3 counts, 2 pages, latest science

So, I sought out the very latest information about the searing issue of what to do with the homosexuals. From the most recent book on the gay gene — published in 1996 — so horrified of sissies the nation is that no one has bothered with a study since back then I find this drivel.

The book is “A Separate Creation” by Chandler Burr.

On the numbers of us:

page 6 — “one reliable study puts the figure at 7.89 percent”

page 8 — “while left handed people comprise 8 percent of the population, the current estimated figure for homosexuals is between 2-6 percent”

Now, how am I too take this seriously? And the latter page doesn’t even reference or note the former — and no citations are given, no footnotes, no corroboration — no, just the various figures — after this the book went downhill fast.

This is “science”? This is study of the most dangerous people in the nation?

This is nonsense. This is childish.Grow up, you heteros. Geez, you’d figure you’d know you’re a mush head when you tout these figures within 2 pages. 


My own book “The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle” will examine all the many fun facts about gay men that are bandied about with glee — and once bandied never flee — every fact about us is true — even ones that directly contradict each other — that’s how special we are. 

The current working edition of my ad for the book – there’s a few changes yet — the book should be out soon. 


 Egad, the mush published about gay guys is amazing, you know — I’m not sure anyone has ever looked at the entirety of it — as I attempt to do. Well, patience, the book will be ready shortly, I’m assured. It’s in the good hands of a perfectionist, and you know how that can be. 


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