20 million protest for Liberty

Mostly unnoticed this weekend is that all over this nation – and around the world – some 20 million gay folks will get together in parades and events and festivities – and wave not only their national flags, but the Rainbow flag – and basically ask for one thing: some rational decency from heterosexuals. No one will even attempt to count them all – nor guess – not the vaunted “LGBT community” nor any government agency. The press will not cover it. Nothing will be said. And few will realize it happened.

There will little violence – and certainly not from the participants. Though in some cities the parades will be attacked – http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/gay-activist-badly-beaten-russian-city-bans-pride260313


Those are just two places where lunatic heterosexuals attack peaceful gay folks. The attacks continue verbal and physical all over the world against the people everyone agrees heterosexuals create. One way or the other you create us – and your pissed off about it – so blame us for your failure. And we politely turn the other cheek and say “bless you, for you know not what you do.”

Here’s some reports of this weekend’s festivities:


Here’s a list of events worldwide – hardly complete there are so many:


Here’s from the town of Tabor Czech Republic – where one branch of my family comes from – http://www.queerprideparadetabor.cz/ – other than that it’s some local American thing drive by the Democratic party – as I laugh in scorn at the concept.

And in this massive 40 year old political protest all over the world there are certain things that stand out:

First – the press will be mostly mute – they will maybe talk about it in their city – as if it doesn’t happen in any other city – they will ignore the world!

Second – more gay folks march annually in political protests than any other group of anyone else ever conceived. Occupy? A laughable few. Tea Party? Tiny. Veterans? Nowhere close. To what can such millions gathering in peace be compared? These multitudes who ask but for the right to fish in peace – there is no other comparison. For 40 years since this first little march in 1970:


And all because heterosexuals raided on last gay bar one last time before we uttered the mightiest “NO!” the world has ever heard.

And the world’s news media and politicians will ignore it all – for they can’t conceive of the size of this movement.

This Catholic group, I don’t know or care exactly who – put up this flier on the internet:


 They’ll start a movement? Hahaha!

 We’ve had a movement – and it’s been at work far longer than these people who can’t get more than a few 100s if that many. I find it hysterically funny that they don’t see our persistence – no, they claim they will stop us – such is not the case. They will have to kill us all, which I sometimes suspect they would have no problem with doing, so nasty and delusional they are.

 Meanwhile, the great marches will go on world wide and the heterosexuals of the world will ignore it – for they can’t conceive of our determination and our peacefulness and our willingness to engage in redress of grievances – oh, it’s marvelous to behold.

 Something to consider when anyone thinks the Supreme Court decisions this past week are the final word on the confounded subject. No, not until we get what we want in every country on earth will it truly end. And short of a genocide of some 5% or so of the world’s population – you’re not getting rid of us.

 Meanwhile, in NYC, where it all started (where I was born, too):


 No, I’m not worried about what will happen — we shall overcome — and it’ll take just a while longer in America — and then, well, yes, then the world.





  1. jim the most damage done to gay people in this country has been by the republican party and it,s wicked anti gay side kick, the tea party, they believe in personal freedom under gods holy laws, which does not include gays, or womens reproductive rights, every anti gay law in this country is from this party of hate, every constitutonal marrage ban came from republicons, every gay
    hating christian group supports the republicon party, under george bush, a constitutional admendment banning gay marrage was presented, under don,t ask don,t tell, bush kicked out more gay people from the military, president eisenhower kicked out all federal employes that were gay from the government in the 1950,s, but jim you love our gay hating party and its brown shirts the tea party, but why do support them, because they hate entitlement programs, and they want tax breaks for billionares and millionares, president obama has done more or gay people than any other president in history,yet you have never offered any thanks to him, instead you fish aroundfor
    any thing that a republican might say positively about a gay person, there is only three republicans that are pro gay in congress,there will always be gay people who support anti gay churches and religions, i,m sure that there was gay people who supported hitler.

    • Robert – -I despise the Democratic Party because they are socialists – they are insane on everything – however “nice” this year they are to gays — for decades they were very much against us – -clean out your own party — and go tell BIll Clinton he should have never signed those laws — both DADT and DOMA were passed by overwhelming majorities of both parties — learn something, instead of spouting your communist propaganda — egad.

  2. jim the democratic party had both liberals and conservatives until 1965 when the civil right act was passed, all the conservatives went to the republican party, and the liberals went to the democratic party, the republican party is now the racist party that trys to suppress black people from voting, not to
    mention a anti gay party, that has done more damage to
    gay people than any other party
    also this is the party that hates poor people, but wants to force poor women to
    produce more poor babys, so they can have more people to hate,the catholic church loves the republican party for it,s anti gay stance just like it liked nazi,s
    ultra conservatisim.republicans fought bill clinton from allowing gays in the military
    which resulted in dadt. yes jim you must hate canada the most gay friendly socialist country, along
    with most of europe and australia, yes jim you have thrown gay people under the bus, because of your devotion to this extreme riech wing anti gay party.

  3. jim, one other thing, most gay people are democratic, do
    you hate them to?

    • Robert, you are the one spewing hate, and accusing people of hate —

      And you are very wrong about Racist Democrats becoming Republicans — you are just a bit off on virtually every thing —

      and I’m not saying anything nice about Republicans — I rail against them constantly — I have no idea where you get the idea that I’m a Republican – I have been a registered Libertarian in my voting record for nearly 40 years — you sir, are woefully confused — and stop trying to tie gays to the Democratic Socialist party and the Left — it’s absurd. Meanwhile, you shall like my book — out in a few days —

  4. jim, yes i wouldl
    ike to read your book, yes you are a libertarian as you said you
    voted the last election as a libertarian, but you are
    a tea party supporter. what country out there fits what you would call a perfect country? one with no entitlement benefits.central american countries? maybe, but no they hate gay people, they are catholic theocracies,african countries have no entitlement benefits, but would
    like to kill gay people, except for south africa,which is gayfriendly.so what country is there? i only can think of one,antartica, no entitlement programs, no government regulation,less government,everybody is on there own.and nobody hates gay people, because there is no gay hating churches, unless penguins hate gay people.

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