missouri – not 350,000! While the article doesn’t point out who started the petition, even if it was started by some gay guy(s) it surely shows a level of support that is rather endearing. No one likes Westboro – that 350,000 people took the time to sign a petition shows some level of disgust.

Then the White House issued a statement, something about “we can’t do that” – but they added this:

“That all said, we agree that practices such as protesting at the funerals of men and women who died in service to this country and preventing their families from mourning peacefully are reprehensible.”

 And you know what is missing? Any mention that Westboro likes to say “God Hates Fags” at these protests at funerals. In fact, Westboro is saying that to be nice to gay folks is what is creating the funerals. They are sure that we are at fault for daring to exist. They wish us to be gone from earth – they don’t care how. Some of them have been clear about the genocide.

 And while it is surely “reprehensible” that Westboro protests some funerals, for sure – it is, to me, a dash more reprehensible to call for the ostracism and even genocide of millions of your fellow citizens. And yet, while expressing that view towards gays is completely fine, by and 8-1 Supreme Court decision no less – I wonder if it is OK to say it to anyone else, you know, about Jews, or Indians, Blacks, or even White Male Christian Heterosexuals — . Or are we special?

 If the president is so sure that we are fine folks, then why did he not point out that what Westboro says, and what they wish done, and why they do as they do – are far more reprehensible than merely protesting military funerals? From my read of it – it seems then, to the White House, that it’s OK to say “God hates fags” and call for our removal from society – but not at military funerals. Well, now that’s tolerance and understanding, and people on my side. Ahem.

When we get to the point in this nation when people aren’t calling for the removal of citizens — particularly myself — as enemies of the people and worse, let me know.



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  1. Matthew

    The homophobes love Westboro Baptist Church because it takes away from their own homophobia and allows them to say, “oh, I’m not one of THOSE homophobes.” But they’re still homophobes whose homophobia comes from the exact same source.

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